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The Qualifications Of The Church Leaders

Prior to explaining the qualifications of a church leader, we should first consider what their roles are. In 1 Timothy 3:1 we see that Peter calls the leaders “overseers”. In various denominations, pastors, elders, and bishops carry different responsibilities or roles. In certain regions or cities, bishops oversee pastors, and pastors oversee elders in a church. But we read in scripture that these titles refer to the same thing. When we see the word, “Deacon” it is referred to as...
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Why Are Physical Places Of Worship Significant In Religion?

People of all religions have their own physical places of worship. Such as mosques, churches, Buddhist temples, synagogues and even ancient Egyptian temples that were in use thousands and thousands of years ago. Followers may visit them once a week, daily or multiple times a day. For example, on Sundays, Christians may visit their church for the Sunday service. The question is, why do they visit these places? Do all religions have the same reason to visit them? Maybe they...
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Practical Challenges Of Mission For The Local Church

The objective of this study was to develop a sustainable model to enlarge missional involvement in the local church. This will include the strategizing and planning activities which could help the local church to implement the principles indicated in this study. As part of its introduction, this paper discussed the importance of dialoguing with other faiths as one component of missionary responsibility of the church. It was noted that many churches in Mission especially on the context of Manipur do...
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The Significant Role Of The Church During Black Death

The Church played a significant role in the lives of medieval peoples during the Middle Ages. Religion was involved in almost every aspect of daily life, so much so that during this time the laws of Europe were governed by the Church. When the Black Death devastated Europe from 1347 onwards, the damaging consequences meant that the reputation of the Christian church suffered as a result as they were unable to provide any answers or reasoning for the pestilence. The...
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Church Abuse In Rhode Island

More than 70% of the American population is affiliated to Christianism. Among them, a majority is Protestant. Still, after the 46, 5% Americans that claim to be Protestant, more than ¼ US citizen is a Roman Catholic. It appears that the concentration of Catholics in Rhode Island is above average, with around 40%-50% of Rhode Islanders affiliated to this branch of Christianism, making this state the one with the highest rate of Catholics in the United States. Rhode Island has...
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Seven Steps To Effectively Plant A Church

A church, in the Old Testament in Hebrew is Quatial and Eda which means a gathering and in the New Testament is a Greek word Ekklessia which also means a gathering. It was used to mean the calling out of people to gather to the discussion of public business. A church also means the people of God and the body of Christ. In this contemporary world, a church is the build where believers gather together to worship. The common word...
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How The Church Responded To The Holocaust

“We are not some casual and meaningless product of evolution. Each of us is the result of a thought of God.” – (Pope Benedict XVI April 2005) this quote expresses the Catholic church’s beliefs of people’s lives and clearly shows an example of where the Catholic Church stood during the Holocaust. Hitler’s way of “purifying Germany” was seen as a horrific and tragic period of time in this worlds history it was also referred to as an “Hour of darkness”,...
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The Separation of Church and State: An Essay

Civil liberties in the US revolve around spiritual freedom and freedom of speech among alternative liberties that feature conspicuously within the Bill of Rights. Spiritual freedom, for example, permits Americans to purchase a religion of their selection. The state has no right to impose any faith on its voters (Bardes et al., 2010). The appearance of this document at the separation of church and state and, nevertheless, the establishment clause has an agreement on some highlighted controversial issues. The US...
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Suicide Bomber at Winners' Chapel in Nigeria: A Christian Attacked the Church

On Sunday, the 1st of February, news emerged that a suspected suicide bomber who infiltrated the premises of a Winners’ Chapel branch in Sabon Tasha, Kaduna State was apprehended with explosive devices. Social Media users celebrated his arrest and expected to hear some staggering details about his motivation and sponsors. Many sections linked him to the regular culprits, the Boko Haram sect, although this terrorist group has been relegated to some parts of the Northeastern part of Nigeria. As for...
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Idea of Joining the Church As a Way of Salvation in The Waste Land: Analytical Essay

A few years before joining the Church of England, T.S Eliot published The Waste Land. During this time, he contemplated on the idea of joining the church as a way of salvation. His ideas of rebirth and salvation, at this time, resonate through the poem’s lines. The Waste Land, as a whole, is not considered a religious poem; however there are aspects of it that have revealed some religious views. Eliot makes reference to the various images of Christian beliefs,...
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St Botolph's Church as a Symbol of Boston's Prosperity

Boston is still one of the biggest and most influential towns in Lincolnshire today as it was in the medieval period, although interestingly there is no mention of Boston in ‘Domesday Book’ of 1086 (Russell, 2021). By the beginning of the 12th century, however, Boston had developed as an inland port thanks to its position at the head of the tidal River Haven, linking it to the North Sea. By the 13th century, Boston had grown to be one of...
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Importance of Easter for Orthodox Church: Analytical Essay

We see the moon as a beautiful bright light gleaming in the night’s dark abyss. The round wonder that mankind thought to be the end all and be all of measuring time, was eventually proven to be leading them to a dead end. What hunters and farmers truly needed was a calendar to predict when the seasons would change. To them, having such a calendar would be a game changer. The crucial knowledge of when to plant seeds, prepare for...
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How Disciples Are Made In The Context Of The Local Church

The concept of what a real follower is must be created before the topic of creating disciples can be thorough. To do this, one must glance specifically at the scriptures in the Luke Gospel. Jesus begins by saying, ‘If anyone comes to me and doesn’t hate his father, mother, wife, children, brothers, and sisters, and even his own life, he can’t be my follower.’ While this phrase utilizes a robust vocabulary, it portrays the passion of a follower for Christ...
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Chemical Warfare And The Catholic Church

In recent years, the nuclear ambitions of Iran and North Korea, and lingering fears of bioterrorism have brought about a new military revolution of chemical warfare (CW). It describes warfare that uses toxic chemical substances to kill, injure or incapacitate an opposition. Involving extremely hazardous and lethal compounds of chemical weapons. Under the chemical weapon convention (CWC) a chemical weapon is defined as ‘all toxic chemicals and their precursors that causes mass destruction’ (Ref: OPCW website). It has been used...
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How Did The Roman Catholic Church In Ireland Impact And Influence Ireland’s Free State And Ireland’s Political Society?

Introduction The purpose of this research paper will be to investigate the influence and the effect that the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland has had on the Irish Free State and also on Ireland’s economy, political society, and civil society. The Roman Catholic Church’s influence on public policy has been called into question many a time, especially in the European context. Thus it is only logical that the influence of the church should also be investigated in the context of...
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Church Of Scientology: The Meaning And Features

When I was a younger child, my father would have my 3 siblings and I sit in a circle for our daily prayer. One night in specific, I recall my father telling a story about a celebrity who was a part of something that was spreading lies, pretending to be good when in the dark would be the exact opposite. The celebrity he spoke about was called by the name of Leah Remini. Being quite young at the time, I...
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Religion In E. Sitwell’s Still Falls The Rain And P. Larkin’s Church Going

“Still Falls the Rain” by Dame Edith Sitwell and Philip Larkin’s “Church Going” are two poems that, when analyzed, reveal different versification, themes, and poetic devices. The works are written fourteen years apart; however, the avant-garde poetess and the movement poet still manage to put across their personal attitudes towards religion. Sitwell’s 1941 poem commences with a reference to the German raids on London during the Second World War, thus the titular rain symbolizes the bombs still falling upon England....
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The Teachings Of The Catholic Church

Capital Punishment, also known as the ‘Death Penalty’, is a government-based exercise in which a person is killed as a punishment for a specific crime. Many countries, including First World Nations, have Capital Punishment already established or in practice today. Capital Punishment dates back to the 18th century when the first laws for execution were in place, when a man by the name of King Hammurabi was killed for the commitment of 25 different crimes, although murder was not one...
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Characterization Of The Clergy: Chaucer’s View Of The Church

Everyone has their own opinion about religion and the church. In various pieces of literature, the author may choose to express their opinion by directly stating it, or they may offer it to the reader between the lines. Geoffrey Chaucer takes the latter approach by showing his view of the church through characterization of the clergy in the Canterbury Tales. The characters of the clergy that Chaucer focuses on to portray his opinions are the Prioress, Monk, and Friar. These...
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The Aspects Of The Unification Church

Introduction Various Christian-based groups have been associated with violence and cultic activities. The groups have been charged with brainwashing to increase and retain participants in churches. The literature review sets out to focus on the Unification Church, with conflict as an underlying theme. Focusing in on it as a new religious movement, criminal movement, cultic movement, brainwashing movement and business enterprise. With the intention to conclude on whether there is a consensus in the field or not, and where future...
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The History Of Nazarene Church

Introduction Nazarene Church is a well-known Church which started in Kansas City, United States of America. It talks about holiness without compromising sin. It addresses only rightness to influence people who commits sin in their lives to change and focus kingdom in life. This church rapidly spread all over the World and many souls have been saved. So, how did the first Missionaries bring it into this Pacific Island country called Papua New Guinea? They faced challenges or committed themselves...
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Church And Religion Impact The Lives Of Nobles And Peasants

The Church spread its Catholic beliefs all throughout Europe in Medieval times, greatly impacting both nobles and peasants. The Church’s ability to influence everyone, rich and poor, gave it the power to always be right. With this power, the Church was able to control things like who was King, as shown in Primary Source One, or what people thought about the afterlife. They did this through weekly services or paintings like Secondary Source One, where peoples souls are being ripped...
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Roger Williams And Religious Freedom

I applaud those brave enough to take a stand for something they believe in. Roger Williams was a man who embodied this ideal. In the mid-1600’s, Williams fearlessly stood up to the church he migrated to the US with. He stood up to them because he did not want to see the church get as corrupt as the government. Williams’ main goal was to keep the church and the government separate. He was one of the many to argue against...
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Catholic Church Ethnographic Case Study Of The Canterbury Roman Catholic Church

Introduction The deliberate yet life-changing transition process from traditional to modern industrialized societies dissolved many conventional facts and institutions that grounded humanity to love and kindness. French sociologist Émile Durkheim explains that this state of anomie led to high suicide rates (Clegg, Cunha, & Rego, 2016). Thankfully, religious institutions only grew stronger, giving the faithful a place to belong, a love to requite, and kindness to share. The Catholic Church is one such institution. It is said to have been...
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The Contradiction Of The Catholic Church And The Prince

In spite of the fact that the standard perspective on The Prince is that it advances a hypothetically unscrupulous belief system for political pioneers to embrace, this is doubtlessly by all account not the only reason the religious specialists prohibited the book and reproached Machiavelli after its distribution in 1559. This article will give a couple of the reasons and venture into their subtleties with respect to why Machiavelli was acknowledged and after that denounced by the Catholic Church. The...
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Types And Peculiarities Of Christian Church

Introduction The place of worship that we visited and that will be the main focus of this task is known as ‘Seaford Christian Churches’. Within this space of worship, there are 5 denominations of Christianity. One catholic church congregates here whilst the other 4 are protestant, these include, Uniting Church, Church of Christ, Lutheran and Anglican. Often these churches are defined as Ecumenical, the definition for this as Merriam-Webster state “promoting or tending toward worldwide Christian unity or cooperation” The...
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Church Proposal In Urban Areas

INTRODUCTION Over the years, there has been a significant drastic growth of churches both in Kenya and the world at large. Likewise the number of people both the poor and the rich who have moved to cities and urban centres around the world has increased tremendously overtime. With these kind of increases comes the demand to establish churches which accommodate and serve the interests of both the poor and the rich in these urban areas. The Kenyan urban areas and...
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Things I Saw In Church, Why I Stopped Attending

As a young child, I once made a request in church after pledging some money. I wanted to be a pastor. I didn’t know much. I was admiring a dedicated, charismatic man of God named Pastor Tony (surname concealed of a very popular ministry in Ibadan, Oyo State then. I found peace in the house of God and to a large extent, I lived my life like I was under the constant surveillance of God. For years, I was a...
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The History Of The Church Of God

The modern pentecostal movement is considered by many scholars the most revolutionary phenomenon in the history of Christianity in the 20th century, and perhaps one of the most striking of the whole history of the church. In relatively few decades, the Pentecostal churches gathered a huge amount of people in virtually all continental tes, totaling today, according to calculations by experts, about half a billion adherents around the mun. More than this, Pentecostalism has brought profound changes to the Christian...
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The Necessity Of A Separation Of Church And State

In thirteen countries around the world, failure to comply with the religion recognised by the state is punishable. By death. However, out of the 86% of people who do choose to find comfort and hope in faith; some views are better off being kept private. These ideologies have crept into our governments, and not only are detrimental to minorities but allow unjust exemptions to other groups, and prevent access to unbiased education. Let us start by opening the Australian Parliament...
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