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Addiction has certain defining features – persistent engagement in a trait despite negative repercussions, reduced self-control over this engagement, a compulsion to engage in the behavior, and a strong craving for the activity (Yau & Potenza, 2015). For a long time, the term “addiction” has been linked to excessive drinking of alcohol or substance use (Yau & Potenza, 2015). However, scholars have begun to recognize that certain behaviors are similar to drug and alcohol dependence. These behavioral addictions include excessive...
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Introduction Chicken fighting, also known as cockfighting, is a brutal bloodsport that involves two roosters being pitted against each other in a fight to the death. This practice, although illegal in many countries, continues to persist in certain regions. This essay aims to explore the causes and effects of the chicken fight phenomenon. By analyzing the social, cultural, and economic factors that contribute to its existence, as well as the consequences it has on both human and animal welfare, we...
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Where does the thin line get drawn between a troublesome habit and the manifestation of an addiction? Perhaps there’s no line at all. Distinguishing the difference between the two is difficult already since they both grow out of consistently repeated behaviors. Regardless of the extent of a person’s habit or addiction, should always be held accountable for their actions and resulting consequences? For Angie Bachmann in Chapter 9 of Charles Duhigg’s “The Power of Habit”, her seemingly mild pattern of...
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As the video game landscape continues to evolve, increasing in size and scope, so too do its production costs. So the implantation of in-game purchasable goods was inevitable, of course, but as time goes on, these predatory tactics are harder to spot. So what exactly differentiates a small purchase of random chance from a gambling addiction waiting to blossom? Firstly, we should lay out the differences between a microtransaction and a loot box. A microtransaction is commonplace in society and...
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Introduction Game addiction is an ongoing issue that has been recognized by the World Health Organisation, officially deemed under the name, ‘Gaming disorder’. Addiction can be defined as a pattern of gaming behavior characterized by impaired control over gaming (World Health Organisation, 2019). Each new game release brings more evidence to the fact that video games are specifically designed to exploit and manipulate human addictive psychology (Adair, 2018). A design feature called microtransactions has a reputation for mainly being notorious...
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Introduction In this day in age, where faster is better, many people find that gaining certain things like money should not take forever. There are apps like HQ that give you money for playing games or doing surveys and there are new businesses that make a profit from inventing items that do simple tasks like tracking your house keys so you won't lose them. Apparently, new casinos have been appearing in different locations in South Florida and as most individuals...
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The Number of legal Gambling money spent in 2017 was $500 billion. There they go again putting money into risky games and bets. Gambling is playing games of chance with hopes to win money. The real question, is who really wins in Gambling and why do people participate in these games? Gambling can lead to long term debt and a dramatic effect on a person’s life. Gambling has been around for quite a while, but has anyone ever thought to...
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The games that adolescents and young people used to play in the play grounds and on the streets have been replaced in recent years with cyber games played in front of the computer on the internet or in game arcades. This changing culture has particularly brought up the concept of “digital game addiction”, a condition that stems from the steadily growing passion for digital games and their excessive and uncontrolled usage among adolescents and young people. Game addiction in the...
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Addiction is the feeling of wanting more and more of something to satisfy yourself. It is when one cannot control themselves from doing something repetitively. Drug addiction for example is a issue that is widespread in our world, it has a huge impact on the mind, and tends to influence a person’s emotional and physical states. Nowadays, anyone can easily get a hold of addictive substances. They are wide-spread in schools, parks, between people and much more. It all starts...
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When you imagine what life as a Civil War soldier would be like you think of the things that they had to suffer through and all the pain that came with it, but what about the times when they weren’t fighting during the Civil War, some free time was spent with small groups of friends huddled around the fire (Frank 512). Times they spent with one another created a bond and help create a sense of nationalism. The main pastimes...
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