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What does society/governments say about Pollution?

Our society continues to state the obvious about the opinions of pollution” which is don’t pollute because it kills millions of people and living organisms in the world. The response to society’s words has not been seen nearly as much as it should. People seem ...

to think to themselves that someone else will deal with the pollution and put the blame on others. But what people really need to start doing is taking a step back and really putting into perspective how much pollution they are producing. If we all did that many of us will be surprised because of how much we are individually ruining the earth. Societies’ main way of informing the harm of pollution is through social media and word of mouth. Although social media is the main source to get to people these days I think the government should start making more changes to stop pollution. Just like how it is illegal to kill someone it should be illegal to pollute our earth because essentially pollution is a killer. Since the harm done by pollution is proven by science that it is killing millions of people per year then there should become some laws to prevent pollution from happening. Many political leaders are afraid to propose big ideas to stop pollution because it can be costly to the country and if it doesn’t work it ruins their reputation. I think that it is a lousy excuse for lazy politicians who don’t want to make changes for the good; I believe that a good leader should take risks if it can lead to any positive change. Once one big leader makes a change for good many other leaders will follow in their footsteps and slowly make the world a better and safer place. But now politicians are more worried about themselves and their reputation that they are not willing to help the country in a positive way.

What does the church say about pollution?

The church sees pollution as a sin. But since pollution is so widespread across the world it is impossible for every catholic person to completely cut out pollution from their everyday lives. But a few years ago, Pope Francis proposed to add caring for the environment to the traditional works of mercy. Caring for the environment and not polluting is even seen many times in the Bible. For example, “You shall not pollute the land which you live, for blood pollute the land, and no atonement can be made for the land for the blood that is shed in it, except by the blood of the one who shed it. You shall not defile the land in which you live, in the midst of which I dwell, for I the Lord dwell in the midst of the people of Israel” (Numbers 35:33-34). This passage is not only talking about how killing is a sin because it pollutes God’s earth with blood, but it also relates to the pollution of harmful substances to God’s earth being a sin as well. The world is built around pollution so you cannot just stop polluting for the rest of your life because it is a sin; that is not what God expects from you, but He wants you to reduce the amount and also teach others that it is a sin and that they should reduce it as well. God built this world and died for our sins with the hope that we would teach His words and share His stories through scripture.

My thoughts on Pollution

I believe that many people in our world are very hypocritical and petty. They are hypocritical because I see so many people that post anti-pollution pictures and articles online but then those same people are polluting themselves. These people think that because they are “informing” others about the problem they don’t need to fix the problem themselves. Also, people are petty because many people say that they are too busy to worry about how much they are polluting and use that as their excuse. Paul Ricoeur Conceptual framework of Human Action can perfectly describe why people won’t help against pollution. We have “the agents” which are the people who intend to help. “The action”, is to take a step back and see how much pollution they are contributing to and reduce it. “The motive”, which is the reasoning of why they don’t do the action; which revolves around the agent’s priorities and thinking that someone else will stop polluting so I don’t need to. The agent does these actions because everyone else does this and that helps us see that our actions give us our identity. This framework with respect to pollution proves that many people are followers when it comes to preventing and reducing pollution and not very many people will step up and take leadership for their part of pollution.

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Effects of Pollution Essay

Introduction China has the largest population of any country currently, at a figure of 1.418 billion. As the country with the world’s largest population, China has been the world’s largest emitter of CO2 annually since 2006. Annual CO2 emissions were 10.15 billion tonnes in 2016, with the next largest emitters being the United States and India. China’s energy consumption in 2016 was 10000 tonnes of standard coal equivalent. 64% of China’s energy consumption was generated using Coal, and even though...
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Pollution Cause and Effect Essay

There are many types of pollution and each one has its cause and effects. Pollution caused by humans and naturally. The environment consists of many pollutants in the air and water. Each pollution has its own risks and it disrupts the balance in our ecosystem and affects the environment. It also causes illnesses, contamination and global warming and it is related to the growth of population (UKEssays, 2018). Among the types of pollution, I would like to describe air pollution...
2 Pages 1065 Words

Essay on Pros and Cons of Pollution

Do you think pollution is a problem? Now you know why pollution is a controversial topic and why solving the problem is so important. Think years from now, if we don’t stop pollution, it will have a serious impact on everyone and everything. It can destroy habitats and eliminate the survival of species. Due to the industrial revolution and our need to make money and make our lives easier, chances are that people will not be able to survive, all...
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Speech on Pollution

Biology Presidential Speech For years, the government has opted to not worry about environmental conditions affecting our planet and our country. With time, the planet has been deteriorating due to human impact. If we continue to ignore what is going on with our planet, generations ahead of ours will experience a world much different than ours. Something has to be done and something will be done. The deterioration of our planet is now being noticed by people all over our...
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Essay on Pollution

What does society/governments say about Pollution? Our society continues to state the obvious about the opinions of pollution” which is don’t pollute because it kills millions of people and living organisms in the world. The response to society’s words has not been seen nearly as much as it should. People seem to think to themselves that someone else will deal with the pollution and put the blame on others. But what people really need to start doing is taking a...
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Essay on Increasing Pollution in Cities

Based on half a century of rapid urbanization, increasingly individuals choose live in city and almost half of population in world live in the urbanized place, due to the global climate crisis some issues will be exasperated. Therefore, it results in the shortage of water resources in cities in recent years. The term ‘‘water crisis’’ described as the demand of useable water resources for agriculture, industry, individuals’ use, generate energy and entertainment cannot be satisfied. The pressure of water resource...
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Soil Pollution Essay

the dirt is a perplexing blend of minerals, trademark material, water, and differing living things. In its exceptional express, the dirt was an uncontaminated substance covering the earth. Regardless, people have intentionally and coincidentally poured harming things onto it in explicit zones. The waste can hurt the dirt and potentially human, plant, and creature flourishing. There are different explanations behind soil pollution that happen every day or even every minute. For straightforwardness of reference, they are regularly part into two:...
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Pros and Cons of Pollution

Releasing substances to the environment that can cause harm is pollution. Various types of pollution include land pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, air pollution, and radioactive pollution. Pollution is normally associated with devastating effects on human life, such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and cancer. However, it can also have good effects, such as reducing climate change and helping plants flourish. Pollution is a great contributor to global warming. Pros of pollution 1. Helps plants flourish: Release nitrogen into the...
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Say No to Pollution! Essay

Serious ecological imbalance and environmental changes are occurring as a result of increasing population and industrial growth in India. Industrialization led to urbanization which started the problem of pollution. Then we as individuals are contributing to this problem of pollution, like garbage is dumped in vacant plots, though plastic bags are banned yet we use these or never say no to it when vegetable vendor put vegetables in these bags. As per the World Health Organization, Ludhiana is the most...
1 Page 295 Words

Essay on Water and Soil Pollution

In this research, we are going to explore the adverse effects of pollution on our environment. Pollution is the process of contaminating the environment (Oxford advanced learners dictionary pg 900). This causes discomfort, disorder, instability or even harm to physical features and living things of a place. It comes in various forms, but the main four are air, water, soil and noise pollution. The increase of human activity on the earth consequently increased pollution. It has been very hazardous. This...
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Ganga River Pollution Essay

In completion of this case study, I got the help and guidance of some respected persons, who deserve my deepest gratitude. I have completed my case study on Ganga Pollution. I have worked with full dedication and studied the case thoroughly and searched for ideas for solutions myself. I studied causes of pollution, problems arisen, future outcomes, steps taken by Indian government in regard to it. I have also included some innovative thoughts for remedy. I would also like to...
2 Pages 1042 Words

Effects of Pollution on Human Health Essay

Air pollution is known to have detrimental effects on human health, contributing to an estimated 3.4 million premature mortalities globally in 2010. By looking at both different types of air pollution (PM2.5, ozone, etc.) and pollutant sources (road transportation, agriculture, household energy, shipping, etc.) it is possible to produce a global picture of air pollution distribution and how to most effectively reduce the impact on human health. This paper will look specifically at the road transportation source sector, discussing the...
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Essay on Marine Pollution

The best danger to earth is the conviction that another person will spare it. Many people out there who enjoy going to the beach, and appreciating the ocean and its beauty, are unfortunately the ones that pollute it. Marine pollution has been widely known all around the world. However, we have yet to see a movement to this serious issue. People may say ‘Well, it is not my problem that the beach is dirty.’ If it’s not the people’s littering...
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Pollution and Types of Pollutions Essay

Introduction Pollution, we heard about this phrase almost everyday in our life, and it is getting worse with the world development and modernization. There are many types of pollutions affecting our nature that can cause humorous damaged to the environment, the ecosystem and our health; such as land pollution, air pollution, water pollution, noise and light pollution, etc. Among the several types of pollutions mentioned above, this essay will be focusing on light pollution and the problems associated with. As...
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Essay on Land Pollution

Abstract After intensive research with the data analysis, we concluded that land pollution would soon be an issue for the City of Windsor. The primary reason is the constant increase in the population. With the rise in the population, there is an inevitable increase in the garbage disposal, which in turn raises the fear of land pollution. The following are the primary outcomes of our research: Population Statics Our team comprises individuals having industrial and research work experience in the...
3 Pages 1210 Words

Noise Pollution Essay

Noise pollution can be also known as environmental noise or sound pollution. It is when sounds within a surrounding that is too much, not essential, or unnecessary sounds that can disturb us it becomes noise pollution. It is commonly generated inside many industrial facilities and some other workplaces it can also come from railways, highway, airplane traffic, and other outdoor constructions. However, it has become a major problem in the world. Our environment is a place that is difficult to...
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Digital Pollution Essay

We learned from elementary school that pollution is damaging the natural environment and putting it in danger, and we have seen its representation in various forms: soil pollution, water pollution, and air pollution …, in the latest years, another type of pollution appeared: the digital pollution and it cannot be underestimated. Digital pollution is linked to any negative digital impact on nature, from the manufacturing of all that is digital, passing through the using stages until its end of life....
2 Pages 966 Words

Essay on Cons of Pollution

In the modern era, pollution is standing out as a commonly serious issue yet. Everyone acknowledges that it is raising day by day due to several resources of mankind and human-created machines. As a result, these sweeping changes are harming the environment and damaging the air, soil, and water. There are three main pollutants of air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution. All the ways to diminish pollution is to practice the 3Rs concept namely reduce, reuse and recycle. In...
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Land Pollution Essay

It took 30 years for Love Canal to be inhabitable again after twenty-two barrels of toxic waste were dumped into its waters in the late 1970’s. Land pollution has greatly increased over the past several decades. Climate change has caught the attention of the world with very recent statistics of ice glaciers, ice gaps, and ice sheets melting metric tons of ice back into the water. This has surfaced many bad signals of global warming and climate change. We began...
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Agricultural Pollution Essay

Today, the problem of environmental pollution is often acute for discussion, as a result of this drawback can not be postponed. After all, if we tend to violate the laws of nature, we’ll have obscurity to measure and also the way forward for humanity are unknown. during this essay, i need to tell you and our society concerning the causes and consequences of our actions in respect to the ecological system of our planet. Contamination causes don’t seem to be...
1 Page 582 Words

Argumentative Essay about Pollution

Essay Example #1 A herd of animals breaks the silence from the still ambiance within the mild plains. As they roam around the fresh green grass, blossoming with trees and flowers, their mind is escaped from the idea of being harmed by a toxic object that one would dispose of in our Earth, present day. Pollution affects every living thing on our planet, including our plants and wildlife. The selection of the big question “what makes the world safer?” was...
2 Pages 818 Words

How to Reduce Pollution? Essay

Pollution is made from pollutants which are very tiny harmful particles that damage our atmosphere. Pollution is caused by human activities by deforestation, smoke from industries and burning fossil fuels, smoke from car exhaust pipes. Pollution can also cause naturally by volcanoes ash There are different types of pollution that are caused by humans which are air, water, soil, noise and many different types of pollution. The pesticides we use to spray on plants and crops to kill insects and...
3 Pages 1341 Words

Lake Huron Pollution

Nonpoint-source pollution is the cumulative result of our everyday personal actions and our local land use policies. Here’s a brief rundown on the major types of pollutants carried by runoff. Pathogens Pathogens are disease causing microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses that come from the fecal waste of animals and humans. Pathogens wash off the land from wild animal, farm animal and pet waste, and can also enter the lake from improperly functioning septic systems, leaky sewer lines and boat...
1 Page 273 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on Pollution

Introduction Water pollution is a sustainability issue that has been present for decades (Schwarzenbach, R. P. et al. 2010). It is important to understand more about this issue as it has both direct and indirect impacts on human health (Vallance, S., Perkins, H. C. and Dixon, J. E. 2011). For example, people drink freshwater, feed on seafood that is caught in the ocean, and industries use large amounts of water for their products which are later consumed by humans (Schwarzenbach,...
5 Pages 2468 Words

Essay on Pollution Caused by Plastic Bags

Anthropogenic activities such as plastic pollution account to the death of many marine organisms. Research states, the plastic debris accumulating within the oceans now equates to around 5.25 trillion pieces, along with 269,000 tonnes that floats to the surface. The main culprit of the plastic pollution is plastic bags, with approximately 500 billion bags being used per year. These bags can take between 20-1000 years to degrade, that means a single plastic bag could potentially harm numerous organisms due to...
2 Pages 957 Words

How to Prevent Water Pollution Essay

According to, world health organization searched. (1948). Sanitation commonly refers to the procurement of amenities and services for the safe removal of human urine and feces. Which the throughout purposes of sanitation is to come up with a healthy living environment for everybody, to keep safe the natural resources (such as surface water, groundwater,) and to provide safety, security and elegance for people when they discharge feces from the body or stool. Therefore, if we don’t have high-quality sanitation or...
2 Pages 935 Words

Should Recycling Be Mandatory? Essay

Even though you may think this essay is trash. Please don’t throw it away. Recycle it instead. Did you know that Americans throw away enough aluminum every month to rebuild our entire commercial air fleet. Recycling has been around for many years but the people on the earth are not taking it seriously. The waste on the earth is piling up and keeps accumulating everyday which can be reduced by recycling. With people speaking out about recycling and how the...
2 Pages 1104 Words

What is Recycling? Essay

The process of converting waste materials into a new material or object that is useful is known as recycling. It prevents the wastage of some useful materials and is responsible for reducing the consumption of the new material. Recycling is a process that acts as an excellent help for the earth’s environment as it reduces energy usage, air pollution, and water pollution. In order to have a clear overview of recycling, one should give a read to the below-recycling essay....
1 Page 662 Words

Pollution and Recycling Essay

The sustainability of global economies and the survival of all living species primarily depends on how clean their surrounding environments are. Clean ecosystems ensure that all living organisms thrive well within their ecosystems, something rare in present times due to increased environmental pollution and degradation. When comparing the past and present world, it is not wrong for one to argue that there are likelihoods of extinction of all living species if pollution continues with the present rate. This is because...
5 Pages 2183 Words

Effects of Pollution on Historical Monuments Essay

Air pollution is a key factor in the degradation of surfaces of historical buildings and monuments. The impact of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere on materials is enormous and often irreversible. Corrosion caused by chemicals and soiling caused by particles can lead to economic losses but, more importantly, to the destruction of our cultural heritage, an important component of our individual and collective identity. A recent study led by the Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) and the...
1 Page 311 Words
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