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Water Sanitation and Hygiene Essay

Baths and water supply: Pompeii were supplied with water by the “Serinum aqueduct” as it is commonly known, or the imperial aqueduct at Misenum Water was then transported to the “castellum aquae” near the Vesuvian Gate and then provided to all areas of the city under the footpaths. “Bathing for Romans was a social occasion. The baths were places everybody went almost every day. Some baths were communal some were private enterprises, some were expensive and some were cheap”. Quoted...
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The Working and Living Conditions in the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was the big ‘manufacturing boom’ when Europe and the US transitioned to a new manufactured/ technological age and system. Due to this revolution many citizens of Europe moved into large, cramped cities which had very poor hygiene and living conditions. Majority of people worked on farms or in small communities. They would grow, harvest and make what they would need, earning money off what they had produced. There was not much organisation in the farms until the...
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Proper Hygiene as the Key to Good Health and a Successful Future

Every student is determined to be successfull. They even sacrifice everthing just to be comfortable in the future. They woke up early morning and leave their homes not knowing what will be the challenges they will face onwards. But regardless of the self-confidence they have, problems are just continuous. They’ll attack you physically and even emotionally. Most of the health issues that students have undergone mostly relate to the factors affecting health. Mainly these factors greatly affect the academic performance...
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Poor Sanitation Leads to Mortality

The Crimean War was a military conflict fought from October 1853 to February 1856. In the end, the Russian Empire lost to an alliance of the Ottoman Empire, France, Britain, and Sardinia. By January 1856, “Russia lost 500,000 troops, mostly to disease, malnutrition, and exposure…” ( Editors). In 1855, there was a discovery found stating that poor sanitation levels led to an increase in mortality rates, as seen throughout the Crimean War (Slonczewski et al. 7). Florence Nightingale, the Lady...
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Research Report on Hospital-acquired Infections and the Dominance of Hand Hygiene in This Sector

Introduction Hospitals are the trusted entities for people when they are affected by serious disease conditions. However, it is an irony that hospital itself creates several complications and puts the needy in a greater dilemma. Hospital-acquired infections are one of the most common complications affecting hospital patients, in which most of them make raises the morbidity and mortality rate among patients. They include surgical site infections, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, Bloodstream infections, central line, and peripheral line-related bloodstream infections, multi-resistant...
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Importance of Hand Hygiene in an Emergency Department: Analytical Essay

In nursing and other professions, evidence has shown that hand hygiene is highly important. Hand hygiene has helped reduce the spread of bacteria and infection. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has made a standardised step by step process that is known across the whole world. Hand hygiene can prevent most healthcare-associated infections if health professional wash their hands at the right moments. Evidence-based practice, what is it? Evidence-based practice is used to find the best research in health interventions, best...
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Analysis of Importance of Sanitation and Hygiene at Hotel Industry: A Thesis Proposal

Abstract Proposals talks about the importance of sanitation and personal hygiene in the field of hotel industry due to which many customers can be attracted towards the hotel. At present condition most of the people those who visited to hotel from different places are so much conscious about sanitation and good hygienic environment for spending their quality time on the basis of different research methodologies. And with the help of analysis we come to the conclusion that sanitation and food...
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Analysis of the Problem of Students' Non-Compliance with Hygiene Rules

As a first year college student I have noticed that there are many different smells around campus at the University of Kentucky. Some of the smells are based on one’s culture, whether or not they are in activities, or have a personal preference of wearing light or hash perfumes and colognes. In some cases the student is neither of these things but they are smelly. This can cause a problem in the classroom because it distracts the rest of the...
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Nigerian Oral Hygiene Struggle and Sustainable Solutions

Nigeria is struggling with many health, infrastructural, economic and political challenges. But the most challenging of these issues is that “major issues seem to be treated as minor issues and minor issues seem to be treated as major issues”. As nationals and dental professionals that should uphold health we are asked to answer the varying questions that hold back on our oral health and oral hygiene. Not many people bother about oral health in Nigeria and not many seem to...
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Effectiveness of Teaching Methods on Knowledge and Practice of Food Hygiene among Almajirai in Nigeria

Abstract The study assessed the effectiveness of demonstration, discussion and recitation teaching methods on knowledge and practice of food hygiene among almajirai in tsangaya in Kano Municipal, Nigeria. A quasi-experimental design was adopted for the study. A sample of 147 participants was drawn using a multi-stage sampling procedure. Participants were assigned to three groups and lesson on food hygiene was taught to them for seven weeks using demonstration, discussion and recitation methods respectively. Paired sample t-test and Analysis of Variance...
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Quality Improvement in Healthcare System: Analytical Essay on Importance of Hand Hygiene

1.0 Introduction Barone (2019) define quality management (QM) as “the act of overseeing all activities and tasks needed to maintain desired level of excellence”. Association for Project Management (2019), further explains that QM consist of four elements which are quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement. The focus in this discussion is on quality improvement (QI). QI is a systemic approach by employees in an organization to analyse the process for continuous improvement in the quality of the...
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