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Analytical Essay on Black Lives Matter Movement: Background and Main Purpose

Since the beginning of time people have been exercising their social media skills without even being aware of it. Referencing, telling stories, creating an identity for themselves and simply sharing information are all things that eventually escalated into the social media platforms we all know and love today. The first social media site ever created was called Six Degrees, it was created in 1997. It filled all the criteria of social media such as allowing people to create a personal...
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Essay on American Patriotism and Its Current State

How is a ‘real’ American defined? A recent study revealed that a large amount of the American population could not show the location of Iowa on a map of the United States, so how Americans define patriotism could be very equivocal. The definition of patriotism according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary reads: “a feeling of love for his or her country and supports its authority and interests”. However, more recently it has become more evident that patriotism in America is coming...
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Argumentative Essay on the Conditions of the People Affected by the First Industrial Revolution

This essay will argue about the conditions of the people affected by the first Industrial Revolution. More specifically, it will focus on the living conditions of the common people, concerning health, education, consumptions and domestic life. Taking under scrutiny Great Britain, at the end of the 1840s, an analysis of the political context will incur, regarding the mechanisms which influenced society due to the first Industrial Revolution. Furthermore, considering a pessimistic view, ideas of different theorists will be defined, such...
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Importance of The Black Lives Matter Development: Analytical Essay

Police brutality (particularly against African Americans) is definitely not the a new topic in the United States, yet the ongoing shootings of youthful people of color by cops in urban areas around the US has transformed it into an intriguing issue later than when it started. There have been various protests and destruction because of cops not getting the fair judgement for slaughtering unarmed people of color, and with these fights another social development was shaped that began as a...
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People of the State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson

“If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” was a statement made famous by Johnnie Cochran. This quote is from America’s first medialized criminal cases in court, The People of the State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson. O.J. Simpson wasn’t the only one on trial. The Los Angeles Police Department and forensic science itself was also on trial for mishandling, racism as a key factor, cross contamination and placement of evidence and the lack of knowledge of DNA testing. The...
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Research Proposal and Ethics Application on Accountability of People’s Actions in Society

Individuals in the UK can be held criminally responsible from the age of 10. As such, perceptions that are held by the public regarding individuals at this age can differ hugely and is an important topic regarding the accountability of people’s actions in society. In addition to age, the gender of a perpetrator may very well also have an effect on people perceptions of accountability in an individual. In this study, participants will read 1 of 4 possible novel scenarios...
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Violent Games Make Violent People: Does It?

For many years, the question of whether or not video games cause violence has been brought up a numerous amount of times. As technology advanced, games became more graphic. Games also came to be where the player was more involved, such as having them shoot guns from first-person point of view or having them commit crimes inside the game to unlock achievements and/or prizes. Whether anybody wants to admit it or not, these games have effects on people, especially teens...
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Black Lives Matter Argumentative Essay

Last year, the American black teenager Michael Brown has been shot dead by a white police officer. Ten days, after Brown was shot, a young black man was shot by a police officer again. It leads in 2018, some demonstrations against the rights of black people, and the freedom of life broke out. And all these issues, causing these all from Black Lives Matter — which is a big problem in America for a very long time. Meaning of BML,...
3 Pages 1215 Words

Racism and Resistance: Analysis of the Activity of Black Lives Matter Movement

While white people may not be able to detect racism all the time, some encounter it and still do not act. Bell hooks recalls an interaction in her book, Killing Rage, when her friend is forced to move her seat after the plane had overbooked the flight. The white man who took her seat apologizes and claims that it was not his fault (hooks). While this may be true, hooks says in response that “it was an occasion for [him]...
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Analytical Essay on Critics of Black Lives Matter Movement

#BlackLivesMatter is a movement that fights for the freedom and justice of black people in a world where these basic rights weren’t afforded to all. This movement was in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman. It’s an ideological and political movement in a world where Black lives are systematically and intentionally targeted – a declaration of Black folks’ humanity and resilience in the face of deadly oppression. This campaign has existed as inspiration for countless black...
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The Significance Of Self-Reliance in The Modern World

In this world, where every other person is tech-savy, people tend to blindly trust their mobile ‘robots’ for almost every information they are required to have. Assuming that reliance on people has been diminished, implying to the fact, that now, they are ‘self reliant’. This is a complete myth. Self reliance includes the use and believe in one’s own resources and hardwork for living. But now, technology is not included in ‘others’ as everyone has their individual access to it,...
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Why People Captivate Wild Animals for Their Own Purposes

I remember when I was 10 years old, I have fun memory of going to zoo with my family during the school holiday. The magnificent species in the zoo had surprise my view about the world. The birds, Orangutans, even the elephants and camel are all my impressions about zoo. Zoo is an interesting place. Since 2,500 B.C.E in Ancient Egypt (, wild animal has been captive by king and conquerors used as status symbol. Nowadays, zoo become a place...
3 Pages 1566 Words

Essay on Sociology of Love and Relationships

Give the opportunity to ten people a pen and paper and ask them to define ‘love’; you will be presented with different answers and definition. Love is interesting sociologically for so many reasons. To start with, just the one word can stand for so many different meanings to different people: sexual love, intimate love, companionate love, romantic love, parental love, friendship love, love for places, belongings, views. It is a word that is used prolifically to mean so much, which...
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What Is True Romantic Love? Essay

Romantic love, in a personal sense, is an intense and uncontrollable emotion that not only defined as a sense of happiness but it is also defined as pain, fear and every other emotion but intensified. Romantic love is also defined by the experiences and feelings people may gain from one another. The term romantic love holds such a heavyweight for some people, while with others it’s pushed to the back of their mind. If love holds such an overall power,...
3 Pages 1314 Words

Video Games Are Good for You: Essay

Video games are one of the most expressive ways to show emotions and creativity. So, why do people think that they are so bad for you? Gaming systems like Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move promote fitness indoors for all, during a pandemic like Covid-19, boosting hand-eye coordination, analytical skills, persistence and slowing down aging. Online multiplayer games allow you to maintain friendships, meet new people, build teamwork skills, and learn about safely take risks in a virtual world....
1 Page 481 Words

Attractiveness of Video Games

In 1972, a game named ‘Pong’ has been developed and ignited attention of people for ball-and-paddle arcade video game. It has sold over 8000 arcade machines in a same year. The success of ‘Pong’ has found a new video game industry. Nowadays, this industry has increased sharply every year. In 2017, Americans spent $36 billion on video games, which was only $17.5 billion in 2010. People play games at any age. For example, according to the IAB, in 2014, 33.5...
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How Video Games Are Improving Our World

Every person alive on this planet right now is different from one another. Every person to have come before was different too. This enormous diversity in the human race is what makes us so special. It’s what sets us apart from the animals we share the world with. But something that not everyone of us can attest to is being happy. People aren’t happy for a variety of reasons, be they mental, physical, or societal. Something came along in the...
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Games

Video games years ago changed the way people have fun with the creation of home consoles that brought entertainment to families’ televisions. Traditional board games or outdoor activities were no longer the only option for children and adults alike to combat boredom, now they could also enjoy hours of fun on television. With the growing popularity of video games, the market that covered at first expanded to more places to reach most of the world in a business that currently...
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Effects of Alcohol on People and Their Lives

I would say that there is a high probability that you know someone that is either in your family or a friend of someone in your family that has dealt with the consequences that alcohol brings. Alcohol can take a toll on our lives whether we abuse it or not. Maybe you are not personally affected by the consequences of alcohol in your life, but we as a society need to understand that there is a huge issue with people...
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All People Should Help Others

Did you know that good deeds decrease stress which can give you a lot of diseases or heart attacks? People should help others without expecting any rewards. Just like Mawi Asegdom’s brother and father. His brother and father were caring people. The father used to wake them up early every day to do something nice to their neighbors. All people should help each other without expecting any reward because it would help make this world way better, there would be...
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Why Do People Help Each Other? Essay

A study conducted by Harvard, states that sympathy is profoundly established in human instinct it has a natural premise in the cerebrum and body. We help each other in light of various reasons. A few people help since they just can’t not to support others on the off chance that they need assistance. The others help since they wish to give some positive vitality or on the grounds that they should help. Here and there we can help the others...
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Role of Neuroscience in Everyday Life and Its Impact on People and Society

The term ‘neuroethics’ is fairly new to the world of bioethics and neuroscience. This word/concept was formulated by a world history scholar, William Safire, in 2001. For a long period of time, scientists pointed to genetics as the main scientific challenge to our ethical, legal, and social practices and beliefs. Over time and through much research, it became apparent that genetics were much more complex and included interactions between genes and environment. Neuroscience does not only deal with genetic aspects,...
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Does Money Buy Happiness Essay

Happiness is something essential in our everyday lives. It is a part of the building blocks of living a good life. I find joy in wrestling, family, friends, my phone, and fun activities. I find happiness and joy in these because I am usually spending time with the ones I love and care about. Other people can find happiness in many things whether it’s their car, house, family, and many others. This leads us to the question… can money buy...
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The Aspects Of True Happiness

It is probably okay to say that everyone in the world wants to be truly happy and that they want to enjoy their time on earth, but mainly everybody struggles with being truly happy. It is just something that doesn’t come naturally for many. Happiness really depends on your own way to feel joy, to have certain people around you or doing something you love like a hobby, or something that brings meaning and purpose to your life. Happiness does...
3 Pages 1368 Words

Buying As The Way To Find Happiness

Money can’t buy you happiness, or can it? In North America, everyone has the freedom to spend their hard-earned money as they deem fit. But unfortunately, more and more people are associating their happiness with the purchases that they make. Firstly, the concept of retail therapy, and the brain’s capacity to release dopamine, deceives people into believing that what they’re buying is making them happy. In addition, there is a misconception that owning the latest trends and ‘keeping up with...
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Three Types Of Friendships: Utility, Pleasure, Goodness

Friendship can be described as a bond of mutual affection between two people. These people could form this connection through a variety of different ways. According to Aristotle, there are three types of friendships. These are utility friendships, pleasure friendships, and goodness friendships. Utility friendships focus on the self-interest of one, or both, of the individuals. Their main goal is not to become a lifelong partner, rather to benefit from the relationship. This could be through manipulation or flattery, but...
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Class System In Drama Normal People

Nowadays any attempt to consider social group identity means that social class cannot be avoided for long (Weltman, 2008). Indeed, class is one of the few concepts that we are able to recognise, understand and employ in every context (Biressi et al, 2013). Social class refers to divisions in society that are ultimately based on economic and social status. As social class is an issue that is so rampant in society and is “lived, formed and challenged” everyday (Scharff, 2008:332),...
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Descriptive Essay on Nuer People

Introduction The Nuer people are an Indigenous people from Sudan now known as South Sudan. Their livelihood is based on the many uses of the cattle. With the environment changing through cycles of droughts and floods, the Nuer people have been able to adapt to the severe changes that come with living in Sudan (Peters-Golden, 2012). Pastoralism is favored over horticulture, although their way of life is a mix of both. The Nuer people live a unique lifestyle from the...
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San People: Evolution And Nowadays

THE SLOWLY VANISHING FIRST PEOPLE OF SOUTHERN AFRICA Sonqua, Bushmen, Saake… They have been called by various names by many African tribes and European settlers, who had difficulties in identifying them and their culture. Having inhabited Southern Africa for more than 20 000 years, the San people are the oldest residents of Southern Africa. Their territory was not only limited to South Africa but it also expanded into Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Lesotho. Although the groups living in...
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Essay on Healthy Cities for Young People

There is a strong relationship connecting all the dimensions of health with each other. For instance, mental wellness and physical well-being are connected, which means issues in a single region can affect the other, improving your physical well-being can likewise profit your psychological well-being and vice versa. This shows us the significance of dealing with our health and well-being for a better quality of life Current Facilities Planet fitness (Charlestown) [image: ] Planet Fitness is an exercise center club with...
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