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In our modern-day Europe is one of the most advanced continents in the world with countries that have a good economy, education and many other important things not all continents have. But before that Europe wasn’t ever like it is today until a certain period known between historians called the “renaissance”. This time period changed everything in Europe because people started to learn and educate themselves and stopped just dedicating their lives to god and focused more on their life...
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While mice are getting more and more acceptance in modern society, they are linked with cuteness, such as Mickey Mouse, a world-famous cartoon character, you won’t think that 600 to 700 years ago, mice caused a globally spread plague, which made countless global population decrease. Especially in Europe, the plague directly cut off 1/3 of the middle century's European population and strongly changed the relationship between rats and the crisis in politics, medication, and the social structure during the Black...
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Black Death swept across Europe like a horde of raging wild beasts, consuming everything in its path. Everywhere, the unsuspected disease with the horrible symptoms gave rise to fear. People tried to isolate themselves and avoid contact with others. But it was to little avail. When the infection left humanity alone some years later, about 50 million people, or around 60 percent of the population, had lost their lives. According to William L. Langer, the Black Death was undoubtedly the...
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The Black Death was the deadliest pandemic to ever hit mankind- killing more than 75 million people every day. This pandemic came with many devastating after-effects causing the world to rebuild itself, this horrific plague killed a third of Europe. The effects of the Black Death have short-term and long-term effects on the human population across the world, the short-term effects include a series of trade difficulties, large shortages of agricultural laborers, and extreme poverty for peasants. The long-term effects...
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Historians suggest that The Black Death was a deadly epidemic that hit millions of people spread by the disease known as the bubonic plague. This all happened during medieval Europe, fleas and rats were the cause of to spread of the disease to other people and the bubonic plague did not stop, it was so contagious that it almost killed half of Europe’s population at the time. As the people suffered during this epidemic, they kept thinking as to what...
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The Church played a significant role in the lives of medieval peoples during the Middle Ages. Religion was involved in almost every aspect of daily life, so much so that during this time the laws of Europe were governed by the Church. When the Black Death devastated Europe from 1347 onwards, the damaging consequences meant that the reputation of the Christian church suffered as a result as they were unable to provide any answers or reasoning for the pestilence. The...
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