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Hey! Have you ever dived into a book that took your breath away with its unfiltered portrayal of reality? That’s precisely what Erich Maria Remarque’s “All Quiet on the Western Front” does. Written during the shadows of World War I, the novel peels back the curtain on the life of ...

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Introduction World War One broke up in the year of 1914, many soldiers were killed on the front-line of the battlefield. War took many lives away from their family and friends, taking away young soldiers’ dreams and leaving them no choice but to keep fighting in the war. Thus, some soldiers decided to write diaries during wartime to reflect their lives on the battlefield, and what war actually meant to them. During the period of time after World War One...
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All Quiet on the Western Front is a novel by Erich Remarque, a German war veteran, that describes the intense physical and mental stress German soldiers were exposed to during World War I and the change back to civilian life after returning home. All Quiet on the Western Front was not like any other novel about war; it was brutality truthful about what war was really like for the soldiers. The novel completely changed mankind’s understanding of military conflict with...
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“Bombardment, barrage, curtain-fire, gas, tanks, machine-guns hand grenade ––words, words but they hold the horror of the world,” Remarque, E.M. (1929) All Quiet on the Western Front. All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque was published in 1929 in Germany. The novel tells the story of Paul Baumer and his friends’ treacherous journey in the war which starts with them getting influenced to enlist into the war and them realizing that war/death is all that they know....
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World War 1 was once famously labelled as the ‘war to end all wars’, by President Woodrow Wilson of America, but the grim truth of trench warfare and the senseless brutality was only exposed after the countless deaths of military and civilian lives, accumulating to a huge number of up to 40 millions deaths . One of history’s greatest wartime novels, A Farewell to Arms, written by the terse and minimalist American author, Ernest Hemingway in 1929, evocatively unravels the...
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The historical-fiction novel All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque describes the atrocities of World War I from the perspective of the Germans. The war started in 1914 and lasted till 1918, nationalism being a large contributor towards the starting of this war. Across these 4 years there was a casualty count of over 40 million. The slaughter and destruction was so great that it was branded as “the war to end all wars.” In 1917, The...
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While in the hospital, Kemmerich “looks ghastly, yellow, and wan” from his injury, demonstrating his lack of invincibility (Remarque 18). These men are only human, and they are not strong or indestructible like iron, but rather weak from the injuries of the war. The men of World War I were exposed to the death and pain of their comrades, and saw the vulnerability of the human body and mind. While the soldiers’ bodies may be young, the gruesome experience of...
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When Erich Maria Remarque’s first published, All Quiet on Western Front in 1929, scholars of historical medicine, and history, analyzed the effects of war on soldiers. Analyzing effects of war on individuals allowed various scholars and medical professionals to quantify war-trauma in terms of desensitization to life, and a loss of hope. Charles Hamilton Sorley’s poem, When You see Millions of the Mouthless Dead, suggests a sense of trauma experienced by soldiers inching towards mortality, and a declining emotional state....
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All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque is a novel that gives a graphic, realistic portrayal of the horrors of war through the narration of Paul Bäumer, a German soldier who enlists in World War I. The novel focuses on Paul's day to day life and fight to survive while stationed in the western front while the world as he knows it seems to fall apart in front of his eyes. The novel focuses on violent conflict...
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Erich Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front describes the young German soldier Paul Bäumer’s experiences in World War I, from his training to his death in battle. However, rather than show us how Paul grows as an individual, developing his own ideas and value system, the novel instead shows how Paul—along with his fellow soldiers—survives the war by doing precisely the opposite. The horrors of battle force the soldiers to develop animalistic instincts and a pack-like bond. There is...
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