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Drug Addiction Essays

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Treatment Of Heroin Addicts

The Department of Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health stated that “an estimated 2.1 million people in the United States [were] suffering from substance use disorders related to prescription opioid pain relievers in 2012 and an estimated 467,000 addicted to heroin. (Volkow)” Opioids are the most commonly prescribed drugs for managing moderate-to-severe chronic pain. This type of pain is defined as pain that endures for a longer period of time than what would be expected for the specific...
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Heroin: Definition And Process Of Addiction

Definition of addiction- WHO definition: The Tenth Revision of the International Classification of Diseases and Health Problems (ICD-10) defines the dependence syndrome as being a cluster of physiological, behavioural, and cognitive phenomena in which the use of a substance or a class of substances takes on a much higher priority for a given individual than other behaviours that once had greater value. A central descriptive characteristic of the dependence syndrome is the desire (often strong, sometimes overpowering) to take psychoactive...
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Exploration Of Drug and Alcohol Abuse In Books

It’s not drugs that make a drug addict, but the need to escape reality. I have chosen to explore the them Drug and Alcohol abuse. This theme is evident in books The Dirt: Confessions of the worlds most notorious rock band written by Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, Tommy Lee and Neil Strauss, I am Ozzy by Ozzy Osbourne and the films Once were warriors directed by Lee Tamahori and Walk the Line directed by James Mangold. In this...
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Analysis of Drug Addiction As a Loss of Executive Control over Maladaptive Incentive Habits

Introduction Drug addiction can be defined as a loss of executive control over maladaptive incentive habits (Belin, Belin-Rauscent, Murray, & Everitt, 2013). In 2018, there were 2,917 registered deaths in England and Wales related to poisoning by drug misuse, which was a 17% increase from 2017 and a 46% increase from 2008 (Statistics on Drug Misuse, England, 2019). According to this study, the number of deaths related to drug misuse are at their highest since 1993. Furthermore, the National Treatment...
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Reasons for the Dramatic Rise In Cocaine Drug Addiction in Great Britain over the Past Fifteen Years

Drug use is one of the most important problems in modern society. According to Breakdown Britain 2006, ‘Britain is experiencing an explosion in addiction’ (Duncan Smith 2006: 40). Based on statistics, one and three quarters million young people in Britain use cocaine. Over the past seven years, their number has increased twice. Over the past 5 years, the cost of heroin has dropped by 45%, the cost of cocaine has fallen by 22%. Thus, Cocaine and heroin are cheaper than...
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Drug Addiction As One of the Most Important and Serious Problems of Society: Opinion Essay

Drug addiction which is also known as substance use disorder is a chronic disease in which a person cannot stop or control the consumption of illicit drugs such as cocaine, heroine, crack, etc. Drug addiction has terrible consequences socially and economically plus it severely affects your mental and physical health and in the worst cases this can lead to death. People who become addicted to drugs will be unable to control the consumption of drugs and their desire for them,...
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Stigma and Drug Addiction: Analytical Essay

Illicit drug use is disapproved in most societies. It is highly stigmatized and for this reason, those people who have been lost in the world of drugs find this behavior harmful. While there is a wide research on drugs and alcohol abuse, few studies have addressed the problem of stigmatization among drug addicts. Specific social beliefs and opinions drive social stigma and stigma occurs when an individual is termed as an antisocial due to some perceived behavioral flaws. According to...
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Drug Addiction Is a Medical Problem or a Crime: Argumentative Essay

Abusing drugs appears to be a common problem in the modern world, and the overuse of drugs is getting unsafe and out of hand. There are numerous ways this dilemma can be handled or solved. The most popular solutions would be treating abuse of drugs as a crime, or alternatively, treating them as a health problem and providing treatment to the abuser. Currently, the United States’ policy considers drug abuse as a crime, but some European countries successfully treating drug...
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Analytical Essay on Drug Abuse: Case Study of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide or LSD

Introduction Lysergic acid diethylamide, also known as LSD, or “acid,” is considered the best-known and most researched psychedelic or hallucinogenic drug. [footnoteRef:1] It is made from a lysergic acid compound found in ergot, a fungus that grows on grains. [1: Passie,Torsten , John H. Halpern, Dirk O.Stichtenoth, Hinderk M. Emrich, and Annelie Hintzen. ‘The Pharmacology of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide: A Review.’ CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics 14, no. 4 (2008): 295-314. doi:10.1111/j.1755-5949.2008.00059.x.] Today’s recreational users of LSD often include people in...
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Critical Essay: Arguments For and Against Drug Addiction As a Disease

The theory of addiction as a disease is taking a solid establishment in the medical field (Szott, 2015). The perception of drug addiction as a disease has been created during the late 1930s (Walters, 1992). Addiction has always been divided into two categories. On one side is the medical model which perceives addiction as a disease categorised by degenerating and obsessive drug use which the individual has no power on and a moral model where addiction is understood to be...
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Reflective Essay on My Newfound Knowledge of Drug Addiction

I am here today to express my newfound knowledge of drug addiction, and how my knowledge has led me to believe how decriminalizing drug addiction is the only way to help addicts. Let’s start with what you think you know about drug addiction and what I thought I knew about drug addiction too. Let’s say the back row took heroin everyday for a week. What would happen? Well from what we have all been told, because of the chemical hooks...
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Discursive Essay on the Development of Drug Addiction

Nowadays, as substances are widely used across the nation, substance use disorder becomes a more prevalent disorder in the US. Drug addiction can be defined as compulsive drug use and a loss of control over drug-taking (Zangen, 2010). It is a severe psychological and pathological disorder, which risks body homeostasis and causes cognitive impairments. To understand how addiction develops, scientists did numerous experiments on lab animals, and eventually found out that dopamine and instrumental learning play predominant roles in motivating...
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Issue of Drug Addiction in Australia: Analytical Essay

Medically supervised injection clinics are a topical, yet controversial approach to the issue of drug addiction in Australia. Substance abuse negatively impacts many Australians and it is essential that these implications are minimised. Injection facilities have proven to be effective in decreasing mortality, successfully encouraging drug addicts to seek further health treatment and promoting sanitary practices that reduce issues such as disease transmission. It can be argued that opening injection clinics will increase criminal activity in the area in which...
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Connection between Brain’s Reward Pathway and the Development of Drug Addiction: Discursive Essay

Introduction Drug addiction is increasingly becoming a universal issue, both expense wise, but also the impact it has socially. With an estimated cost to the healthcare of $1 trillion, it is clear why there is a high demand for further knowledge and treatments (NIoDA, 2017). Not only does the cost of addiction put a strain on a country’s economy, but it also has a disruptive effect on an addict’s personal life, the impact of drugs is not just to the...
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The Hydra Effect of Addiction in “Sonny’s Blues”: Critical Analysis

Emotional strain over long periods of time can inevitably lead to the final failing of relationships. Substance abuse can change the individual’s behavior, they become more isolated; closing their family and friends off. They tend to avoid family or friends who have confronted them about their addiction, and some steal from their loved ones to finance their addiction which adds more strain on the already broken relationship. One example of fractured relationships because of addiction would be Sonny and his...
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Academic Essay on the Essence of Drug Addiction

Humans have a deep history with drug abuse because of using drugs for thousands of years. The earliest documented usage of narcotics dates back to 4,000 B.C, with medicinal marijuana being present in China around 2,737 B.C., as the modern era flows the cases of drug abuse got worst, one example is as of the year 2014, the users of heroin in the United States has an estimated of 180,000 upwards. Some people perceive victims of drug addiction as people...
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Drug Addiction among Sri Lanka Teenagers: Analytical Essay

Introduction This report is based on the prevailing issue of drug abuse among Sri Lankan teenagers and the spread through social media. This analyses the continuous increasing trend of drug spread and how social media influences to boost up the spread. This issue is being discussed since it has become a burning problem in Sri Lanka and the dark shadow of this is now being falling on the younger generation of the country. The purpose of this report is to...
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Factors Behind the Increase of Drug Addiction among Sri Lanka Army Personnel: Analytical Essay

The Sri Lankan Army (SLA) is the oldest and biggest organization of the Sri Lankan military and established in 1949 as the Ceylon Army, modified its name when Sri Lanka became a republic in 1972. The Sri Lankan Armed Forces are the unified forces of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, including Sri Lankan Army, Sri Lankan Navy and Sri Lankan Air Force; they are managed by the Ministry of Defence (MOD). These three services have approximately 276,700 incumbents...
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Critical Analysis of Factors Contributing to Drug Addiction

What is a drug? The drug is a substance that can alter the body’s function either physically or psychologically when taken drug into the body. There are many factor that contributes to drug addiction. One of the factor is peer pressure. Many people relate to peer pressure strictly with kids and teenagers, it does manifest itself in adults as well. For example, a person who has friends or loved ones who are addicted to or use drugs which will affect...
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Remedy New Hampshire’s Drug Addiction Crisis: Analytical Essay

Drug addiction has been an ongoing crisis across the country for several years, but especially in New Hampshire, where drug abuse statistics have been on the rise since 2010. Drug abuse is prevalent across all socioeconomic groups, but many New Hampshire residents are unable to afford treatment. In order to address the issues New Hampshire’s residents are facing, New Hampshire must change aspects of its health care system, such as supplying more treatment centers that accept Medicaid, utilizing and encouraging...
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The Effectiveness of Ibogaine for Drug Addiction

Ibogaine is an indole alkaloid, a powerful neurostimulator and a hallucinogen of plant origin. In the recent past, it has been widely used to treat drug addiction and some mental disorders. Today it is banned in Russia, in the CIS countries and Europe. Effect on the body Ibogaine is part of a group of experimental drugs supposedly eliminating alcohol, tobacco, amphetamine, cocaine and heroin addiction. Clinically, the mechanism of action of ibogaine on dependence has not been tested – all...
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Donald Trump's Policy to Combat the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic has been a problem since the Nixon years. President Trump has made many efforts to change policies of sentencing for addicts. Addiction is considered a disease by the President, but there are many people who disagree. He even declared it a national health crisis because people die from overdosing on opiates every day in America. The Trump administration has done more to fight this crisis than Nixon did. President Trump has spent billions on setting up treatment...
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Drug Addiction's Socio-Economic Impact

Addiction has seemingly become more prevalent in todays society. The most prominent addictions being drug addiction with its long and extensive history of shaping society and social media which is a relatively new phenomenon. There is plenty of different ways addiction can affect society. It affects everyone psychologically having a massive impact culturally, potentially changing the decision making of the populous dramatically. Addiction can also impact society in many ways economically. Either this be through the incentivisation of taxation to...
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The Overview of Major Types of Addiction

My first health issue that is happening every day is Drug addiction. Many do not realize how harmful some substances can be towards their health and overall on how they look. People judge others based on those habits and also by the person first impression, in which they claim that people who have a drug addictions lack moral principles and do not have self-control and that they have the ability to stop using substances at any time (NIDA). Although this...
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Conceptual Models of Addictive Behavior

There are four conceptual models of addictive behavior as identified by Brickman and colleagues. These models are based on “beliefs about attributions of responsibility for acquiring the addictive problem and the responsibility for solving the addictive problem” (Miller, 2013). My personal experience with addiction in relationship to my progression into recovery align with the compensatory model and integrate the four dimensions of SAMSHA’s definition of recovery as will be demonstarated. As I am studying and working in the everchanging field...
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The Truth Behind the Opioid Epidemic

Drug overdoses are now one of the leading causes of injury death in the United States. Opioid analgesics are highly addictive because they reduce pain, but they also change the chemical coding within the human brain. Over a period of time of taking an opioid, the brain stops releasing dopamine and/or endorphins, so patients then feel a need to continue to take these prescriptions just to feel normal. This is known as an opioid dependency, which can lead to addiction...
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The Overview of the Addiction to Games, Sugar, Drugs and Main Methods of Treatment

Based on research, there are 166,000 direct deaths caused by the drug abuse in year 2017. Besides that, there are 0.9% of the global population had a drug use disorder. On the contrary, sugary drinks are responsible for 184,000 deaths each year and research found 133,000 annual deaths happen at the hand of type 2 diabetes. More than 2 billion people worldwide regularly play video games. Studies have found anywhere from 1-10% of gamers struggle with compulsive addiction issues. Example...
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Addiction as a Problem of Modern Society and Ways to Deal With it

Addiction is the feeling of wanting more and more of something to satisfy yourself. It is when one cannot control themselves from doing something repetitively. Drug addiction for example is a issue that is widespread in our world, it has a huge impact on the mind, and tends to influence a person’s emotional and physical states. Nowadays, anyone can easily get a hold of addictive substances. They are wide-spread in schools, parks, between people and much more. It all starts...
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The Bottom Line Reasons of Drug Addiction

Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory, and related circuitry (Csiernik, R. 2016). Addiction is like a trap you go there to escape from your problems or harmful effect in your life. We treat addicts differently because of their dependency. It is like a spider web, likes like weak, soft, and comfortable, but once the spider web is all around, you are no longer in charge of your life.You think it’s your only or best solution...
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Analysis of the Main Ways to Solve the Opioid Epidemic in the United States

Drug overdose is one of the leading causes of death in America and across the world. According to recent world headlines, “in 2015, about 300 million opioid prescriptions were written, with more than 80% being written in the United States” (Davidson). According to author Tish Davidson, this is only one part of the “American public health crisis caused by addiction to both prescription and illegal opioid painkillers’, better known as the Opioid Crisis. The United States employs current policies that...
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