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The word ‘mercantilism’ is a term that most economists would define as a theory; this is based on the idea that the world’s total wealth was static and strongly supported government intervention in regulating trade through commercial (protectionist) policies to protect domestic firms and economic growth. If executed effectively, it should result in a country’s GDP increasing whilst producing a trade surplus. The Effects of Mercantilism on the Netherlands When looking back at history, the theory of ‘mercantilism’ was first...
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To begin with, the key question for modern growth, however, is this: ‘Does mercantilism still exist?’. In many developing nations, under one-party rule or managed by huge bureaucracies guided by industrial policies, the answer is undoubtedly, yes. On the other hand, in the modern economies, where tax reporting and collection are fairly efficient, mercantilism is much less in evidence. However, this idea of mercantilism was at its peak during the 16th-18th centuries. This time period is also known as the...
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Mercantilism is one of classical theories in international political economy (IPE) along with economic liberalism and neo-Marxism. Mercantilism believes the world is in struggle of power and security between each national interest, in order to grow their economy, they need to limit the imported goods by using tariffs while at the same time increasing their export instead (List, 1841), and also without the existence of hegemonic power the liberal world economy will not exist (Gilpin, 1987). This theory is the...
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International Political Economy The international political economy is the convergence of political and economic powers to produce a particular set of forces and dynamics in the world. The contemporary global system can be explained through three theoretical paradigms of Liberalism, Mercantilism, and Marxism. They are essential in understanding the characteristics of the economic system and the challenges it faces. This essay will explore the fundamental political and economic ideas or assumptions that underpin each of the key theoretical perspectives as...
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Mercantilism is economic framework created amid the rot of feudalism to bring together and increase the influence and particularly the money related abundance of a country by strict administrative guideline of the whole national economy as a rule through policy strategy intended to verify accumulation of bullion, an ideal equalization of exchange, the improvement of agribusiness and manufactures, and the foundation of outside restraining infrastructures and monopolies. Around then, mercantilism thus assumed that potential of making their motherlands rich. It...
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International trade emerged as a controversial concept that led to the creation of various theories to justify the adoption of the practice. International trade theories explain the exchange of goods and services between entities or people from two different nations. The trade between individuals and entities results from the belief in the possibilities of benefiting from exchanging goods and services (Viner, 2016). International trade constitutes a significant number of theories, business strategies, and policies. Comparative advantage is one of the...
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