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The American Revolution didn’t start overnight, it was a very long and strenuous surpassing of events spanning over a decade that led to the Colonist’s decision to separate from the Crown and try to take back their independence. There were several causes for what became known as the “shot heard round the world” that led to the war and eventually the creation of the United States of America It all started from the repercussions of the French-Indian Seven Years War,...
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The Boston Massacre in March 1770 occurred a year on from the Townshend duties, and the colonies were growing increasingly unstable. The government of Massachusetts was asking other colonies to resist and boycott their goods at the same time that riots were occurring in Boston. These riots were over the ironically named boat liberty which was seized for smuggling. Before the Boston Massacre, the colonists were discontent but there were no real intentions to fight the occupation, action here created...
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When looking back at the American Revolution most history books between the grades of 1st-12th majority public schools, have it written that the British were unfair and unjust in their ways with how they treated/ handled the colonies. After taking this particular course on American history it's come to my attention that it may not have been the case and the British were completely in their rights and standings politically. Also, that we as a colony were being like children...
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Preceding the American Revolution, there was a long and strong create to the war. In case we see this come up we will see the strain filling in just as most of the 5 things that you necessity for a productive change. The things that you prerequisite for a productive change are, close by uprisings realized by disillusionment, nonconformist top of the line, pivotal motivations, state crises, and world setting. A bit of the things are exhibited clearly, at any...
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On April 19, 1775, the first battle of the American Revolution began in Lexington, Massachusetts. However, the idea of getting their independence from the British had been in the minds of the colonists for a long time. They felt that the British were controlling and abusing them in an unfair way and that they deserved to be free and to govern themselves and grow as a free country. The colonists made a good choice by rebelling against the British because...
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