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Drug Testing Essays

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Analysis of Toxicology Screening in The Corporate World

In today’s world, drug testing in the workplace is a very controversial topic amongst workers and employers. Employers want to have reliable and safe workers, and the employees want to have their privacy and be given trust that they believe to be an essential part of the employer/employee relationship.However, with the economic downfall people will do almost anything to get hired and get paid. With this fact, it makes it more difficult for employers to find good reliable workers who...
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Reasons Why Athletes Should be the Only Ones Tested for Drugs

When a group of people get in trouble, do you punish just one person or the whole group? That is the problem with drug testing athletes; although the use of drugs can influence competitive sports, other important people such as singers, public figures, and influencers all do not have to take mandatory drug tests while they are regularly interacting with the public. If all public figures aren’t drug tested, then this can be a problem with public safety. I believe...
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Discussion of History of UK Drug Policy

The drug policy in the UK has generated concern into the effectiveness of its legislation. One main characteristic of such debates is the paradox between whether the drug ‘problem’ should be a punitive and legal issue or a health issue. According to Holloway (cited in Barton, 2011), there are three distinct models of regulation around drug control, the first of these is ‘consumer sovereignty’ which refers to there being no formal or legal restriction to access drugs, using or purchasing...
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Drug Testing as Therapies

Drugs screening is a medium of recovery used to introduce into a mechanism that needs time and a lot of verification regarding the area of treatment by utilizing the result of the test. It is used to gain rejection, encouragement, and real substance use behaviours of the drug discoveries (Jarvis et al, 2017). Other than expecting treatment efficiency, drug testing also can be used to motivate and reinforcement for self-defence (Goldstein & Brown, 2003). Another technique is the utilize of...
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Drug Testing to Break The Cycle of Drug-Use

Raise your hand if you currently have a job? Well, all of you who have raised your hand will eventually pay tax at some point in your lives, some of you may already pay it. The tax you pay may go to new roads, it may go to Medicare or it may even pay for Australia’s welfare system. According to the Australian Government’s Institute of Health and Welfare, $157 billion of tax payer’s money was used to fund welfare payments...
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