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Welcome to the space where controversy isn’t just welcome; it’s encouraged! When it comes to controversial essay examples, folks often find themselves on thin ice. Is it too sensitive? Too bold? Well, that’s the whole thrill of it! So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of stirring the pot effectively.

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Social Issues

Abortion as a Controversial Ethical Issue: Critical Essay

With the development of science and technology, more and more ethical issues have arisen, such as cloning and euthanasia, and most of the issues have never been discussed in the past ethics. Many ethics are based on previous human life views and natural traditions. Modern science technology has changed people’s life views and natural traditions. If humans use past ethics as the standard, the conflict between past ethics and modern ethics is inevitable. The abortion issue is also an ethical...
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Essay on Police Brutality Controversial Issues

Annotations: Peter Moskos in “You Can’t Blame The Police” (The New York Times: Young, Black, and Male in America, June 3rd, 2015) believes that although police should work more sensitively in minority communities he strongly believes that most of the harm being done to these minorities are self-inflicted and the police should not be blamed. He furthers his argument by providing statistics that support his beliefs and in fact, point out the hostile nature of many minority communities. He makes...
4 Pages 1992 Words

Why Is Illegal Immigration a Controversial Issue: Critical Essay

At the heart of the immigration debate lies a controversial term: “illegal immigrant.” Some believe that the word 'illegal' justifies the term’s use; comments from social media argue that “‘[why] is this so hard for the freaking liberals to understand… Illegal the opposite from legal… means there breaking the law to be simple and clear” (Stribley). But, is this issue really that 'simple and clear?' Although the use of “illegal immigrant” seems straightforward and logical, the connotations attached to this...
3 Pages 1236 Words

Why Is Marijuana Controversial: Argumentative Essay

To Criminalize or Decriminalize Marijuana Marijuana, also known as cannabis is considered one of the most controversial topics of the last two centuries. Cannabis has remained on the banned substance list since the era of prohibition but has garnered support from marijuana users across the globe. According to the National Institute of Health, people have used cannabis for over 3,000 years to treat personal ailments (Railton). Surprisingly, not only does marijuana provide outstanding medical benefits, states that have legalized the...
3 Pages 1150 Words

Display of Human Remains as a Highly Controversial Issue

Human remains have been displayed in public places for thousands of years, and the display of the remains takes place in many different cultures. Despite this, the excavation and display of human remains has always been and still remains a highly controversial issue. Human remains are the remnants of once-living people and therefore they have a significance in all human societies. As a result of this, what is considered to be respectful treatment of the remains varies greatly between different...
3 Pages 1576 Words

Controversial Issue of Euthanasia

Everyone single person around the world, multiple times every day are faced with the concept of ethics and morality. Ethics involves moral principles that govern a person’s behavior. Where morality is the distinction between those decisions that a person believes is right or wrong. The Catholic Church’s response to euthanasia reflects a deontological ethical perspective, as it focuses on the act itself rather than the consequences. This essay will explore what makes euthanasia such a controversial issue, the ethical framework...
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Controversial Issue of Abortion

In today’s generation there seems to always be differing legal and/or ethical views between healthcare professionals. However, the topic I will focus on in this paper is a woman’s right to abortion. “‘Abortion’ means the termination of human pregnancy with an intention other than to produce a live birth or to remove a dead fetus” (The Florida Legislature, 2020). I chose to discuss the topic of abortion because I feel I am easily able to give my opinion related to...
4 Pages 1846 Words

Reflections on the Controversial Issue of Immigration

This essay will reflect on the controversial issue of immigration, in particular asylum seekers, and the social policy responses to international migration. I will be discussing throughout this essay the statement presented and arguing on both sides bordered around ‘private trouble’ or ‘public issue’. Sociology emerged at the time of the Industrial Revolution, an era of huge social revolutions and new social problems. The sociological approaches have been part of society’s historical changes, it studies the social order and individuals’...
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Gun Control: Both Sides of the Controversial Issue

Who is involved on this issue is mainly the American people where there are 2 sides to arguments where some people want to completely ban guns and there's the other side who won't give up their guns. This issue is possibly one of the most controversial problems that's going on in the US, where no real agreement is coming up. New gun laws are generally the result of a killing or mass shooting by the state government enforcing the gun...
1 Page 655 Words

Controversial Issues Regarding Organic Food and Organic Farming

When you are eating organic food from the supermarket, do you ever attempt to define organic? Or ever wonder why it’s so expensive compared to non-organic foods? Well, basically, according to, organic is defined as “of food or farming methods produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents” ( To simplify, a type of food product that is grown with all natural materials and is processed in a clean environment. Comparatively, organic...
3 Pages 1224 Words

Michael Jackson as One of the Most Controversial Artists

Michael Jackson was a famous American pop-rock singer, songwriter, and dancer, born on the 29th of August, 1958 and died June 25th, 2009. He was given the name ‘King of Pop’ by being one of the best-selling, and most memorable music artists of all time. His album ‘Thriller’ quickly rose to the top in 1984 and was certified platinum a few years later, now having up to 66 million sales worldwide. Throughout Michael’s career, he was both one of the...
2 Pages 1080 Words

Britain's Controversial Public Policy against Dog Attacks

We are a nation of dog lovers. When you think of perfect pooches, what breeds come to mind? Pretty Poodles, cuddly Collies, lavish Labradors and cheeky Chihuahuas? But what if you are after a Japanese Tosa, a Dogo Argentino, a Fila Brasiliero or a Pit Bull Terrier? Unfortunately, these are the four breeds which have been categorized as ‘fighting dogs’ and have therefore been banned from being bred or bought in Britain. Despite this, the number of dog attacks has...
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The Louisiana Purchase As One of the Most Controversial Issues: Analytical Essay

The Louisiana Purchase was one of the most controversial things Thomas Jefferson has done during his presidential term. To put it simply, it was a land deal between France and America. It started when Napoleon Bonaparte, a successful French military leader, and statesman, gave an offer to Jefferson. ?How is this relevant? Born on a small French island, Napoleon will soon have a great impact, not only in his home country-France- but also in America. When Napoleon was leading the...
2 Pages 708 Words

Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights: Controversial Points

In the Supreme Court case, Barron v. Baltimore (1833), the notion of “dual citizenship” became what ultimately shaped civil liberties and civil rights protections for early citizens as the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution’s Bill of Rights restricted only the powers of the federal government and not those of the state. In other words, John Barron might have been protected by the fifth amendment on a federal level. However, the U.S. government’s Bill of Rights did not fully extend...
4 Pages 1620 Words

O.J. Simpson Murder Case as One of the Most Controversial Court Cases

Over the course of American history, there have been many controversial court cases that have split the general population. Cases such as ‘Brown vs. Board of Education’, ‘Plessy vs. Ferguson’, or non-supreme court cases such as ‘The Scottsboro Boys’. However, none of these cases had a celebrity as the one on trial or the available media coverage due to the era. Because this lack of availability and notoriety to the public, those cases do not come up often in normal...
9 Pages 4168 Words

Controversial Issue of the Second Amendment: Argumentative Essay

The United States of America has been politically divided for some time now. It seems like we are more polarized than ever. The strong hatred between the Democratic and Republican party is overwhelming. The United States is a Democratic Republic, where we are all supposed to vote based on the outcome of the discussions in Congress. Americans aren't willing to sit down with someone from the other side of the ile and have a conversation. The Left and the right...
1 Page 598 Words

Why the Implications of Marijuana Legalization is a Controversial Topic?

From its first national regulation in the United States with the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, to its eventual decriminalization in the 70’s and legalization in 2012, the legalization of marijuana has remained a controversial topic. Although controversial, 23 states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, with another ten states legalizing marijuana for recreational use. As marijuana becomes slowly becomes widely accepted all over the nation, one is left wondering what impacts the legalization of marijuana will have on our...
3 Pages 1402 Words

Capital Punishment as a Controversial Issue in American Society

Every society has striven for justice, peace, and balance. To combat the descent into brutality, humans have created punishments. Ancient civilizations assigned certain punishments to specific crimes based on their severity, the worst being capital punishment, or the death penalty, the revocation of one’s life due to odious acts. While this punishment system may have worked in ancient simpler times, they do not apply to the modern United States climate. The Eighth Amendment in the U.S. Constitution protects citizens from...
5 Pages 2086 Words

The Controversial Use of Capital Punishment

Society has been debating the controversial use of capital punishment to deter crime for decades, but to no avail. The death penalty has always been a touchy subject around the world because of its extreme nature and irreversable affects. Even so, most people have little understanding of all the drawbacks and consequences that come with this method of retributive justice. The concept goes against human rights, and can put innocent people at risk. The most common argument in favor of...
1 Page 579 Words

Brave New World As One Of The Most Banned Or Controversial Books Over The Years

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is known for being one of the most banned or controversial books over the years. The book shows that a society can have sex with anyone and do drugs, whilst being able to openly talk about it, and have the ability to handle the issues casually and publically, with there being zero consequences as a result, happiness can be found within a controlled society, with no freedom, and the lack of a personal identity....
2 Pages 1069 Words

The Controversial Bombings Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki

At 8:15 AM on August 6th, 1945 the first-ever nuclear weapon used on a human population was released above Hiroshima, Japan. There was no scale to describe the energy and destruction of the blast, the explosion was unprecedented. Three days later a second bomb exploded over the city of Nagasaki, Japan (Fenton). Almost a month later, the Japanese surrendered. The war on the Pacific front was over. Nearly a month before the bombings, US President Harry S, Truman was notified...
3 Pages 1261 Words

Barry Bonds And His Controversial Baseball Career

Bonds smashed his way into the record books. Barry Bonds was a former professional baseball player that played at the highest level. Barry Bonds was born on July 24, 1964. He played baseball all four years of highschool and graduated in 1982. Bonds was a standout highschool player that was drafted out of highschool. Barry Bonds has been one of the most impactful players in the MLB because of his impressive career, the steroid era, and the way he changed...
4 Pages 1665 Words

Controversial Issue Of Genetic Modification

Genetic Engineering is highly controversial since some people believe that it is a form of playing God. There is a lot of opposition to the progression of the field by people who do not see the value in genetic engineering, or they fear what genetic engineering may lead to for us as people. There is a history of discovery that belongs to genetic engineering which has led to numerous products that have emerged. These have brought numerous applications to the...
5 Pages 2352 Words

The Controversial Idea Of Gay Parents

When you think of parents, what do you think? The conventional idea in today’s society is that parents should include a man and woman relationship (or more commonly known, heterosexual marriage). But what people refuse to acknowledge is that there is an observable rise in the amount of gay parents across the globe. I have presented facts and figures to prove so. According to an article by ‘LIFELONG ADOPTIONS’; “The number of same-sex couples who have adopted children has more...
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