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The Wealth of What Nation

Philosophers from different parts of history are still studied today all over the world. The works of people like Socrates and Ibn Sina, which were written thousands of years ago, are still continuing to be discussed by intellectuals. So why is philosophy so important? Why must we continue to discuss the works of people who lived in ancient times? Well interestingly enough, the works of these philosophers are still relevant today. We can look at contemporary issues today, and compare...
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Adam Smith's Key Ideas in His Book 'The Wealth of Nations'

About the author Smith was born in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, in 1723. At 15, Smith visited the Uni of Glasgow to review philosophy, and the like at Oxford University. He began giving public lectures in Edinburgh in 1748 and was appointed chair of logic at Glasgow University in 1751. In 1763 he resigned his post to become the non-public tutor to the Duke of Buccleuch, a young Scottish Lord. The combine cosmopolitan across Europe and worked with academics as well as...
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Division of Labor in Adam Smith's 'The Wealth of Nations'

In the first three chapters of the book, ‘The Wealth of Nations’, by Adam Smith, the central question addressed is how division of labor resulted in man’s newfound capability to produce in quantities previously unattainable. Division of labor has resulted in an identical amount of work producing significantly more. This improvement is credited with the increased specialization of laborers, time saved from absence of the need to switch tasks, and increased technology. How division of labor came about is explained...
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Adam Smith's Ideas from 'The Wealth of Nations' in Relation to Economic Modernity

‘Economy’ is assumed to be a part of natural phenomenon, something that was given to human creatures completely predefined. This means that we do not classify the existence of economy as modern. However, it is essential to note that the word ‘economy’ itself came into being in the late 20th century when neo-liberalism started in the 1970’s. Economy is a modern concept, just like progress. It is ironical that we categorize economic development as ‘progress’ and countries or nations spend...
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Why Did Adam Smith Give the State Limited Role in the Economy?

Adam Smith believed that, “Government should limit its activities to administer justice, enforcing private property rights, and defending the nation against aggression” (Mark Skousen, 2016). Smith advocated for free markets and believed that government intervention was not necessary to control the economy as the forces of market competition would allow the economy to function in the most efficient way; this is the notion of the invisible hand. He agreed with ‘laissez-faire’ believing that a pursuit of self-interest would ultimately benefit...
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The Importance of Cultivating Sympathy in Modern Democracies

Democracy is a highly contest term and is constantly redefined by modern contexts. However, the success of a democracy always relied on its ability to ensure political equality and liberty. Yet the struggles in modern democracies such as US and UK highlight the difficulties in achieving these goals. Ronald Reagan (1982) once proposed that to foster the infrastructure of a democracy, there must be a system of a free press, unions, political parties, universities, which allows a people to choose...
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Reflections on Adam Smith's Theory

The market is something that we face every day we are either consumers or producers it’s something you can’t avoid. For example, you run out of apples and you decided to go to the market and get some more apples that automatically make you a consumer. It is everywhere supply and demand. But it all depends on how one perceives it. One quote I can relate in this essay about philosopher Adam Smith is his quote: “It is not from...
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What Does Adam Smith Have to Say About Today’s ‘Unsustainable’ Fast Fashion Industry?

Remember when like a year ago when ‘Toms’ were a must-have wardrobe staple? Well, where is that pair now? Where is that flared purse charm you wore just once to that music festival? We live in a world where fast fashion is momentary, and consumer behavior and trends change faster than manufacturers can keep up. Let’s traceback that one funny t-shirt you bought to wear just once to that office Christmas party. Why do you think it costs only 5...
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Adam Smith's View of Wealth and Virtue

Wealth is an abundance of valuable possessions or money. In other means such as the plentiful supplies of a particular resource. When one asks themselves, ‘What is wealth?’, people immediately think of money. They think of nice cars and big houses. People think of power and the ability to have control over others, and money is not the only wealth that can be obtained in life The one percent are the small percentage of people who are the people who...
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Adam Smith Vs Karl Marx: A Comparative Essay on Their Key Thoughts

Adam Smith was an eighteenth-century scholar eminent as the dad of modern economics, and a noteworthy defender of free enterprise monetary arrangements. In his first book, ‘The Theory of Moral Sentiments’, Smith proposed the possibility of an undetectable hand—the inclination of free markets to manage themselves by several methods such as rivalry, free market activity, and personal responsibility. Smith is additionally known for his hypothesis of remunerating wage differentials, implying that risky or unwanted employments will in general pay higher...
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What Did Adam Smith Think the State Should Do and Why?

As a laissez-faire economist, Adam Smith believed in the importance of the free, competitive market. However, he also recognized the importance of the state in maintaining order in society. Adam Smith believed that it was the state’s duty to “protect society from the violence and invasion from other societies” (Sandmo, 2011, pp. 55). He analyzed four different stages of an economy and recognized that each stage required contrasting forms and levels of protection, more advanced economies needing the most. As...
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Adam Smith's Key Ideas in 'Off the Rent of the Land'

In this paper, I will discuss the ideas of Adam Smith in his book ‘An Inquiry into The Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations’, specifically, chapter 11 in the first book which is called ‘Off the Rent of the Land’. The chapter is divided into four parts: off the produce of land which affords rent, the produce of land that could afford or not, the variations in the value of the produce, and digression concerning the variations of...
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Significance of Adam Smith's Principles

When the great economist and philosopher Adam Smith wrote ‘The Wealth of Nations’ and ‘Moral Sentiments’ he could not have foreseen the profound and enduring impact these works were to have on society. Yet, a quarter of a millennium later, students are exploring his work and examining their impacts on society. How can this be? As these books contained countless economic and philosophical ideologies, I shall focus on just two of the most important: division of labor and free markets...
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Adam Smith and Karl Marx: Compare and Contrast

Only a few people in our history can be credited to have radically transformed the functioning of societies and systems. Among them are Scottish philosopher, Adam Smith and German revolutionary, Karl Marx. In 1776, Smith published his magnum opus entitled “An Inquiry into the Nature and Cause of the Wealth of Nations”. His publication aimed to revolutionise the economy and provide both, the rich and the common man, with a more prosperous economy, better pay and independence from the traditional...
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