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The Concept Of Caring: Meaning, Behaviours And Importance

Introduction Leo Buscaglia wrote “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” (4) Caring is defined differently and interpreted differently by nurses and patients. By answering the following questions, I will define and interpret caring in a way that is understandable and relates to nursing. The different attributes to a caring...
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The Meaning Of Caring In Interprofessional Clinical Experience

The importance of caring in an extended care facility, means more to me than just being t physically present. It means caring for my patient with the same respect and dignity, you would want someone to care for your elderly loved one. After reading the journal article and learning more about the interprofessional clinical experience, I recognize how important it is to introduce trainees to the roles of different healthcare professionals, it provides them with the chance to participate in...
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Watson’s Theory Of Human Caring: Origin And Applications

Nurses in their line of duty are exposed to health hazards. During their daily routine at work, they are exposed to illnesses and injuries. Their nature of work puts them at risk of this problem. Their work majorly involves walking, standing, stretching and bending which is tiresome. Due to this fatigue, they end up getting injuries and illnesses from needle sticks, tripping, patient handling activities, violence, and repetitive stress. The cases of non-fatal occupational injuries and illnesses are high in...
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The Peculiarities Of Caring In Nursing

Introduction Caring can be defined as having compassion, empathy or a feeling of concern for others. According to Jean Watson Caring is “the model ideal of Nursing whereby the end is protection, enhancement, and preservation of human dignity. Human caring involves values, a will and a commitment to care, knowledge, caring actions, and consequences”. Caring goes beyond human to human person-centred care as it involves the act of caring, action and upholding values of caring. Section 1 In the nursing...
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The Role And Significance Of Caring In Nursing Practice

Caring in nursing practice is highly important and has a detrimental impact to a patient’s overall health outcome. This essay will critically discuss three aspects of caring in nursing practice and the importance they have, these topics include, caring behaviours, the 6 C’s of caring and Watson’s theory of caring. Each of these will be justified by relating them to the patient experience of Denise Palmer in Scenario 1. In the nursing literature, caring behaviours can be described as actions...
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Theory Of Caring: Definition And Evaluation

Nursing literature across the board asserts that caring is an important aspect of the nursing profession. Caring is an attribute that is essential in nursing. Caring is an attitude that that is innate; however, this attitude of approach may be absent from the practice of nurses. Nursing is viewed as a profession, while nurses are viewed as individual that provide care that enables individuals to arrive at an optimal homeostasis of health. The purpose of this paper is to take...
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Care, Compassion And Communication for Patient with Dementia

In this essay I will use the Rolfe’s Reflective Model (Rolfe et al. 2001), which by asking three question what, so what, then what, will help me to self-reflect on my nursing practise. I will also focus on using 3Cs from the 6Cs framework launched by Department of Health in 2012 (Baillie, 2017), as they are essential in nurses work. The 3 C’s which chose to focus on are communication, care and compassion .The 6Cs are the values which empower...
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The Essence Of Diabetes Management

Diabetes Mellitus can be a tricky disease. I use the word “tricky” because of all the complications that can be associated with Diabetes to include Hyper/Hypoglycemia, Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA), and Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic State (HHNS) to mention a few. Not including how blood sugar is directly affected by overall patient status and wound healing or surgery, which is a common patient profile in the hospital setting. With these complications it is important to consider how we manage this disease and...
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Caring: Maria Elena Cox Personal Nursing Philosophy

Nursing theories are important to the practice of nursing. More importantly, theory-guided practice is important, as a nurse in any role, particularly in the role as an advanced practice registered nurse. It enables the nurse to deliver effective, efficient, and holistic care (Saleh, 2018). Theory guided practice is becomingly increasingly important in nursing that it was suggested that it should become the future of nursing (Saleh, 2018).There are numerous theories in nursing practice taught in nursing school. Some of the...
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Key Concepts Of Care And Importance Of The 6C’s Within The Healthcare Profession

The following essay focuses on the principle purpose of care and discusses the importance of the 6C’s within the healthcare profession. The 6C’s of nursing were established so that care is delivered to the patients in a constructive and structured manner Secure Healthcare Solutions, (2016). Nurses who function on these core values ensure that the patients are safe, protected and aided well, when providing them with the required care Secure Healthcare Solutions, (2016). Care/caring is a term that is extremely...
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Caring Defined by a Nursing Student

A nursing student has the unique task of learning how to professionally care for another human being. But what does it mean to ‘care’? By evaluating the publications of nursing professionals trying to answer that very question, one can begin to understand that caring is a very complex action that requires several different interpretations in order to make sense. In this essay, the articles of Kapborg & Berterö, Swanson, and Merrill, Hayes, Clukey, & Curtis each highlight and explain caring....
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Ovarian Cancer: Biomarkers-Emerging Applications of Biomarkers in Healthcare

Biomarkers are small protein or peptide molecules which are part of cell receptors, cell signalling molecules involved in cell-cell signalling or cell protein kinase activation and transfer of signal to the nucleus with the regulation of gene transcription. Biomarkers have functional significance in the recognition of different stages of cancer, therapy for cancer, and identification of different types of cancer of different organs according to the biomarker present. It is also used for the diagnosis and analysis of mutations in...
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Reflection On My Own Beliefs About Caring And Caring For Others

Caring Reflection Paper Values and attitudes inform the way in which health services are delivered and received. To achieve this, nurses should have the ability to perceive the independence and diversity of clients in different steps in their journey. This paper tries to explain the definition and the necessities of caring. This article also considers the challenges that may be accrued in the caring process. Caring and Nursing Caring is an important feature of nursing which includes assistive, supportive, and...
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Providing Care for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

People who are severely suffering from MS will usually realize that their quality of life is greatly reduced. while not adequate care and support, people with MS will become isolated and an additional of a health risk. It’s thus important that your care home staffs are educated on a way to effectively offer take care of patients with disseminated multiple sclerosis. Here are the most symptoms of MS with helpful steerage on however you’ll assist residents in managing them: Loss...
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The Importance of the Utmost Caring for the Older Person

The main focus of this assignment is to provide the utmost care for the older person. We must also ensure that they have a healthy lifestyle and can participate actively in family and social life. Communication is a key factor in all types of caring. It is so important to listen to and encourage the older person to express any anxieties and worries they may have. The organisation I choose to write about is ‘Friends of the Elderly Ireland’. They...
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Essay on Health and Wellness

What is the difference between health and wellness? The main difference between health and well-being is that health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, while well-being refers to an active process through which people become aware and make decisions toward a more successful existence. Thus, wellness is a lifestyle choice. Health is a state of being, while well-being can be defined as the state of leading a healthy lifestyle through which a person can achieve good...
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Why Is Health Important: Essay

To understand approaches to ill health, we must understand what health is in the definition. Health is a complex state that results from the body’s continual adjustment and adaptation in response to stresses and changes in the environment in order to preserve homeostasis or internal balance. Health is affected by our age, gender, culture, and social status, and can mean different things to different people. There is no widely agreed-upon concept of well-being. Health is important because it is desired...
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Connection of Health Promotion and Health Care: Analytical Essay

Health promotion (Ru Shi Scenario 1) Health issues are always surrounding us nowadays. The different age group has their concerns to health. Health promotion is a platform allowing the public to know the health issues in deep. The definition of Health Health is an abstract concept that is hard to explain by absolute term. World Health Organisation defined health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (WHO 1946)....
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Essay on Women Centred Care

According to WHO (2016), midwifery-led continuity of care models in which a known midwife or small groups of known midwives support a woman throughout the antenatal, intrapartum and postpartum continuum, are recommended for pregnant women in settings with well-functioning midwifery programs. The phenomenon of women-centered care has been acknowledged as a maker of quality in maternity service and it has become a midwifery concept with implied significance aiming to provide a clear theoretical foundation of women-centered care for midwifery as...
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Perceived Benefits and Barriers towards Physical Exercise among Healthcare Providers

Abstract: Background: Physical inactivity is considered a problem with a great impact on morbidity and mortality. There is a necessity to combat this behavior through an assessment of barriers and benefits perceived by subjects. Objectives: The current study aimed to measure exercise intention, in addition to identifying physical exercise predictors, including perceived barriers and benefits among healthcare providers (HCPs) in Ain Shams University Hospitals. Methods: A cross-sectional study was performed on a sample of healthcare providers (physicians and nurses) in...
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Essay on Professionalism in Healthcare

There are numerous key qualities a health professional must possess in order to deliver the best care to their patients. Professionalism is extremely important when it comes to dealing with patients and colleagues in a professional practice. Throughout this assignment, key qualities and the importance of professionalism for health professionals will be explored. This assignment will look at the key theories and principles underpinning safe, effective, professional, and ethical professionalism in the healthcare profession. There will be a discussion in...
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Essay on Service above Self

I have never given much thought to what my nursing philosophy may be, though I have heard the term once or twice it’s not a major emphasis in nursing school. I think as student nurses we are hyper-focused on having the right answer, memorizing drugs, and not making mistakes that we never think about something as fundamental as what we believe about nursing as both a lifestyle and profession. To me, I was too immature in my position to develop...
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Essay on Teamwork in Healthcare

Introduction In a clinical setting, teamwork and compassion are paramount to ensure patient safety and quality of care are adequate. It is important that healthcare professionals (HCPs) work in teams and practice self-compassion to reduce compassion fatigue and burnout. Self-compassion means that HCPs will have better mental and physical health so that when they are caring for patients they can give them their full attention and provide the best care possible. If they are at risk of burnout, it becomes...
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Essay on the Art of Caring

Nursing is broadly considered an art and science wherein caring structures the hypothetical system of nursing. It is a vocation with an indulging desire to care for others which demands the utmost dedication, commitment, compassion, enthusiasm, and professionalism. Nursing and caring are grounded in a social arrangement, unity, and the nurse-patient relationship. The fundamental elements of this divine profession combine communication, teamwork, and delivering optimized care for those in need without prejudice. These certainly affirm my ultimate belief in the...
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Essay on the Role of a Caregiver

Bonding and attachment are critical processes whereby individuals mature and develop from birth. If these processes are neglected; physical, emotional, and cognitive growth all have significant implications on one’s development (Jones & Creedy 2012, p.59). Bonding and attachment have social consequences due to the stigmatization and pressure on mothers as the primary caregiver, thus stereotyping and disregarding the vitality of other relationships with the newborn. Likewise, bonding and attachment theories provide valuable insight into these processes, acknowledging the prominence of...
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Essay about Patient Centred Care

Patient-centered care Is being hailed in many areas as revolutionary in the healthcare space. Patient-centered care as defined by The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is the provision of care that respects, and responds to, individual patient preferences, wishes, and values, by ensuring that patient values guide clinical decisions. (Institute of Medicine; Committee on Quality of Health Care, 2001). Patient-centered care has had a profound impact on healthcare operations, quality, and results. Physicians and other care providers need to address patient...
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Self Care Essay

Self-care is the art of minding our well-being alongside that of others. Of late, self-care has been posted to be trumping stone to most of us, where we are way too concerned about others, offering solutions to their problems and literally forgetting if we also exist. Individual attention, as Kristin spells it out is a cornerstone to our survival and influences our relevance to other people as well. Without self-care then our efforts will certainly prove futile in our plight...
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Dental Health Care Professionals Work During Covid-19 Pandemic

Health care workers are at the greatest risk — they can encounter diseases and infections daily and typically work in close proximity to one another and their patients. Many are already under quarantine because of exposure to the virus. Need of the hour is to prevent certain viral infections. The ADA recommends following standard precautions with all patients, at all times. While treating patients keep following points into mind. These are: ISOLATION & IDENTIFICATION As Dental health care personnel is...
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Clinical Knowledge, Communication Skills And Ethics As The Fundamentals Of Dental Professionalism

A profession is defined as “a vocation with a body of knowledge and skills put into service for the good of others; the welfare of society” (Van Mook et al., 2009). Medicine and dentistry are recognized by the public as the archetype of professionalism (Bloom, 2002). Professionalism is demonstrated through three key foundational elements: clinical competence, communication skills, and ethical/legal understanding. Building upon these foundations, a professional applies the principles of professionalism: excellence, humanism, accountability, and altruism. A professional aspires...
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Eco-friendly Dentistry Peculiarities: Barriers And Benefits

Dentistry is going Green? There are a number of eco-friendly disruptions brought on by socially minded groups that are happening in dentistry that are highlighting my dental practice’s competitive vulnerabilities, while at the same time representing opportunities to turn those vulnerabilities into sustainable competitive advantages for many years to come. As of late, there has been a tremendous debate in dentistry in the area of sustainability. This debate has brought together dental professionals from all aspects of the industry, including...
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