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Idea of the Industrial Revolution in Hard Times: Critical Analysis

The industrial revolution was a pivotal point in time during the Victorian age, perhaps even one of the most compelling chapters in English history. The writers of the day drew increasingly urgent attention to the condition of England and the working-class Charles Dickens introduced Hard Times and the idea of the industrial revolution as the mechanization of human beings. Although the nation gloried in unrivaled prosperity as a result of the industrial revolution, several key writers: Charles Dickens, and outside...
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Fact Versus Fancy in Hard Times: Critical Analysis

“Dicken’s Hard Times begins in a classroom of facts and concludes in the circus of fancy. In a well-organized and coherent essay, discuss the significance of this shift of the setting to the theme of the novel. “ The theme of Fact and Fancy features prominently within Hard Times, reflecting a debate of major concern for Dickens and his peers during their era in Victorian England. Fact and Fancy can be seen as antagonistic concepts that compete by means of...
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Essay on Hard Times: An Oral History of The Great Depression

Great Depression Book Review The roaring Twenties was a period of transformation, at which time many Americans possessed, automobiles, and radios, and telephones. Automobile innovations brought the need for good roads (increasing 10% to 80% of families owning cars). The radio brought people closer to each other. The telephone connected families and friends together. In the 1920s, the 18th amendment to the U.S. Constitution was approved, the period of Prohibition. The 1920s started with American troops returning from Europe after...
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Chronicle of the Great American Depression in Hard Times: Analytical Essay

Studs Terkel’s Hard Times is a panoramic chronicle of the great American depression of the nineteen-thirties. The book is entirely comprised of interviews and provides the vision of the great recession from top to bottom. From the administration that muddled through the crisis to the hobos and hustlers that scrambled through it. Written towards the late 60s, Hard Times also includes interviews from the young generation. In the prologue, the author explains that a time has come when one must...
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Analysis of Social Issues in Hard Times

Charles Dickens’s novel Hard Times demonstrates numerous social issues which were present in the 1840s and which would be of universal and timeless concern to the audience if they were of today’s modern society. Different elements of the social issues which are presented in the novel Hard times contribute to the overall structure of novel 1. The issues which Dickens presents throughout this novel. The social issue of a fact-based educational system, which is of universal and timeless concern, is...
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Reader's Reflective Essay: Emma, Dubliners, Hard Times, The Great Gatsby, The Color Purple

Emma: Jane Austen One of the novels that I have read and enjoyed in this module is Jane Austen’s, Emma. I found this novel quite confusing at first, as I was trying to discover if it was romance novel or not, which I am still unsure of. I found this to be a secular novel, through the author being concerned with the world of human interaction in general. It is set in Highbury in England, and as it being such...
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Hard Times By Charles Dickens: Industrial Revolution

Charles Dickens’s Hard Times allows one to analyze and take a greater look into the nineteenth century during the Industrial Revolution. The times of unrest within social classes. Lack of education; “Girl number twenty unable to define a horse!” said Mr. Gradgrind…. Dickens writes this in concern of no imagination and the use of the utilitarian theory. The novel begins with an emphasis on facts; Facts are what everyone needs and desires to prosper. “In this life, we want nothing...
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Analysis Of Hard Times By Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens’ presentation of characters throughout the novel Hard Times is significant to the perception of the story and the individual characters. Often, the voice of the author can easily sway one’s opinions on the novel they have written, as can be seen in Hard Times. Dickens’ presentation of Louisa Gradgrind in Hard Times allows readers to see the emotional and moral value that those in the lower classes may experience, and the emotional emptiness that often resulted from upper-class...
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Hard Times By Charles Dickens: The Time Of Industrialization

‘Hard Times’ by Charles Dickens is a novel written in 1854 during the Industrialization upset. The story delineates Thomas Gradgrind’s thoughts on learning and how he actualizes it onto his kids, prompting unfavorable impacts. Gradgrind accepted that the main method for learning was to take in hard realities and not let emotions or inventiveness, the ‘extravagant’, disrupt everything. Dickens depicts Gradgrind’s convictions through the topic, setting, and portrayal. The topic that Dickens used to pass on his thought was certainty...
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Hard Times By Charles Dickens: Thomas Gradgrind And Louisa Sharacters

“Hard Times” is a novel written by Charles Dickens in 1854, taking place in a small town called Coketown. In this novel, we learn about many characters, but two stick out to the readers the uttermost, Thomas Gradgrind and Louisa. Gradgrind is brought into the novel as a schoolteacher. “Mr. Gradgrind is a successful ‘businessman’”. He makes a full turnaround in the novel as his view on life and how he does things turn around. Even in the beginning, he...
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Narrative Construction In Hard Times By Charles Dickens

The characters created by Charles Dickens in Hard Times are a collection of victims and victimizers, some pitiable, others damnable. Dickens juxtaposes the errors of rationalism against the established values that individuals hold within a circus group. Through the characterisation of Thomas Gradgrind and his children Tom and Louisa, Dickens examines the impoverishment of life through the metaphor of the circus and its people, and the mistakes of a man whose love for his children comes to serve as a...
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