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Economic Development Essays

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Essay on the Economic Development of Japan

Japan is a highly developed first world country and is currently (2019-2020) ranked the third largest economy in the world after China. Japan has gone through major economic success and challenges through the years but its ability to learn, adapt and combine the skills and knowledge acquired has enabled it to always hold and avoid. The paper below looks at the various changes that the Japanese economy underwent from the early 1600s to date. It also looks at the role...
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Essay on the Role of Education in Economic Development with Reference to Pakistan

Zafar Iqbal and Ghulam Mustafa Zahid from the ‘Pakistan Development Review’ worked on the ‘Macroeconomic Determinants of Pakistan’s Economic Growth’ in 1998. The study explores the effect on Pakistan’s economic growth of some of the most significant microeconomic variables, such as education, physical growth and the budget deficit. A multiple regression method was used to analyze the period between 1959-60 and 1996-1997. According to quantitative evidence, primary education and economic openness are essential factors for accelerating growth. However, the budget...
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Colombia as a Potentially Safe and Prosperous Country

Colombia has been a country of turmoil and unrest for most of its existence. Due to the fact that there are so many regions and each region being in control of itself and not having much to do with the other region, the unrest has been difficult to manage. From a business standpoint, there has not been much going on with the outside world until the early to mid-20th century. It was during this time period that there was a...
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Blue Economy of Bangladesh: Opportunity for Sustainable Development

Nowadays one of the most highlighted topics for Bangladesh is blue economy. Blue economy refers to the economic activity based on maritime resources. The blue economy is the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improve livelihoods, and jobs while preserving the health of ocean ecosystem (WB). Blue Economy was considered at the RIO+20 UNITED NATION conference on sustainable development, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 2012. The sea is the best sources of energy utilization. Now...
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North America Vs Latin America: Economic Change and Comparative Development

North America and Latin America have always been two nations, which possessed fairly different characteristics. North America, the third-largest continent in the world, consisting of twenty-three countries, occupies the majority of the northwest hemisphere. Latin America, based in the southern part of the western hemisphere, consists of a group of countries and dependencies. Latin America consists of the entire continent of South America as well as Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean islands, where citizens in the area speak languages...
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Position Paper on Argentina and Its Economic Development

Argentina is a federal country comprising 23 provinces and the autonomous federal capital of Buenos Aires .It has a long economic history that dates from 1880 when Argentina was relatively isolated backwater , dependent on the salted meet , wool , leather and and hide industries .After 1880 it began to experience swift growths through the export of livestock and grain commodities as well as through Britain and French investmen, marking the beginning of a fifty-year era of significant economic...
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Las Vegas: A City Beyond the Bright Lights

Historian Hal Rothman in 2003 proclaimed the city of Las Vegas to be a “place where desire meets capital, where instinct replaces restraint, where the future of a society, for better and worse, takes a form that had been inconceivable even a generation before”. In many ways, Rothman’s words remain relevant to this day thanks to the complex history of Southern Nevada and the promising yet complicated future. From the Hoover Dam Project to the current water crisis, Southern Nevada...
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Evaluate of Georgia's Application the 'Shock Therapy' Method for Economic Development

The case for free trade in Georgia has been a prolonged process ever since the fall of the Soviet Union. It geographically resides in the Caucasus region and has seen an increase in free-market economics in a bid to increase foreign investment and economic prosperity (Erikson, 2018). It has utilized this liberalization of economics after the disintegration of the Soviet Union; after that, the state has struggled with economic and governmental reforms. Nevertheless, 20 years after the fall of the...
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Economic Development of Japan: An Essay

Poverty has no root cause. Success is the one that has. Heat is analogically a result of active processes; it has sources. But cold is not a result of such processes; it is just the absence of heat. Simply put, the great cold of economic stagnation is just the absence of economic development. Economic development transforms basic, low-income, national economies into modern industrialized economies by a dynamic interaction within local and foreign systems. The question now is not whether to...
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Assessing Texas Government in the Context of Maintaining the State's Socio-Economic Balance: An Essay

Texas being the second largest state of the United States of America in terms of area and population was once considered as a mediocre, agricultural state after it was granted freedom from Mexico. Fortunes changed for Texas in the 20th century, and a massive increase was recorded in the economy of the state. Firstly, there was a massive increase in the oil industry then and afterward by its broadening into petrochemicals, aerospace, computers, and many other industries. Thus, making it...
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The Impact of the Syrian Conflict on the Country's Development

The conflict within Syria, which started in 2011, has been going on for just over 10 years and has caused major impacts on the country as a whole and its future development. They have many short-term impacts but will also face many long-term impacts such as education and the long-term impact this will have on the younger generation. Hospitals and the healthcare system are also struggling greatly due to underfunding which has led to many excess deaths and this has...
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Essay on Influence of Geography on Economic Development in the Light of Modern Improvements in Transportation and Communication

Economic development is a process of promoting and creating a healthy economy. This process requires a change in the different aspects of society, such as living standards, health care, education, etc. Since there are several different domains of economic development, there are several factors that determine economic development. Some of the main factors are culture, institutions, trade, geography, etc. In this essay, I’m going to talk about geography as a major part of economic development and how its influence has...
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Essay on Relationship between Economic Growth with Sustainable Development and Stock Markets

Bernard and Austin (2012) argue that traditional theorists believed that financial market in general has no correlation with economic growth, this proposition aroused studies on finding the effect of financial market on growth. Ample of studies have conducted on the traditionalists and established association between stock market and economic growth. In developing economy like Bangladesh and Nigeria, the development and growth of stock markets have been widespread in recent times. Despite the size and illiquid nature of stock market, its...
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Did Germany Follow the Sonderweg or 'Special Path' of Development?

Historians such as Jurgen Kocka have argued that Germany followed a special path of development due to the absence of social and political modernization during economic development. This caused pre-industrial mentalities and structures to remain prominent within all aspects of society. Hence, he argues that this led to an inevitable crisis during the 1930s and therefore, resulted in a logical dictatorship. Jurgen Kocka’s supporting views towards the Sonderweg thesis are demonstrated in his article ‘Causes of National Socialism’. In an...
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