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In this essay, I hope to demonstrate to you that water is very precious and should not be wasted. Water is a very important source that keeps us active and alive because we are 90% water. I will also show you that instead of wasting water we could save someone's life. Although there is 70 % of the earth’s surface is water, water scarcity (not enough safe drinking water) is a big problem in the world which is affecting a...
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Global warming and the water crisis is the title of a paper written by Kanae Shinjiro addressing the main issues that affect the earth resultant of global warming including the water crisis (860-864). For a long time, people often thought that water security was an issue revolving around drinking water. However, the water crisis has now been associated with the reduction in food quantity beside the scarcity of safe drinking water. Securing safe drinking water in regions around the world,...
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Population is the number of inhabitants (in our case, human) in a specific region. Global population is now about 7.4 billion and we should remember that despite the fact that world is unevenly distributed, every minute the population is growing. Although there are regions where population decline or change in structure caused by the births, deaths and migration. Population will decline if death rate is greater than birth rate and will increase if death rate is less than birth rate....
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It’s been years since Elon Musk launched his tesla electric car in space. The world has changed drastically since then. The success of Elon Musk’s SpaceX is quite a revolution for the people of the world. While the world population is on a record low level. There is scarcity of water all over the world. People are finding it hard to survive. Improper use of earth’s resources have left our planet with no usable water whatsoever. On the other hand...
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A major theme prevalent in eco-fiction is the debate over resource management. Otherwise known as climate fiction, it is a subgenre of science fiction that explores the way in which climate change affects the Earth and its inhabitants. Numerous mediums of this subgenre have sprung up since the term “anthropocene” was coined. Although the scientific community has not decided a definitive point for when the Anthropocene began, the general consensus is that it started when humans began to influence the...
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Contemporarily there are many global issues that are affecting the citizens of the world as a single community; disrupting natural framework and disturbing the social and economic progress. The unavailability or inadequate access to clean water is one of them. It is also termed as water crisis in the global standards. There is scarcity of freshwater due to depleting sources and contamination of clean water. India, a giant nation which is home to approximately 103 billion people is also suffering...
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Since the dawn of time, Water has been the most essential commodity in human life. Nowadays, in certain areas of the world, various amounts of people have very little access to the natural resource. While in other areas of the world, they have a seemingly endless source of water. 1 million people die every year because of lack of safe drinkable water. It is imperative that everyone in this world has the opportunity to continue living by being provided by...
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Based on half a century of rapid urbanization, increasingly individuals choose live in city and almost half of population in world live in the urbanized place, due to the global climate crisis some issues will be exasperated. Therefore, it results in the shortage of water resources in cities in recent years. The term ‘‘water crisis’’ described as the demand of useable water resources for agriculture, industry, individuals’ use, generate energy and entertainment cannot be satisfied. The pressure of water resource...
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Several years ago, there began a crisis in Flint Michigan with their water supply. It had been heavily polluted and became very undrinkable. The residents in these areas had water of every color in the spectrum, such as brown, yellow, and black. Such issues occurred because mistreated water eating away at the lead pipes. This lead to toxic levels in the supply, which inevitably made it change color as well as be deemed unsafe for consumption. Many individuals in such...
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Water shortage has become a worldwide problem, which affects physical areas where 1.2 billion people reside, as well as 500 million others who are approaching the crisis. Australia, India and South Africa are currently facing water scarcity, which the effects and general causes of it will be discussed in this essay. There are several effects of such dire water crisis across the three countries. Perth is known to be Australia’s driest city. Its water shortage problem has been affecting industries...
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The population I chose are the people of Libya. Libya is a country in Africa. The limiting resource in this country is water. Libya is primarily a desert country which means clean water is more of a luxury and becoming more scarce to find. However, water is needed for important things such as being able to sustain life such as the consumption of water by humans as well as agricultural purposes. Most of Libya’s clean water can be found in...
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