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The Spanish American War and the Philippine “Insurgency” were very fascinating events to learn about in the film and the sources that were given. Entering the Imperial Age, America was in its reconstruction era and was culturally divided due to the recent conclusion of the civil war. During this time America was very interested in expanding its empire and turning itself into a world superpower. America felt that it was their destiny to be on the top as shown by...
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Introduction As you know, the Philippines is a nice place to relax and have a nice time. But what you don’t know, is that the Philippines used to be a war zone with lots of climate change still today. Being a refugee is hard, especially when one has to experience devastating situations. The Philippines is a place where climate change happens. Rising water is going to flood people’s homes. Earthquakes, floods, and typhoons happen because of climate change and cause...
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In this paper, we`re going to talk about benevolent assimilation, and answer the question: why did the United States of America annex the Philippines? Is this colonization justified? Why or why not? What were the main points of Aguinaldo`s reply to the proclamation? Based o your readings of the two documents, was the Philippines betrayed by the United States of America when it decided to colonize the country? How and why so? And lastly, what ideas do the document provide...
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After the victory in the Spanish-American War, the United States was known as a world power. Many Americans believed that the nation should expand and claim land overseas due to Manifest Destiny being already complete. During the war, the United States acquired the Philippine archipelago located in Southeast Asia which made the Philippines in the hands of the United States in which President McKinley prayed over what to do with it. The supporters of the annexation of the Philippines gave...
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Political power is the ability to control or influence the behavior of people, and the bigger your sphere of influence, the more political power you attain. In the Spring and Summer of 1898, the United States went to war with Spain. The Americans were victorious, which meant that they held major world and political power. Because America had won the war with Spain, they acquired new lands; Cuba and the Philippines. Cuba was granted a sort of semi-independence. However, The...
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Mark Twain was the most prominent opponent of the Philippine-American War. In its annual report for 1910, the year he died, the Anti-Imperialist League noted that he “employed in the cause of Anti-Imperialism and in behalf of the Filipino those wonderful weapons of satire which were so absolutely at his command, and the members of the League were able to appreciate what is not yet justly understood: that, more than a brilliant humorist, he was a passionate and zealous reformer.”...
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In 1898, the United States defeated Spain and ceded Guam, Puerto Rico, and, most importantly, the Philippines. While there was much debate going on about if the Philippines should be annexed or not, many political groups began forming to express their opinions on the matter. Eventually it became known to the Filipino people that the United States was intent on colonizing and controlling them. The Filipino people had been oppressed by Spain since 1896 and did not want to be...
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