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Critical essay writing can be intimidating for many students, and it’s not something that simply comes naturally. Even professional writers may have difficulty getting started on their critical essays, or need a little help to get the ball rolling. Thankfully, there are some great examples available online of excellent critical...

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Social Issues

The Metamorphosis' Marxist Criticism Essay

5 Pages 2306 Words
Work is one of the main reasons why most people cannot spend time with their loved ones, let alone have free time. It is something that occupies one's life and impacts the lives around that specific person. For example, if a father has to work for 12 to 14 hours straight a day to provide for his family, he will...

Critical Analysis Essay of 'Everyday Use' by Alice Walker

1 Page 666 Words
For one, training can enable individuals monetarily and thusly substantially. Dee's training rewards her with the 'decent things' she has wanted since she was a tyke: gold hoops, a camera, and shades. The advantages of instruction additionally stretch out past simply material ones: training helps Dee change socially and profoundly. For instance, Dee's instruction encourages her to defeat her disdain...

Critical Response Essay on 'The Color Purple'

4 Pages 1782 Words
My first introduction to Oprah the actor was in a clouded frame of a classic Spielberg movie, where she shook and trembled, as she wailed to her heart’s distraught. Oprah the actor got to me far before Spielberg the director. (Color Purple, Directed by Steven Spielberg, 1985). I wasn’t even cognizant of Spielberg the director. What my head however, couldn’t...

Critical Review on 'When Affirmative Action Was White': Critique Essay

3 Pages 2214 Words
Race is a common term used to describe people who have common visible physical traits, such as one’s skin color. Ethnicity is a common term used to describe people who belong to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition. These two terms are different because race refers to physical characteristics that people inherit from their previous...

The Importance of Being Earnest' Critical Essay

2 Pages 1489 Words
The importance of Being earnest by Oscar Wilde is a play that portrays some of the experiences he was facing before his imprisonment. Specifically, through the characters Jack and Algernon who were some of the main characters in the story. Jack Worthing, also known as Earnest John Worthing, is differently expressed within the story. He and Algernon are into ‘bunburying’...

The Stranger' Existentialism Critical Essay

2 Pages 1415 Words
In Albert Camus’s “The Stranger”, the absurdity of life from Camus’s eyes is put on display through the main character Meursault. The sense that the meaning of life is in human experiences and that things shouldn’t be questioned is the basis of who Meursault truly is as a person. These personality traits reveal that Meursault is a perfect example of...

‘Bombs Bursting in Air’ by Beth Johnson: Critical Essay

1 Page 539 Words
Introduction In the thought-provoking essay "Bombs Bursting in Air," author Beth Johnson delves into the multifaceted concept of patriotism. She challenges conventional notions of patriotism by exploring its complexities and raising important questions about its relationship with violence and nationalism. This critical essay will delve into the key arguments and perspectives presented by Johnson in her work, highlighting the thought-provoking...

Bleeding Tree in ‘Scarlet Ibis’: Critical Essay

1 Page 506 Words
Introduction In the short story "The Scarlet Ibis" by James Hurst, the image of the bleeding tree serves as a powerful symbol throughout the narrative. The bleeding tree represents various themes and emotions, reflecting the complex dynamics of the characters and their relationships. In this critical essay, we will explore the significance of the bleeding tree, its metaphorical implications, and...

Belief Perseverance in ‘Zootopia’: Critical Essay

1 Page 466 Words
Introduction 'Zootopia,' a widely acclaimed animated film, delves into the complex issue of prejudice and stereotyping in society. This critical essay explores the concept of belief perseverance as portrayed in 'Zootopia,' analyzing how the film tackles the themes of bias, discrimination, and the importance of challenging deeply ingrained beliefs. Introduction to Belief Perseverance Belief perseverance refers to the tendency of...

Are the Greasers on the West Side: Critical Essay

1 Page 537 Words
Introduction In S.E. Hinton's novel, The Outsiders, the Greasers are a group of working-class teenagers living on the east side of town, while the Socs, short for Socials, are the affluent and privileged group residing on the west side. This essay critically examines the social dynamics between the Greasers and the Socs, delving into the complexities of their interactions, the...

‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Meaning: Critical Essay

1 Page 515 Words
Introduction 'A Wrinkle in Time' by Madeleine L'Engle is a captivating work of literature that has enchanted readers for decades. This essay aims to delve into the deeper meaning embedded within the novel, examining the layers of symbolism, allegory, and thematic exploration that contribute to its enduring appeal. The Journey of Self-Discovery At its core, 'A Wrinkle in Time' is...

‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Conflict: Critical Essay

1 Page 534 Words
Introduction 'A Wrinkle in Time' by Madeleine L'Engle is a beloved science fiction novel that takes readers on a fantastical journey through time and space. At the heart of the story lies a series of conflicts that drive the narrative and shape the characters' development. In this literary criticism essay, we will explore the central conflicts present in 'A Wrinkle...

Metaphors in ‘The Hate U Give’: Critical Essay

1 Page 557 Words
Introduction In the powerful and thought-provoking novel 'The Hate U Give' by Angie Thomas, metaphors play a significant role in conveying the complexities of social issues and personal experiences. Metaphors serve as powerful literary devices that allow readers to grasp deeper meanings, empathize with characters, and critically examine the realities of systemic racism and social injustice. In this critical analysis...

Chaucer Social Justice: Critical Essay

1 Page 533 Words
Introduction Geoffrey Chaucer, the renowned English poet of the Middle Ages, is celebrated for his literary contributions, including his magnum opus, "The Canterbury Tales." Through his intricate storytelling and vivid character portrayals, Chaucer tackles various social issues of his time. In this critical essay, we will delve into Chaucer's exploration of social justice in "The Canterbury Tales," analyzing his critique...

Essay on Literary Criticism on James Joyce 'Araby'

3 Pages 1360 Words
The short story “Araby” is about an unnamed young boy living with his aunt and uncle in Dublin, Ireland. The boy lives on a quiet, blind street with several houses and the Christian Brother’s school, which the boy attends. He likes looking through the belongings left behind by the former tenant of his house, a priest who died in the...

Marxist Literary Criticism Essay

2 Pages 993 Words
Literary theories provide limitless perspectives on the way individuals read the text making each interpretation unique. Through different literary criticisms, individuals appreciate Fitzgerald’s portrayal of a theme, event, or character in The Great Gatsby. The Marxist theory analyzes the amount of power in numerous socioeconomic classes, the consequences of these power differences, and the interactions between characters from different classes....

Feminist Literary Criticism Essay on 'Catcher in the Rye'

4 Pages 1614 Words
The transition of how women are perceived from the 20th century to then, post-modern times is differential and quite arguably, dramatic. In both 'A Streetcar Named Desire' and 'Catcher In The Rye' there is a significant pattern of subversion against stereotypes, specifically women. More specifically, this is shown through the contrast of both female protagonists in 'A Streetcar Named Desire',...

Essay on Literary Criticism of 'The Hobbit'

1 Page 561 Words
Segregation has been rooted in society since the start of civilization. It has been more than just a simple means of separation based on skin color. It is more based on the differences in moral values between each race, and the values that are considered more accepted and “better”. Art has always been an outlet for people to express their...

To Kill a Mockingbird' Literary Criticism Essay

2 Pages 1034 Words
Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird (1960), is considered a classic text because it consists of these elements; there is insight into the time in which it was set; the 1930’s, at the time of the pre-civil rights movement. It also fits into the place it is set in; in the state of Alabama in the fictional town of...

Literary Criticism Essay on 'The Great Gatsby'

2 Pages 971 Words
Mark Twain called the late 19th century the 'Gilded Age.' By this, he meant that the period was glittering on the surface but corrupt underneath. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book “The Great Gatsby '' is a story about a man who is constantly chasing a dream yet not seeing the crumbling reality behind it. The illusions and lies are always changing...

Literary Criticism Essay on Caryl Churchill's Works

4 Pages 1623 Words
The Literature ‘Top Girls’ by Caryl Churchill is shaped by the concern of women in work throughout the play. The concern of ‘roles’ in work that women have been reinforced to take and women climbing the ladder of success in work breaking the gender hierarchy are seen in ‘Top Girls. Also shows us that one woman’s success in society does...

Essay of Literary Criticism on 'My Antonia'

1 Page 531 Words
Cather’s view of immigration encompasses a perspective that points out foreign distinctions of immigrants but also upholds an overarching sentiment of empathy and admiration. There are evident cultural differences, challenges of societal integration, financial struggles, unfortunate pasts, and brutal suicides. Conversely, there are also numerous fond memories and successes for immigrant characters. Cather’s portrayal of immigrants in this manner highlights...

Richard Wright 'Between the World and Me' Critical Analysis Essay

3 Pages 1227 Words
One of the biggest issues the world faces today is the magnitude of health discrepancies endured by African Americans. Healthcare should not be dependent on one's ethnicity or economic status. Additionally, many Americans strive to achieve the American Dream. [The American Dream is a symbol of accomplishment in the American culture.] Even though many Americans perceive the healthcare system to...

Crime and Punishment' Literary Criticism Essay

5 Pages 2467 Words
Since antiquity, we have challenged ourselves to the best of our limits, from what we can understand about the world, to the human condition. But as we gain more understanding of ourselves and the universe at large, the bolder we became and have left our traditional values. Will there be a point of understanding where we can free ourselves of...

Predictions in ‘Rikki Tikki Tavi’: Critical Essay

1 Page 637 Words
Rudyard Kipling's short story "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi" engages readers in a web of foreshadowing and suspense, deftly weaving clues and hints that offer glimpses into the unfolding narrative. This critical essay delves into the art of prediction through foreshadowing, examining the story's expert use of hints, the tension-building effect of suspense, and the ways in which readers are enticed to anticipate events....

What Is the Theme of ‘Rikki Tikki Tavi’: Critical Essay

1 Page 621 Words
Rudyard Kipling's "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi" delves into a tapestry of intricate themes that transcend the boundaries of the animal world and offer profound insights into the human experience. This critical essay seeks to unravel the multifaceted themes woven throughout the narrative, exploring the interplay between instinct, courage, the cycle of life, and the harmony between humans and nature. Thesis Statement "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi" intricately...

Critical Essay on ‘Eleven’

1 Page 378 Words
"Eleven," a short story by Sandra Cisneros, delves into the complex nature of identity and perception, particularly through the lens of a young girl's experiences on her eleventh birthday. Through the vivid narration of Rachel's emotions and thoughts, Cisneros skillfully explores the discrepancy between how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves. The story revolves around Rachel's eleventh birthday,...

Charles Dickens's Attitude Towards French Revolution

3 Pages 1245 Words
Analysis “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of...

The Things They Carried' Critical Essay

1 Page 404 Words
Realistic, striking, and raw diction in a POV piece imbues feeling and therefore belief in the reader. In the case of The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, post-war O’Brien admits to “...making up a few things to get at the real truth” (81). When post-war O’Brien reflects on the young dainty man he saw dead near the village of...

Don’t Blame the Eater' by David Zinczenko: Critical Analysis Essay

2 Pages 1150 Words
Imagine driving to your normal 9 to 5 job. On the way, you observe that many people are going to the local Taco Bell. Since you are a little early, you decide that you could just grab a bite, except that your dietician has told you to hold it off for a while. You ignore the guilt, order a full-course...

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