Essays on Health Care

Health Promotion During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Risk Factors During pregnancy, there are many factors that can affect the fetus and/or the mother. It is important, as a healthcare provider, to incorporate health promotion into obstetrics care. My patient, JW, is on her third pregnancy, and is around 8 weeks...
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Human Rights Approach In Public Health

Being born into a certain area, income, or skin color can either advantage or disadvantage you in today’s society, especially when talking about equal health rights. A public health initiative known as the human rights-based approach, HRBA, has a goal to support better sustainable development...
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HIV and Physical Activity

The participants first started with a 20 minutes interview it was conducted in a questionnaire-style. They were asked about socioeconomic characteristics questions like gender, age, education, and employment. Then they were asked about their ART they self-reportedly answered the questions of their white blood cells...
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Health Promotion For Dehydration in Older Adults

Dehydration is a fluid intake or retention that is less than what is needed to meet the body’s fluid requirement resulting in fluid volume deficit, especially plasma volume (Rebar, Ignativicius & Workman, 2018). Dehydration may indicate an actual decrease in total body water due to...
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Health Promotion Theory Critique

Health advancement is nevertheless one of the essential objectives in the present day nursing. Wellbeing elevating practices can prompt a patient’s generally speaking feeling of prosperity as well as assurance from ailment and interminable diseases. Pender’s health advancement hypothesis offers a comprehensive perspective on the...
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Justification of Health Promotion

Wellbeing has been center of promotion, driving a holistic approach towards a positive overall health combining body and mind rather than dividing neutral state of mind from the physical. Health and wellbeing has been recognised as inconsistent, total health is not constant but ever interchangeable...
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Infectious Diseases And Public Health

Meanwhile, Kathleen A. Alexander and others identified different factors that contributed to the most recent Ebola outbreak, during their paper called “What Factors Might Have Led to the Emergence of Ebola in West Africa” (2015). Some of their identified factors were the potential infection due...
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Health Promotion: SIDS

Healthy People 2020 is a national effort that sets goals and objectives to improve the health and well-being of all people in the United States. One of the crucial topic goals and objectives for 2020 is to reduce the incidence of fetal and infant deaths...
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Health Promotion at the Different Stages of Human Life

This essay will discuss the opportunities for health promotion at different stages of a person’s lifespan. Such approaches include: medical, such as immunisation from virus-es, behaviour change, for example, take up exercise and a balanced diet, educational (leaflets and adverts to highlight problems with smoking),...
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