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1. Introduction

The industrial revolution came with major changes to human lives from the first industrial revolution that started in England from the year 1750 to 1760 which changed the labor system from animal labor to machinery then human kind kept on evolving as they got to witness the second industrial ...

revolution which is mostly associated with the discovery of electricity, this assignment will then focus on the third and fourth industrial revolution by discussing what is the third and fourth industrial revolution in order to distinguish the differences between the two revolutions and lastly discuss the effect that the fourth industrial revolution has on labor and work.

2. The Third Industrial Revolution

In the year 1969 the Third industrial revolution also known as industry 3.0 began this industrial system was driven by the advancement of technology which was derived from analog electronics and mechanical devices to aid the use of digital technology. For organizations, the Third industrial revolution changed production systems from manual labor to digitalized production that now uses information technology and electronics to support production. The third industrial revolution inventions include the invention of the internet, personal computers, and information and communications technology. Most of the communications systems such as smartphones and social media were produced during this revolution (Sihlongonyane et al, 2020).

One of the predominant inventions under the third industrial revolution was the invention of robotics which was introduced in the production system with the aim of making them produce a quality product but under the third revolution such robotics didn’t reject the involvement of humans in the production system but rather mankind was now working in collaboration with these robotics to produce quality products, even though some jobs were negatively affected by this invention as some people lost their jobs as their skills were replaced by these man-made machines but the man still maintained the highest intellect in the production system (Sihlongonyane et al, 2020).

3. The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The world witnessed the birth of the name Fourth Industrial Revolution in 2016 when it was first brought to light by the World Economic Forum in an annual meeting that was held in Davis but prior to this meeting the fourth industrial revolution had already originated from a high-tech project strategy by the government of Germany year 2011, the fourth industrial revolution is also known as industry 4.0 which is the transition from the third industrial revolution which is industry 3.0. The fourth industrial revolution introduced the cyber-physical production systems where organizational production processes are maintained through technology and using communication devices that can autonomously connect on their own (Koloszar L & Nemeth N, 2020).

The idea of the fourth industrial revolution is centralized around the notion of digital systems where machines can now interact with each other without the involvement of humans. Industry 4.0 is sometimes referred to as the age of the internet where the internet is present in almost all aspects of life and it is needed in order to survive in the 22nd century. The fourth industrial revolution is driven by the advancement of technology which has given rise to the internet of things, artificial intelligence such as google, drones, robotics, 3D printing, cloud computing autonomous vehicles, and nanotechnology, it is argued that such advancements are encouraged by companies as they bring in efficiency where organizations are able to produce more using fewer costs (Wadhid Y et al, 2019).

The production process under the fourth industrial revolution is autonomously run by devices where some are involved in the administration and some are under the production sector such machines autonomously operate themselves with little involvement of humans. The value chain in the production system is filled with machines that autonomously communicate with each other to guard the physical production processes, they create a work environment that is similar to the one that was previously filled with humans but now is mostly occupied by machines that can even take decentralized decisions that are based on self-organizational mechanism, this type of production system would then raise a question such what happens to humans that were normal occupying jobs in the production process ((Sihlongonyane et al, 2020).

4. Effect of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Labour and Work

Many companies are established with the sole intention of maximizing profits in the highest efficient manner they can and in their operations, they cannot ignore the influence of the external world because they still need to maintain global competitiveness that is why many organizations are now opting for the implementation of the fourth industrial revolution systems in order to keep up with the gradually advancing technologies in the world whilst doing so the nature of work changes, for example previously businesses that are multinational corporations had to fly their managers to their headquarters in order to hold meetings but now with platforms like Zoom which is an online app that allows people to communicate online through video companies are opting to hold their meetings on such platforms (Kurt, 2019).

The fourth industrial revolution is changing production systems as they now operated via sensor systems that are referred to as intelligent factories that operate together with the internet things as they run the operations remotely and human involvement is mainly on the internet this means that a business can now autonomously run itself, whereby they’ll be a machine that will be managing the operations and the other machines will be taking communication via the other to run the production, this then directly affect jobs firstly the job of a manager is replaced and jobs of people that were working in the production sector are replaced but for the employer, this means heshe will be generating more profits because it doesn’t cost much to keep the machine business running as they are run by programs, unlike people that will require induction, training, and remuneration (Kurt, 2019).

The fourth industrial revolution absolutely eliminates the need for unskilled labor, in an organization, as most of the hard labor that requires power is replaced by machines that can do more work in less time. One of the inventions of the fourth industrial revolution is the drone and a drone has eliminated a number of jobs for instance when shooting a movie, the airplane was used to capture scenes from the sky but now a drone can be used to do such work meaning there won’t be a need for a pilot to operate the plane and also there isn’t a need for a cameraman that specializes on capturing scenes from the sky, two jobs were replaced by one device. Industry 4.0 is rendering a number of skills irrelevant or useless but it is also opening opportunities for new skills to emerge such as coding, software development, and robotics veterinary (Kurt, 2019).

5. Conclusion

In the world change is inventible and the way we interact will forever be evolving if we reject the advancements of technology that means there won’t be any progress in our lives because if properly coordinated these technological advancements do make life easy but if not used right, they make it hard for others to live. The fourth industrial revolution shouldn’t be used to replace humans but rather should be used as a tool that will work together with humans to make life easier. When choosing a career today it is wise that one should first reflect on what is happening in this era and the direction the world is going towards and chose a career that will be aligned with the needs of this era and not be ignorant about the fourth industrial revolution because it is here and changing the nature of work.

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As society advances, new problems are created by that advancement, the Industrial Revolution was no exception to this case. New problems arose as the United States began to industrialise. Problems such as the fact that the United States was split into two parts with a mass of land in the middle which was terrible to cross, and the dry south-east settlements of the united states was running out of water. This was compounded by the fact that the Americas were...
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Introduction In this global era, the world is currently amidst a technological transformation that will fundamentally change the way people lives and work. According to Pecina and Sladek (2017), the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) is a term designating cyber-physical systems, which introduces radical changes in production processes compared to the current situation. This revolution need people to think creatively about manufacturing, distribution and customer service processes. In the meanwhile, the future of education emphasises the immense need to look beyond...
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In March 1861, President Abraham Lincoln was faced with one of the most difficult decisions in the history of the United States, which would decide the fate of the Union. When Americans elected Abraham Lincoln as the nation’s first Republican president in November of 1860, there was already tension between the North and the South because of their differing views on the spread of slavery. Ever since the first slave arrived in America in 1619, there had been many disputes...
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The United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave, one of the biggest powers in the world and the most influential. We live in a society, where success can be achieved if your willing to put in the hard work. We aspire to be successful, to be well off on finances, to be able to purchase whatever we would like and to be generally independent with ourselves. All these actions occur within a Capitalistic society....
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The era of the Industrial Revolution is deeply rooted in Britain after its major success being the mechanization in the production of cotton cloth. From this initial seed, the technologies would later spread across the North Atlantic and finally reach the United States of America. Although the U.S had an abundance of land for agricultural production, the country had a scarcity of workforce for labor activities in this new world order. In the era between 1865 and 1930, American society...
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This essay will highlight the impact of the industrialization on the food system and how it has worked wonders for the developed countries in terms of feeding their population. Food is the basic need of humans for their survival and it becomes important for the policymakers and the government to develop an effective food system will ensure continuous production and supply of the food to the people. The food system is an important mechanism that needs to be oiled well...
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The term industrial revolution is an expression many historians use to define periods of technological changes that had its footprint on society and industry. In each Industrial Revolution, there were primary developments, principle advancements, and fundamental energies, occurring in driving nations. The underneath section gives a concise survey of each Industrial Revolution. The First Industrial Revolution The First Industrial Revolution was noted between 1784-1870, it started in the United Kingdom between. It emancipated the development of machines that replaced farms...
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Discursive Essay on Industrial Revolution: Analysis of Advances and Positive Impacts

In source 1, Erasmus Darwin speaks about the revolutionary piece of technology that changed the way of life in the 19th century- the steam engine. The steam engine affected the industrial revolution in various ways, particularly the textile industry. It allowed large pieces of machines in factories to produce mass amounts of cheap energy and products. It also paved the way for European businesses to transport their produce time and cost efficiently, increasing their profit. The steam engine helped develop...
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The Influence of the Glorious Revolution in England on the Continental and Colonial Development of the Early United States

One spark can set a forest ablaze. One knocked-over domino piece can cause the rest in the row to fall. One royal couple’s succession of the throne of England in 1688 and their reign helped influence Americans’ desire for rights, liberty, and self-governance. These ideas and principles that emerged from the Glorious Revolution had a big influence on the Revolutionary War, which freed Americans from British tyranny and control and enabled the new nation to expand and develop its own...
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Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Evolution of Industrialization: Analytical Essay

Abstract, This research looks at Fourth industrial revolution and the evolution of industrialization. The fourth industrial revolution has been more disruptive especially with the advances of technology. Humans are now more dependent to technology as a magical formula to make life easier, like access to information, Digital solutions, Physical and biological systems. Modern society has seen three industrial revolution and the fourth industrial revolution will be unpacked and understanding its impact. The current technological trends continue to raise concerns around...
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Impact of The Industrial Revolution on the American Way of Life

The world is rapidly expanding more than ever. New discoveries in technology allow us to do things like automate the production of cars, produce mass amounts of smartphones that allow us to interact with daily life, and even have cars that drive us around on its own. We have optimized workflows so much that McDonald’s burgers can somehow cost $1.00, even considering the amount of work to cultivate crops, raise cows, and ship all of that to your local McDonald’s....
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Critical Analysis of Revolutionary Advantages and Changes Brought to Europe by Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was a very crucial turning point for Europe, the world was steadily changing to the point where clothing that would take weeks to make could be made in minutes, people were moving from the countryside to cities and they were being put to work more than ever before. Although the Industrial Revolution brought revolutionary advantages and changes to Europe, it also brought a vast range of challenges and tensions to these countries because of the exploitation and...
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The Working and Living Conditions in the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was the big ‘manufacturing boom’ when Europe and the US transitioned to a new manufactured/ technological age and system. Due to this revolution many citizens of Europe moved into large, cramped cities which had very poor hygiene and living conditions. Majority of people worked on farms or in small communities. They would grow, harvest and make what they would need, earning money off what they had produced. There was not much organisation in the farms until the...
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Key Consequences of the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was an era that ranged from the 18th century through the 19th. During this process, machines and new contraptions began to emerge, the idea of future modernization and inventiveness was beginning to enter its prime stage. Industrialization affected the globe with its arising pragmatic ideas. It enhanced several aspects such as the restructuring of societies, money, resources, and even opened up ideas of philosophy. People went out of their way to work outside their homes’ local environment...
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