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In this report I will be researching and gathering research on the different types of alternative energy. I will be looking into how each renewable and non-renewable energy technologies operate, and I will compare both energy technologies to see how they operate and what environmental issues and benefactors are produced by both technologies. Operating Principles and sustainable energy factors of Renewable energy Technologies Wind Turbines Wind is a form of kinetic energy, when It comes to kinetic energy the goal...
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Now in a lot of cities or countries, we often see solar panels on top of a building or a field. But why do people do that? People now start realizing the importance of global warming and start to find solutions to slow down or stop it. The use of solar energy is one solution to mitigating global warming, and therein lies its enduring significance. To slow down global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, countries such as Germany, Japan,...
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Hydroelectric energy is the use of running water to generate electricity or power. Generally, water flowing from a waterfall is used to generate hydro energy on a large scale and provide electricity to cities, towns, etc. Humanity used this for millennia. There have been records of the same concept being used in ancient Greece about two thousand years ago, where people used this flowing water to rotate a wheel that turned ground wheat into wheat flour. More than 15% of...
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Given that Canada is a rich country with plenty of rivers and lakes, it is obvious that the best and most suitable way of producing electricity is through the use of water, that is, hydroelectricity. This paper will evaluate Quebec’s choice of hydroelectricity and introduce biogas which is another way of energy production that may be a better choice; it will mostly establish a comparison of the impact of each of those two energy sources on the environment and on...
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In the U.S., fossil fuels produce up to 80% of all energy that we consume. Our current level of dependence on fossil fuels puts us on track for a rapid depletion of these finite materials. Meaning, if we’re not careful, we will run out of our precious, non-renewable resources. That means no more oil, natural gas, and even coal. Burning fossil fuels in power plants is hard also on the environment. We’re talking about everything from ocean and air pollution...
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Electricity is one of the most efficient forms of energy that has powered human societies. An increasing percentage of global energy production is being converted to electrical energy for consumption over the last century. From 2% of fossil fuel energy being converted to electrical energy in 1900 to 10% by 1945, the 2000s saw as much as 25% of fuel energy being converted (Smil, 2017). The 21st century also marked an increased awareness and concern over environmental degradation resulting from...
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The cost of producing and distributing electricity from depletable energy resources continues to grow more and more expensive over the years. In connection to this, the use of renewable energy can greatly contribute to a cleaner environment and a good alternative source of electricity. Collecting energy from vibration or pressure is possible because of the element called piezoelectric. Piezoelectricity is the electric charge that accumulated on the bending of transducers in response to applied mechanical stress. This study aims to...
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Energy Security and energy policy are the modern world's main actual themes. Meantime of developing an economy and industry is increasing consuming energy resources and in future demand on crude oil and natural gas will increase (British Petroleum, 2019). As known natural resources are not in every country and therefore countries in the world are divided as an importer and exporter. That makes uneven and mostly unfear relationship between countries. The Eurasia continent's European side has a minimal amount of...
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Our world’s advances in energy efficiency has been crucial to our technological, economic and social development. Creating energy has powered our advancements in modern machinery as well as stimulating our economy by creating jobs and improving our quality of life. But with these advancements came a great price: our global health. Our current mode of producing energy is having a deadly toll on our environment as well as our bodies. Today I would like to discuss nonrenewable resources and their...
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Green energy is a natural sources of energy such as sunlight, wind, water, biogas and more. These sources of energy resources are renewable, meaning they are naturally replenished. They are a safe way to produce energy that will not harm the world and the atmosphere. One of the technology trends making a difference around the world is the more use of solar energy to generate clean energy, and is not polluting the air electricity. Different kinds of global warming concerns...
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The advantages and disadvantages of solar energy are numerous, and whilst this is probably amongst the most desirable of energy options in the world due to it being so green and economic in the long term. There are still many elements one needs to weigh up before making use of it The aim of this post is to make you aware of all pluses and minuses involved in the erection of an effective solar array, to allow you to determine...
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