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Introduction Easter, a widely celebrated holiday observed by Christians around the world, holds deep significance as a time of spiritual renewal and rejoicing. This descriptive essay aims to capture the essence and beauty of Easter, exploring its traditions, symbolism, and the joyous atmosphere that surrounds this special time of year. From the vibrant colors of springtime blossoms to the meaningful...
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Holy Thursday is called Maundy Thursday for the reason that the word Maundy comes from the latin, 'mandatum', or 'command' which refers to the instructions Jesus gave his disciples at the Last Supper. In many countries the day is known as Holy Thursday and is a public holiday. Maundy Thursday is part of Holy Week and is always the last...
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We see the moon as a beautiful bright light gleaming in the night’s dark abyss. The round wonder that mankind thought to be the end all and be all of measuring time, was eventually proven to be leading them to a dead end. What hunters and farmers truly needed was a calendar to predict when the seasons would change. To...
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I was the girl whom everyone thought to be the ‘’slut’ or better referred to as the ‘’wannabe.’’ I was always looked down upon by others for my so-called hourglass figure and luxurious dark curled hair some called unfair but I called it gifted. I was the girl that everybody thought they knew but didn’t even come close to. I...
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There are seven signatures to the Irish proclamation of 1916. The first of these signatures belonged to a Fenian man named Thomas James ‘Tom’ Clarke. Clarke was strong in will and had the endurance to go into insurrection for sixty years of Fenianism. Clarke endured the age-long national struggle against British foreign rule for political, social, and religious servitude that...
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Easter holiday is one of the christian religious holidays in our country. According the fact that Easter is a very important day for all Christians, it is also associated with the coming of spring, warmth, sunshine, and, of course, with Easter cakes, painted eggs and other tasty things that are usually put on the table. In addition, on this day,...
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This essay will focus on Williams, J. Nixon, E. Smyth, E. And Watson, D. (2016). “Cherishing all the Children Equally? 100 years on from the Easter Rising” Oaktree press. Cork, Ireland, a longitudinal study of children in Ireland concerning the 1916 proclamation that all the rights of children will be cherished equally. The author will focus on health, the change...
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