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Essay on Is Healthcare a Public Good

I am writing to urge you to reconsider your position on price increases that Nostrum Pharmaceuticals, LLC may apply to future medications – these pricing decisions can have a detrimental impact on patients, as these treatments often constitute a matter of life or death. Nostrum Pharmaceuticals LLC is engaged in the formulation and commercialization of specialty pharmaceutical products and controlled-release, orally administered, branded, and generic drugs. The impact that Nostrum can make towards the advancement of drug research and treatment...
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Essay on Difference between Public Health and Healthcare

Public health is about helping individuals stay healthy by protecting them from possible threats to their health, this can be done through promoting medicine and nursing but before individuals get to the state of needing medicine, public health may put in place resources to improve their health and wellbeing and reduce the causes of ill health. This is done through the work put into these three domains which include health protection, health improvement, and healthcare public health. Health protection is...
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Essay on Public Vs Private Healthcare

Introduction It must be taken into account that the healthcare system is more corporate than ever before, and is capitalist. The relationship between IPE and biomedicine lacks socio-political context, as health is distributed very unequally. With this in mind posing the question should healthcare be publicly or privately funded? Specifically, looking at the Pharmaceutical industry and the ownership of intellectual property there is a relationship that can be explored between innovators and the industry, understanding this relationship lets the broad...
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Essay on Public Relations in Healthcare

Abstract— The purpose of this article is to highlight the importance of maintaining good public relation in a healthcare unit. The public has been broadly categorized into two categories- External as well as Internal. Gone are the days when a healthcare unit was only considered at the time when a disease would arise. Fortis Hospital Ludhiana has been chosen as the area of study so that the efforts that an organization banks upon to maintain good market image can come...
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‘Waiting for Superman’: Summary Essay

Introduction The documentary film 'Waiting for Superman' directed by Davis Guggenheim shines a spotlight on the challenges faced by the American education system. Through personal stories and compelling statistics, the film exposes the flaws within the system and highlights the urgent need for reform. This summary essay will provide an overview of the key themes and issues explored in 'Waiting for Superman', shedding light on its powerful portrayal of the educational crisis in the United States. Summary 'Waiting for Superman'...
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Essay on Importance of Statistics in Healthcare

In this assignment, I will be writing about the patterns and trends in health and illness among different social groups. I will be writing about how health is measured and the difficulties that could occur while measuring health. The social groups that I will be writing about are social class, gender, ethnicity, age, and locality. When measuring the trends of health in health and illness there are three different ways to measure these: government statistics, charitable organizations pressure groups academic...
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Rhetorical Analysis Essay on a CDC Artile

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a reputable source of information when it comes to public health issues. By analyzing a CDC article, such as "Strategies for Combating Emerging Infectious Diseases," we can delve into the rhetorical techniques employed to communicate critical information effectively. Introduction and Context The CDC article titled "Strategies for Combating Emerging Infectious Diseases" aims to inform the public and professionals about effective methods to address the challenges posed by emerging infectious diseases. It...
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Essay on Deontology Vs Utilitarianism in Nursing

Introduction In the field of nursing ethics, two prominent ethical theories often come into play: deontology and utilitarianism. While both aim to guide ethical decision-making, they approach moral dilemmas from different perspectives. This essay will compare and contrast deontology and utilitarianism in the context of nursing ethics, highlighting their key principles and applications. Deontology in Nursing Deontology is an ethical theory that emphasizes duty, rules, and principles in determining the morality of actions. In nursing, deontological principles often include respecting...
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Why I Want to Be a Massage Therapist Essay

The power of touch has always fascinated me. From a gentle hand on a friend's shoulder to the soothing comfort of a massage, I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact that touch can have on physical and emotional well-being. This fascination and a deep desire to help others have led me to pursue a career as a massage therapist. In this essay, I will share my personal reasons for wanting to become a massage therapist, highlighting the therapeutic benefits, the...
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Why I Want to Be a Medical Coder and Biller Essay

In a world where healthcare is increasingly complex and vital, the role of a medical coder and biller is more important than ever. My desire to pursue a career in medical coding and billing stems from a deep interest in the healthcare sector, coupled with my aptitude for details, organization, and a passion for playing a crucial role in the healthcare delivery system. This essay explores my journey towards this career path, highlighting the reasons that draw me to this...
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Affordable Care Act Essay: Literature Review

Introduction Employers face the challenge of balancing cost in their organization. One of the most considerable costs of running a business is the compensation of their employees. On average, benefits cost adds around 30% to an employer’s total compensation (Vogenberg & Santilli, 2018). The impact of rising healthcare costs and the national healthcare issue have been at the forefront since the Affordable Health Care Act was established in 2010 (HHS, 2019). Americans spent a substantial amount of cash in their...
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Medicare Population Essay: Literature Review

The Medicare for All bill would primarily aid the uninsured American population. Medical bills and health insurance are extremely expensive in the U.S. As a result of these high costs, people miss out on care. Health policy analyst Thomas Waldrop writes, “Uninsured people are much more likely to postpone seeking care or skip needed care due to cost.” Avoiding care is a dangerous practice, but some people who don’t have insurance are forced to avoid care. The majority of these...
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Differences between Medicare and Medicaid Essay: Literature Review

Abstract : Human services is an imperative perspective in regular daily existence, with quality and reasonable consideration being basic for a populace's prosperity and future. All things considered, related expenses for medicinal administrations keep on rising. One perspective adding to expanded expenses in social insurance is waste and misrepresentation. Specifically, with the quickly rising old populace in the United States, programs like Medicare are liable to high misfortunes because of extortion. In this manner, extortion location approaches are basic in...
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Essay on Schizophrenia: Jim Stevens

This essay will focus on Steven's case in dealing with paranoid schizophrenia while dealing with life and relationships, Steven had a successful landscape gardening business and was in the army reserve, used to be a very active man until his drink got spiked one night and he started hearing voices, he was then hospitalized for 2 weeks and was sleep deprived after being discharged from the hospital, he resorted to taking alcohol which didn't help but the music did help...
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Using Change Management in Nursing to Prevent VSAH: Essay

Vasospasm after subarachnoid hemorrhage (VSAH) refers to delayed ischemic complications associated with the narrowing of major intracranial arteries following SAH. There are four different major clinical definitions for vasospasm, depending on how it is diagnosed. Symptomatic vasospasm is a clinical syndrome, defined as a clinical deterioration deemed secondary to vasospasm after other causes were eliminated. Delayed cerebral ischemia (DCI) includes both symptomatic vasospasm and infarction on CT attributable to vasospasm. Angiographic spasm is diagnosed by digital subtraction angiography. Transcranial Doppler...
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Why Is Safety Important: Persuasive Essay

The general theme of this paper is the importance of safety. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing, otherwise known as AACN, competency chosen was quality improvement and safety. The competency chosen from Quality, Safety Education for Nursing, otherwise known as QSEN, was safety. The reason for the selection of these competencies is based on the importance of safety within the nursing profession. Safety has become a very prominent factor within nursing. Facilities are scored and ranked on their safety...
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Nutrition and Exercise Essay

According to an inquiry publicized in the journal PLOS (Public Library of Science) One, nutrition has a considerable result on bone mass and resilience than exercise. An estimation of more than 700 weight loss study that people see the biggest short-term results when they eat smart. On average, people who took the diet method without exercising for 15 weeks lost 23 pounds, while the exercisers lost only six over about 21 weeks. The majority of people in society attempt to...
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Air Pollution and Health Persuasive Essay

Today I will be informing you about the negative effects air pollution has on our health, concerning my generation and future generations. In Australia, 3,056 premature deaths are caused due to air pollution, with the costs for these deaths ranging from around $11 billion to $24 billion per year. This number will only get worse as the current trends of air pollution are only rising, and it is up to us to reduce them. This is only the beginning of...
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Essay on What I Learned from Volunteering at a Nursing Home

Creating a positive change in people’s lives is what I want to accomplish. Child nursing is a career that fulfils this drive. Coming from a large family and being one of the oldest children, I have grown to love helping others and empathizing with their problems, I feel that nursing is a career that reflects this. Growing up with a deaf brother with learning difficulties, I have seen my mother be his carer, this sparked my interest in working with...
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Essay on My Experience in Volunteering at a Hospital

My interest in Radiotherapy stems from my independent research into cancer treatment, in which I explored the use of several treatments such as chemotherapy, external beam and internal radiation therapy, and immunotherapy. It was during this period that I took notice of Radiotherapy and the appeal of combining Science and Technology with patient interaction. I believe the quality of having a caring spirit is a much-needed attribute, especially since a large aspect of the job requires supporting those who need...
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Critical Reflection Essay on Communication

Introduction Communication has been suggested to be a factor in establishing effective relationships between clinicians and patients (Pizzari et al., 2002). Additionally, poor clinician-patient communication may contribute to poor treatment adherence, which in turn can lead to adverse patient health outcomes (Safran et al. 1998; Wilson et al. 2007). Previously in physiotherapy studies, patients who had a positive relationship with their physiotherapists felt more inclined to attend their clinic appointments and complete their rehabilitation activities during these sessions (Pizzari et...
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Loneliness in Hospital Essay

In his book, on becoming human, Vanier mentions the concept of loneliness. He went to different communities and various psychiatric hospitals to look at different cases that would help him understand the true meaning of loneliness. One of these cases is of a child named Eric. Vanier met him in a mental hospital, which was about forty kilometers away from L’arche communities, in the year 1977. This was a small town named Trosly, in France (with whom Vanier spent numerous...
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NHS Community Service Essay

Before applying for this NHS position, I took the time to read and study the task description to make sure I had the required skills, qualities, and experiences to satisfy the expectations of the National Health Service. Concerning the evidence that follows, I strongly feel I can quickly become a positive contributor to the NHS team and therefore the values everyone within the organization is required to stick to in their daily work. The skills and qualities I possess include...
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Essay on Role of Community

This essay will discuss the capacity of communities to provide much-needed support to people with various disabilities in the United Kingdom communities. The task of this essay is to identify the role of the community’s involvement in health and social care policy, including a brief history concerning community care and its related legislation and its related impacts. Herein, potential and problems for effective support for the community in the provision of health and social care for disabled people will be...
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Ways to Improve Healthcare System in United States: Essay

For the last few decades, the health services system of the United States has been worried by the administration regarding the quality and estimation of social insurance to be conveyed. There is dependably a progressing banter in the United States to bring social insurance change. In 2010, the authority of President Obama passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) to improve quality and control the expense of medicinal services. The genuine issue of the low quality of social...
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Essay on Sociological Imagination and Health System

Climbing to find a way out, Americans struggle to find a way to find health coverage for their issues. According to the US Census, about 28 million Americans in 2017 were uninsured, an increase compared to 2016’s figures. While there is discussion about what the cause is to many uninsured Americans, history has shown how macro and micro forces can be the root of structural problems in society (Ferries, Kelly, and Jill Stein, 14-15). To understand current solutions for the...
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Process Essay on How to Play Volleyball

In volleyball, there are many faults you can do that may end up as a foul, which wins the opposing team a point. Some of the volleyball fouls are: Touching the net, touching the line that separates the front row from the back row, and carrying the ball (you are not allowed to have except one touch and they cannot move around with the ball). Double touching the ball may also result in a foul, which includes the player touching...
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Research Essay on Technology in Healthcare Field

My presentation is on how virtual reality is used in the various sectors of the healthcare industry, i.e. to assist in physical rehabilitation, as part of a treatment program, or to help train medical personnel. I find this topic engaging, as I was not aware of virtual reality being frequently used in this field, alongside or instead of traditional medical practices. Virtual reality is an entirely immersive experience, although the participant is aware that they are involved in a simulation,...
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The Affordable Care Act and Universal Health Care Controversy: Essay

In December 2017, Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which eliminated the individual mandate penalty, effective January 1, 2019. The tax bill included a provision that revoked the individual mandate that was part of the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA). The individual mandate requires most Americans (other than those who qualify for a hardship exemption) to carry a minimum level of health coverage. Under the ACA, individuals can purchase healthcare insurance that meets the minimum healthcare coverage standards...
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Direct Access and the Iron Triangle of Health Care: Essay

Direct access has been said to be the end-all, be-all for the healthcare issue of cost and quality when it comes to physical therapy. However, based on the concept of the iron triangle, this system can't work as effectively and efficiently as they would like. The driving force behind my paper are these two questions: 1) can direct access put an end to the dilemma known as the iron triangle? and 2) is it possible for all areas of this...
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