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Modern civilization is very proud of its accomplishments. Having a good sanitation system is considered something of a “new” thing. (Angelakis et al 2005: 210) It is also very important to have a good sewer system for populations to stay healthy. However, it is interesting to note that sanitation systems have been around for thousands of years. (Angelakis et al 2005: 210) In fact, having a sewer system in ancient times was more common than not. (Angelakis et al 2005:216)...
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Baths and water supply: Pompeii were supplied with water by the “Serinum aqueduct” as it is commonly known, or the imperial aqueduct at Misenum Water was then transported to the “castellum aquae” near the Vesuvian Gate and then provided to all areas of the city under the footpaths. “Bathing for Romans was a social occasion. The baths were places everybody went almost every day. Some baths were communal some were private enterprises, some were expensive and some were cheap”. Quoted...
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Prior to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, their water was already questionable. Ever since the earthquake, sanitation issues in the water exploded and caused many diseases. Sanitation issues in Haiti are still occurring today. More than 7000 people have died from cholera, which is caused by unsanitized water. 530,000 people have gotten sick because of this issue, making it the gravest issue in Haiti right now. Haiti is a small country with a population of 11.3 million. 52% of people...
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Sanitation refers to public health conditions related to safe drinking water and adequate treatment and disposal of human waste and sewage (Oxford Dictionaries, n.d.). Nigeria is located in West Africa and has the largest population of approximately 200 million in Africa (UNDP, 2019). Nigeria has a Human Development Index of 0.534, which ranks the country as 158th in the world (UNDP, 2019). The Human Development Index (HDI) is a summary measure of average achievement in key dimensions of human development:...
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Water is quintessential to lifestyles and it is of quintessential importance to all dwelling organisms. Water constitutes about 90% through weight of the human physique (Williams et al, 2002). The availability of consuming water is an fundamental characteristic for stopping epidemic illnesses and enhancing the fantastic of existence (Borchard et al, 2004). According to the World Health Organization (WHO, 1981), 80% of all ailments are attributed to risky water with about 11.4 billion people in the world struggling from vital...
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According to, world health organization searched. (1948). Sanitation commonly refers to the procurement of amenities and services for the safe removal of human urine and feces. Which the throughout purposes of sanitation is to come up with a healthy living environment for everybody, to keep safe the natural resources (such as surface water, groundwater,) and to provide safety, security and elegance for people when they discharge feces from the body or stool. Therefore, if we don’t have high-quality sanitation or...
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Basic sanitation is recognized by the United Nations as a human right which allows for the proper development of human capital (NewSun, 2015). India is currently categorized as the ‘fastest-growing major economy’ in the world (V, 2018), yet is also labelled as a country with an ‘out-of-control rape epidemic’ (Khan, 2016). Reasons for this can be directly linked to the fact that massive portions of its population, notably, the 70% living in rural villages (The Associated Press, 2015), a majority...
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