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Essay on Currency of the United States

Did you know there are only two people that weren’t presidents on our U.S. dollars? There are some familiar faces on the U.S. dollars as we see today. There were presidents on U.S. dollars, but not on every dollar, two were never presidents at all...
1 Page 487 Words

Food Insecurity and Inflation: Shortage of Food Supply and Policy Gaps in Pakistan

Increase in Food items Prices as per Pakistan Bureau of Statistics: Pulse moong (19.74%), Pulse gram(18.2%), Chicken (17.53%), Eggs (14.28%), Wheat(12.63%), Besan(12.09%), Fresh vegetables(11.7%), Pulse mash(10.29%), Gur(9.49%), Beans(8.09%), Wheat flour (7.42%), Pulse masoor(7.33%), Condiments and Spices(7.15%), Gram whole (6.68%), Sugar(5.07%), Fresh fruits(3.93%), Mustard oil(2.87%), Wheat...
2 Pages 821 Words

Argumentative Essay: Can Capitalist Dominance Be Challenged

The state of ‘post-politics’, whereby society is characterised by political apathy and a lack of substantial political change, is often portrayed as having transpired concurrently with the trend of rising global consumerism. Indeed, many academics argue that capitalist domination has been irreversibly strengthened through a...
6 Pages 2714 Words

Persuasive Essay on Why Minimum Wage Should Be Raised

Everyone believes that America is the place where all your misery and issues disappear, however in America there a more people in poverty than rich people. We often describe New York as a place where many wealthy people live, due to the fact of expensive...
4 Pages 1964 Words

Essay on Acquisition of Money and Possessions

Twenty-first-century America is an extremely consumerist society. Seventy percent of its GDP comes from consumption (Kulman 58). It has more shopping malls than it has high schools. An average American spends six hours shopping every week, while only forty minutes of the same week goes...
5 Pages 2347 Words

Essay about Gold

Gold is a soft, corrosion-resistant element and is the most malleable and ductile metal. Gold is a great thermal and electrical conductor. This element is generally alloyed to increase its strength. The Melting point of gold is 1337.58 °K and contains a boiling point of...
2 Pages 786 Words

Essay on Why Teachers Should Be Paid More

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to sign a petition that will help teachers get a raise on their average salary compared to athletes Thesis: Instead of paying pointless athletes millions of dollars, Teachers deserve to be praised in the best way possible due to...
4 Pages 1647 Words

What Does Retirement Mean Today?

We are living in an age, where many people not only have a higher life expectancy, the majority also lives healthier, stays healthier, appears to stay young longer and therefore many people want to stay busy, maybe even then when they could retire. Those factors...
1 Page 503 Words

Unemployment as a Social Problem: Essay

Employment (the number, quality, and security of jobs available) is an important social concept. The fact that income is directly correlated to employment creates the societal notion of class. As such, lack of employment is, consequently, also an important economic aspect that has a direct...
3 Pages 1578 Words

Strenghts and Weaknesses of the Liberal Case for Free Trade

The liberal case for free trade—seen through the knowledge-representation-interest nexus—obfuscates the interests of (neo)imperial powers in maintaining their monopolies by controlling foreign markets, politics and common sense. In other words, the ongoing internalisation of a (neo)liberal economic culture that ties such ideas as the international...
4 Pages 1815 Words

Process of Human Development

Have you ever brought a new puppy home and then watched it grow up? You may have noticed it transform from a cute and shy puppy, to a troublemaker, then to a lifelong companion until death. That is the beautiful cycle of life development. Just...
2 Pages 887 Words

Influence of Poverty on Human Development

One of the issues debated on about human development is the nature versus nurture debate. Nature is when our behaviors are determined by our inherited genetic material structure while Nurture is when our behavior is determined by our surroundings, our life experiences, our upbringings, and...
3 Pages 1300 Words

Economic Impact of Globalization in India

The term ‘globalization’ refers to the free and flexible movement of products and services across borders. The process follows an integrated and well-managed manner. It opens a gateway to be a part of the global economy and trade. The globalization directly impacts on the economy...
1 Page 672 Words

Steven Lukes and Max Weber's Ideas about Power and Authority

Where power is the legal, official authority, or influence over others, authority is the moral, legal right, or ability to control. Steven Lukes and Max Weber provide interesting ideas into power and authority. Steven Lukes wrote about 3 dimensions of power: issue, agenda, and manipulation....
1 Page 502 Words
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