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Nursing Home Understaffing in the US: Causes, Consequences, and Coping

Understaffing in nursing homes has increasingly become an issue in the United States with over 90% of nursing homes reporting shortages in staff. This is an issue that effects the patients, families, staff, and the nursing homes as a whole. This creates further health concerns for those involved. Labor costs are often attributed to this issue despite research showing it costs more to understaff. Through research and experimentation, it can be seen there are many solutions to this growing problem....
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Identity and Access Management in Nursing Home: Analytical Essay

Executive Summary This report will focus on the CISSP Domain 5 – Identity and Access Management in Nursing homes. With brief overview of what nursing home is to -how the identity of resident managed in nursing home is covered in the report. The report also contains in root analysis of how authentication and authorization management is carried out in nursing home. This report will also discuss about the different types of information stored in nursing homes and how they are...
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Ethical Principles in Nursing Home: Case Study of Dora

Introduction In regard of culture, society and ethics is to respond by analyzing the issues, by seeking ways to solve the issues presented by following the Laws of human right also implying the “FREDA principles” which is a involves of Fairness, Respect, Equality, Dignity, and Autonomy. The ETHICAL principles (by doing or putting in practice what is morally right) it is suitable in the human constitution & foundation applied. The general issues which is to be dealt is that the...
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Malnutrition And Dehydration In Nursing Homes

Healthy nutrition is essential; especially for the elderly because at this stage of their lives, they have a lower tolerance to hunger and a weaker immune system; which makes them more prone to suffer from diseases. Unchecked malnutrition and dehydration can lead to severe health complications and worse still, death. Therefore, the need to carefully monitor the eating pattern, fluid intake and overall wellbeing of the aged explains why most people move their elderly loved ones to nursing homes in...
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Causes of Malnutrition in Nursing Homes: Argumentative Essay

Introduction Nutritional issues, especially Malnutrition has been an ongoing challenge for the Long-Term Care industry. During the 20th century, the United States witnessed an 11-fold increase in the elderly population, summing it up to 33 million (Crogan & Evans, 2001). Out of the 33 million, an estimated 5% of the people aged 65 years and above reside in nursing homes across the country. Nursing homes and other long-term care facilities house an assortment of elderly populations suffering from dementia, diabetes,...
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Assessment of Ethical and Policy Issues that Affect the Coordination of Care in Nursing Homes

Ethical and Policy factors Introduction The elderly in nursing homes are among those who require the highest level of care coordination. However, various ethical and policy issues have been reported to be the primary factor affecting effective care coordination in nursing homes (Townsend et al. 2017). Even though most of the nursing care staff have reported low care coordination, minimal research has been undertaken to determine the extent at which ethical and policy issues affect care coordination in nursing homes...
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Negative Perception of Nursing Homes in Society: Analytical Essay

Imagine forty or seventy years from now, you’re in a beautiful home that you built for you and your family. Then your children and grandchildren try to convince you to go to a nursing home saying it’s better for you and you’d be taken care of better. It’s like a slap to the face, it hurts. Your own children that you’ve taken care of for years don’t want to take care of you back and would rather put you in...
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Factors Affecting Quality of Care in Nursing Homes

The population around the world is growing in the fast pace every year with significant increase in the elder population. As the population ages, there is growing interest in the health care services for seniors. Nursing homes, also known as Long-Term Care facilities (LTC) or personal care homes across Canada, represent a critical component of our health care system, especially as elderly population increases (Canadian Institute of Health Information [CIHI], 2013). LTC provide 24/7 nursing service and supervision, primary medical...
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Understaffed Healthcare Workers in Elderly Nursing Homes

A nursing home is place where people who do not need a hospital but cannot be cared for at home either. Most nursing homes have a nursing aides and skilled nurses on hand 24/7. Some of the issues affecting the nursing home are cost of living, staff to resident ratio, and nutrition. Community Needs Assessment are performed to determine current situations, identify issues to determine a course of action, and establish the foundation for vital planning. The target population for...
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Reflections on Whether Elderly People Should Be Put in Nursing Homes

Old age is an inevitable and irreversible process. In general, the old age is a period of regression to physical, mental and cognitive function. The most important problem of old age is the loss of communication with the environment and society. Therefore, nursing homes were established to meet the needs of the elderly people. So elderly people are placed to nursing home because need to be care and loneliness, their family’s difficulties for care. But nursing homes are not good...
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The Importance of the Utmost Caring for the Older Person

The main focus of this assignment is to provide the utmost care for the older person. We must also ensure that they have a healthy lifestyle and can participate actively in family and social life. Communication is a key factor in all types of caring. It is so important to listen to and encourage the older person to express any anxieties and worries they may have. The organisation I choose to write about is ‘Friends of the Elderly Ireland’. They...
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