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History of Voting in America

Voting is one of the most important things you can do as an American citizen. It is an extremely special thing that we often take for granted. Voting is not just a right that we have. It is an opportunity to make a difference in our country’s politics and perhaps the course of American history. Throughout history, people from all over the world have sacrificed everything in pursuit of obtaining the right to vote. It’s a right that even today,...
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United States History: Irrelevant and Boring

According to Loewen, United States history is seen as the most irrelevant and boring of all of the subjects to take in high school. He believes textbooks are the reason why the majority of students have a negative view on the subject. Teachers are dependent on textbooks, as many plan their entire curriculum based on them. However, textbooks provided in schools across America lack critical aspects that are needed when teaching students about United States history. Loewen believes United States...
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Essay on Great Chicago Fire as One of the Biggest Influences in Architecture

As one of the biggest influences in architecture, the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 left a very imprinted memory on the city itself. The fire itself altered many aspects, from the rapid growth of Chicago to the changes in building codes that impacted on the birth of a new style that represents one of many American architectures. The Great Chicago Fire was said to be started on the evening of October 8, 1871, in a barn that belonged to the...
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The Life of Martha Washington and Her Impact on American History

Martha Washington, the first woman to ever be First Lady of the United States, was a woman of high station and possessed the standard level of education for the time—she had no formal education but could read and write. She is a compelling historical figure, and one who set the standard for First Ladies in the United States. Her story is one of loss and monumental achievement, and one I knew little about despite her significant contributions to American history....
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Reconstruction Era in American History

Reconstruction, in the history of the United States of America, occurred between 1865-1877 that followed the American Civil War. During the era, several attempts were made to recompense inequities caused by slavery and its social, political and economic legacy. Also, efforts were made to solve all the problems that raised from the readmission to the union of the 11 states that had succeeded before or at the outbreak of the war. Many historians, however, portray the area as the time...
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Root Causes of Economic Downturn of East Tennessee During Reconstruction

The steep economic downturn experienced by eastern Tennessee and the rest of the Appalachian South following the Civil War is one that served to hamstring the recovery of the region for years after the official end of the war. The cause of this downturn can be attributed to a myriad of reasons, with a few of them including the depleted labor force in mountain communities and the fractured transportation infrastructure of the region. The dilapidated state of the transportation infrastructure...
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Causes and Consequences of the Great Depression: Analytical Essay

The 1930s was dominated by the Great Depression. The crash of the stock market caused mass panic. It was cataclysmic and exposed deeper economic issues that caused the long term crisis. As the nation faced an incredibly high loss of assets and saw unemployment rates rise exponentially, ways meant to protect from further loss only proved to be destructive. Hoover did not seem to do enough for the nation, often encouraging self-reliance and local communities to care for the other....
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Historical Examples of Trade War in the United States: The Boston Tea Party, The Smoot-Hawley Act, and The Chicken Tariff War

Definition of Trade war The term Trade War is used to describe a scenario where governments behave unilaterally, ignoring the impacts of their actions on political and economic agents in the opposite country (Grossman & Helpman, 1995). While purely non-cooperative outcomes are unlikely to emerge in a world with repeated interactions and many forums for trade discussions, the extreme case of noncooperation known as a trade war sheds light on the political forces that shape trade policies during the frequent...
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The Jacksonian Era in American History

Affirming the new sense of independence that arose following America’s victory against the British in the War of 1812, the election in 1828 of Jackson demonstrated a remarkable shift towards democratic principles. Unlike all previous U.S. presidents that came from the same elite class of being wealthy, well-educated, and from the East, Jackson was a self-made man with humble beginnings and Western origins. His election began an era of changes no longer for the aristocratic gentlemen and Federalists, but in...
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Critical Analysis of Economic Consequences of the Great Depression

The public banking ferial termination the continued banking crisis, enter to renew the general’s confidence in banks and the saving, and unpracticed a revival from April through September 1933. President Roosevelt came into office design a New Deal for Americans, but his advisers believed, mistakenly, that exorbitant contention had led to overproduction, causing the depression. The centerpieces of the New Deal were the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) and the National Recovery Administration (NRA), both of which were aimed at reducing...
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Position of Freed Slaves During Reconstruction

Ulysses S. Grant was the president during the Reconstruction era. He was the Union General that led the Union’s victory over the Confederates States. Andrew Johnson was very lenient to the South. He allowed them to regulate the transition to free states themselves and offered no political roles to blacks in the south. The South tried to bring back slavery, and white supremacy again in the South by passing laws called Black Codes that restricted blacks by denying them any...
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Massive Change in the United States from 1865 to 1945

The end of the bloodiest war in United States history brought about a new Reconstructive era forcing massive political, social and economic changes in the following 80 years to come. Political changes quickly followed with the addition and ratification of the 13th Amendment of the United States. Socially, change abruptly started with the organization of the Ku Klux Klan in 1866 in response to the equal rights given to African Americans and former slaves. Economically, the capitalist driven North was...
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Main Goal of Reconstruction and Its Achievement

The Reconstruction era was a period throughout American history in which lasted about 14 years, the main purpose of the Reconstruction was to help the South become part of the North again. President Lincoln’s plan was to make it easy for the Southern states to rejoin the Union stating that if 10% of the voters in a state supported the Union, then a state could be recommitted, and all he asked was for them to take an oath to the...
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Were Freed Slaves Supported During the Reconstruction Era? Essay

In 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation was made as the nation approached its third civil war. The proclamation declared that all slaves held within rebellious states shall be set free, but those under confederate control were not freed and continued being slaves. While the 13th Amendment was being passed, the Black Codes became introduced which took away legal rights from those who were past slaves, but were freed due to the emancipation proclamation. Some historians argue that freed slaves were given...
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Most Important Things to Know about American History

The effectiveness of a president is often a metric in which we all determine our country’s progress. A successful and well-performing president makes us believe the country will thrive. Effective presidents have a very deliberate and clear pathway for the way they want to guide their nation. They are fulfilled with significant concerns and challenges that help explain their goal in a way to help people understand how things stand and create trust in those agreements. One of the most...
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Imperialism of the United States

After winning independence from Britain and becoming a country of its own, America was determined to remain neutral from the political conflicts of other nations. They were especially motivated to adopt a different foreign policy than that of Great Britain, their former oppressor. America thereafter became an isolationist nation. The war of 1812 however, was a crucial turning point when Britain and France were seizing American ships, forcing the nation to revisit their initial policy. America warned the two countries...
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End of the 19th Century in American History

The history of the United States covers the progressive era, the new deal, and the post-World War II. The end of the 19th century was influential in the history of the US. This is a period that has often been remembered as an era of progress and expansion. The period was characterized by unparalleled economic and technological development. It was, however, a controversial era that was characterized by struggles between the poor and the wealthy as everyone struggled to acquire...
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The Eighteenth Century in American History

Throughout the eighteenth century, we saw a lot of changes happening not just in Europe but also in North American colonies. Politics, freedom of speech, racial segregation, and religion was among this movement. Politics were starting to re-develop in North America and have a more democratic quality to them if compared to Great Britain, as demonstrated in ‘The Independent Reflector on Limited Monarchy and Liberty’. People had more freedom to express themselves through magazines, newspapers, etc. knowing that their words...
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Contributions of E.D. Nixon, Jo Ann Robinson, and the Montgomery Bus Boycott to American History

Throughout history, society has been evolving and growing with the voice of the American people. This voice has sparked teachings in schools, organizations, and other places all around the world. Two voices in particular have sparked and contributed to these teachings and how it has educated society. These voices are E.D. Nixon and Jo Ann Robinson. It is true that these two have been taught in our school systems as ‘civil rights activists’, but they also contributed to the movement...
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Essay about Underground Railroad in American History

The Underground Railroad was a network which was established and used by the enslaved African-Americans to escape into free states and Canada. The railroad included dozens of secret and safe houses and routes originated in the slave holding states and the way to Canada boarder which could assure their freedom. The Underground Railroad also included the smuggling of slaves onto the different ships that carried them outside the United States. The various routes led the slave to the places where...
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History of Country Music in America from 2000 to 2010

Music has been a well-considered genre of humanity. Specifically, country music which has been regarded as a patriotic form of music; no other genre of music has been so popular in the conscience of Americans as country music (Fay, Molly, 2014). In 2008, Country Music was regarded as the second most profitable genre of music by the Recording Industry of America (RIAA). Garth Brooks and Shania Twain country music artists became two of the best-selling records of all time and...
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Overcoming the Great Depression: Critical Analysis

After the stock market crash in 1929, America was sent into a state of depression for many years. There seemed to be no end to the everlasting misery. On March 4, 1993, Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated into office and delivered his first inauguration speech to America. Before elected, Roosevelt was the governor of New York and gained political popularity through his confidence and optimism in the country’s future; he also believed in the need to restore America’s fundamental values....
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Representation of Great Depression in the Book Growing Up: Analytical Essay

As citizens of the United States, history plays a key role into our identity of being not only Americans, but as individuals of the United States. Each and every one of us come across and face many different challenges and hardships throughout our daily lives and life all together. Part of being a strong American is being able to overcome and get through those hard times. One of the major hardships was the Great Depression which began on October 29,...
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Reasons for the Perception of the Great Depression as a Devastating Period

The great depression has historically been one of the worst periods in the United States. The time was marked by failing economies, low output and a high rate of unemployment. Although the Great Depression period (1929-1939) began in the United States, it spilled over to other nations of the world causing a devastating effect on the financial, social and political stability of the societies. The current paper, therefore, seeks to discuss reasons why the great depression period was so devastating....
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Analytical Essay on Nationwide Photographic Survey of American’s Life During the Great Depression

He eventually met his goal after the projects eight years lifetime. Over 250,000 images were captured, captioned, and sent to the RA headquarters located in Washington to be then distributed to various locations. The Farm Security Administration or the FSA was a program also part of the New Deal. In 1935 it followed the steps of the RA agency and also set out to combat rural poverty during the Great Depression by conducting a large nationwide photographic survey of American’s...
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Importance of the Great Depression in Bringing the Second World War: Analytical Essay

Unsurprisingly, at the end of the Second World War, the Allied powers started planning a new order of international finance and trade at the Bretton Wood Conference. Indeed, such plans reflected the Allied powers’ common understanding that the war in Europe and Asia had economic, ideological, and political causes. The major powers which responded to the Great Depression of the late 1920s and early 1930s by implementing mostly protectionist policies believed such measures had heavily contributed to the outbreak of...
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Effects and Consequences of the Great Depression: Analytical Essay

The Great Depression causes were in economic system that produced a great disparity of wealth, overextension of credit both home and abroad and the government’s unwillingness to relieve the plight of farmers. An irresponsible that led to the Great Depression was the mishandling of credit for consumer products. The Consumer credit help hide this fundamental weakness, the low wages earned by most Americans drove down demand over time consumer credit was invented in the 1929. Since credit was knew Americans...
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The Emergence of the United States as a Great Power on the World Stage

There is no doubt that the United States came onto the world stage as a great power during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. How, and why that happened are important discussions to realize just how powerful the U.S. was during this time. Another big question was if the U.S. was an empire during this time. In order to answer that, the word empire must be defined. According to Meriam-Webster, an empire is “a major political unit having a...
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Impact The Industrial Revolution Has on the Development of America: Analytical Essay

In the 18th century Industrialization marked a major turning point. The philosophers, statesmen,scientists, and authors were the leaders of the country who played significant roles during the time of the turning point. Prior to Industrialization there were no machines and tools to help perform tasks enmasse. During the war, manufacturing of goods moved from smaller factories to larger factories. This is also the time when people broke the cultural tradition and moved from the rural areas to the larger cities....
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Essay on How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution

The American revolution was a war that will go down in history, as America demanded its independence from its parent nation, Britain. War is considered revolutionary when it introduces new ideas or topics that are advanced from its current state. This war brought about new ideas of nationality, democracy, and radical ideas of freedom that would lead to our lifestyle today. This war not only demanded independence as many others had before but introduced new ideas. The American revolution was...
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