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Economic Implications of World War II

One of the deadliest and transformative events was The Second World War with 39 million of dead war on Europe alone. Large amount of facilities and infrastructure were destructed for about six years of ground battles and bombing. Many were even forced to evacuate without the assurance of where to go and how they can live. Periods of hunger became common even on the prosperous country such as Western Europe. Families were separated for a long period of years, and...
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Daily Life Of Civil War Soldier: Routine And Distractions

When you imagine what life as a Civil War soldier would be like you think of the things that they had to suffer through and all the pain that came with it, but what about the times when they weren’t fighting during the Civil War, some free time was spent with small groups of friends huddled around the fire (Frank 512). Times they spent with one another created a bond and help create a sense of nationalism. The main pastimes...
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What Was the Vietnam War Like for the Soldiers and What Were the Main Difficulties Associated with It

The United States of America has fielded combat troops all the way back during its very beginning, and since then has participated in numerous armed conflicts. The American combat soldier of the twentieth century had already participated in two world wars as well as the Korean War before seeing action in Vietnam. War is a vicious thing, claiming the lives of many millions of combatants and non-combatants alike over the course of history. During each conflict they found themselves in,...
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The Role of a Child Soldier: An Essay

As a saying goes, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing” (George Bernard Shaw). Likewise, the mentality of a child is altered to function like an adult when they are impelled into the environments of war. The child leaves behind their innocent childlike characteristics to become a brutal combatant, as their minds slowly become old when their teddy bears are replaced with guns. Their style of playing will be toying with the...
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Legal and the NCO Leader: Informative Essay

This informative essay will introduce and break down the responsibilities of a Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) and their legal obligations toward a Soldier and the Army as a whole. An NCO is a leader, appointed above lower enlisted Soldiers to provide training and mentorship to prepare them to become future leaders of the Army. NCOs will sometimes branch off into different areas, whether it is an instructor or drill Sergeant who trained incoming and seasoned Soldiers directly. This, however, comes with...
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What Does It Mean to Be a Professional Soldier?

Established in 1775, June 14, the army profession is recognized as the first military branch to protect the United States Constitution against foreign and domestic. The profession of the army is an important task; not everyone in the world can do. It represents being part of something bigger than themselves. The occupation of the army means changing the world by protecting the country. When soldiers wear that uniform, it represents pride, patriotism, and selfless service. This profession also represents anxiety...
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Essay on the Importance of Discipline, Military Bearing and Professionalism in the Modern Army

The purpose of this essay is to discuss the importance of discipline, military bearing and professionalism in today’s army. I intend to prove that discipline on the battlefield begins with discipline off the battlefield. I will discuss how an army can only be as professional as it appears to be. To finish, I will talk about how mission readiness is dependent on soldiers’ professional bearing. Discipline on the battlefield begins with discipline off the battlefield. Rain hits the ground as...
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Military Should Get Paid More Than Athletes

Gunshots whistle through the air. The medical team lose no time putting themselves in danger to save the wounded. The adrenalin rushes through the gunmen’s body’s making sure they hit the crucial shots to save the men who save our lives. The troops lose parts of their body and risk their lives for us. Soldiers do not get paid enough. Do you know how much they get paid? £18,000 a year for all they do for the country, it is...
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The Life of a World War I Soldier: An Essay

Introduction World War I was possible because of the soldiers, and so it should be because of them we are here today. When the war began, the males were forced to depart from their beloved families to fight for their country. While it may all seem heroic and patriotic, unless being put into a position of a militant, life can be very harsh and cold. Mental breakdowns and psychological problems are rife among the fighters, many also suffer from homesickness....
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Should Child Soldiers Be Given Amnesty

Throughout the world, child soldiers are being used more commonly in armed conflicts. Be it with the government in which they have to fight or a terrorist organization forcefully taking them from family. This has created an international debate as to whether these children are criminals deserving of persecution or are they innocent children from nearby countries caught up in war and killings. Today around the world there “…are more than 300,000 children fighting in armed conflict around the world”;...
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The Invisible Soldiers of World War I

In 1914 the world became plunged into a conflict that would be known as the war to end all wars. World War I was a transformative crossroads in African American history. What started as an apparently far off European clash soon turned into a war with progressive ramifications for the social, monetary, and political eventual fate of black people. The war straightforwardly affected every single African American. The Great Migration was the mass exodus of more than 6 million African...
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Weapons of The American Revolutionary Soldiers

One of the most important parts of the American Revolution were the weapons. All wars back then were fought with weapons. Weapons were used for other things to, like hunting for food, but weapons were mostly important in wars. The soldiers felt like they could not win without weapons and when they had some decent weapons back then, like the moatar and the cannon, it gave both sides the confidence they needed to win the war. A frequently asked questions...
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Misconceptions about the 1970s Vietnam Opioid Epidemic

From when President Eisenhower gave his ‘Domino Effect’ speech in 1954, to the fall of Saigon in 1975, the U.S. military had been inserted into Vietnam in order to fight off the communist forces at war with South Vietnam. Although the Vietnam conflict was never considered a real war, nearly 60,000 U.S. soldiers were killed in battle. America’s involvement went on for more than 20 years and oversaw leadership from: Dwight. D Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard...
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The Theme of Patriotism and Idealism in Rupert Brooke's Sonnet 'The Soldier'

Overflowing with patriotism and idealism, the sonnet, written soon after World War I, exemplifies the glory of self-sacrifice. Rupert Brooke details the optimistic perspective of a British soldier through the themes of courage, nationalism, and self-sacrifice. By doing so, the poet conveys the beauty of defending and dying for one’s country, concealing the doleful aspects of war. A sonnet written in the first-person speaker, the Soldier reveals the passion and courage of those that fought in the war. The poem...
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