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Eliminate the Penny!

Since 2001, members of Congress have questioned the practicality of the penny as it has the lowest monetary value in U.S. currency. Although many believe that this coin should be kept, pennies are useless and time-consuming, and therefore, should be eliminated.

Compared to previous centuries, pennies have grown to ...

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In recent years, a debate on whether or not America should keep the penny has arisen. Numerous Americans are in favor of keeping it due to sentimental value, while others say it is just too costly. There are multiple upsides as well as downsides to America discontinuing minting the penny. Overall, continuing the use and manufacturing of pennies would be ineffective for the United States economy. One of the biggest claims for people in opposition to keeping the penny is...
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Introduction The debate surrounding the use of the penny in modern society has been ongoing for years. While some argue for its continued circulation, others advocate for its elimination. This response essay aims to provide insight into the penny debate by considering both sides of the argument and presenting a balanced perspective. While acknowledging the sentimental value and historical significance of the penny, it is important to critically evaluate its practicality and economic impact in today's world. The Sentimental Value...
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The penny should be abolished, and no longer be accepted as currency, because it costs more to produce the penny than what it is actually worth, and its value is too low. The value of the penny is too small to be useful. When people start leaving a unit of cash at the register for the next person, the cash value is too low. Some people see pennies just lying on the ground and don’t even pick it up because...
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Every year, the United States Treasury Department loses over $100 million on minting pennies. There is a heated debate between people who are in favor of the penny and people who believe the penny should be removed from circulation. The penny should be removed from circulation for three main reasons: the penny costs too much to make, citizens lose money by using the penny, and pennies are hardly used because they do not matter that much anymore. A penny is...
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The price of zinc has soared over the course of the last few years, and with that the price to produce the penny has gone up. The U.S. Mint reports that it costs nearly 1.6 cents to product one single cent (Grenoble, 2013). A cent that, most of the time, goes unused. There has been a growing debate on whether we should keep the penny or let it go. In my opinion, the U.S. Mint should stop producing pennies because...
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According to an old superstition, it’s good luck to find a penny on the sidewalk. But whether or not you believe picking up that penny will bring you luck, one thing it definitely won’t bring you is wealth. Pennies are worth so little now that by taking five seconds to pick one up isn’t even worth it. Pennies are so close to worthless that many people, including me, argue it’s time to do away with them altogether. Pennies are pretty...
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Will the penny survive? During recent years there has been significant debate over whether to keep the penny as part of the US currency or to discontinue production of the penny. Every year the United States Mint produces around 12 billion new pennies, but 6 billion get lost, stored, or disposed of. Even so, a recent poll shows most Americans, such as I, are not ready to say good bye to the penny. The penny should stay because if it...
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The penny has served the American public faithfully for over 230 years. Do we really want to destroy this time-honored legacy in an attempt to lessen problems that will always plague our society? Besides its cultural value after being used by millions of people daily for hundreds of years, the penny also serves commemorative and economic purposes that cannot be easily replaced. I say we shouldn’t abolish the penny — it does more for us than we give it credit...
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