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Statuesque Skyscrapers of New York City: Descriptive Essay

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity states that “everything is relative” (Einstein, 1920). It doesn’t just apply to physics or any particular phenomenon but to the whole world and ever-expanding universe. Narrowing down the focus to just the habitat of Homo sapiens, particularly the places where they live, work and eat which are called buildings. The utility, design, height, volume and many other things are dependent on many other factors. Willis (1995) explains that economic and programmatic formulas for quality office...
3 Pages 1312 Words

Ruthless History of Andrew Jackson: Descriptive Essay

One of the original leaders of democracy, Andrew Jackson, was one of the most influential people of his time. His strong-willed attitude and cruel ambition toward perfecting the American government, in his presidency from 1829 to 1837, created a powerful stance for Jackson and the opinions about him. Jackson was a war veteran from the War of 1812, where he won the Battle of New Orleans, and brought upon the ‘Era of Good Feelings’. Jackson had the best interest of...
7 Pages 3109 Words

Real Time Traffic Congestion Street Level Mapping in Surigao City: Descriptive Essay

Introduction Surigao City is a 3rd class component city and capital of the province of Surigao Del Norte, Philippines According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 154,137 people.  In this City Traffic congestion is normal issue in any street organization. At the point when the quantity of vehicles surpasses the furthest reaches of the street, it causes traffic congestion having various degrees of seriousness. Noticing and oversight of traffic for constant just as broadened term judgment is...
2 Pages 1074 Words

Painting and Photography in the Art of Ben Shahn: Descriptive Essay

In 1947, Ben Shahn was given his first review show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This presentation assisted with building up him as one of the most well-known allegorical painters of his age and confirmed a pledge to his work when the gallery was advocating for the most part European dynamic methods of painting. James Thrall Soby, the caretaker of the display, intended to show an agent choice of Shahn’s work in an assortment of media,...
5 Pages 2344 Words

Law Regulations of Lobbying in Poland: Descriptive Essay

The concept of lobbying means influencing state authorities in the interest of certain political, economic or social groups. In Poland, the term ‘lobbying’ appeared in public debates after 1989 and immediately took on a pejorative meaning. He was associated with corruption, behind-the-scenes dealing with cases and breaking the law. A negative look at the issue of lobbying is also influenced by the way it is presented in the media. It rarely appears as an integral component of democracy, it is...
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Workforce in Planned Parenthood: Descriptive Essay

Since its inception, Planned Parenthood has always stood by its mission of “Providing comprehensive reproductive and complementary health care services in settings which preserve and protect the essential privacy and rights of each individual” (What is Planned Parenthood’s Mission Statement, 2019). On Planned Parenthood’s visitor website exists a multitude of positions the nonprofit has available to those who share the same values as the organization, and who want to be a part of its movement to advance technology, education, understanding,...
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Travelling during Gap Year: Descriptive Essay

A gap year will be one of the most exciting times in your life. You will have the chance to go off traveling and exploring the world without a care in the world! There are many different places you can go and discover on your gap year. You’ll also find a variety of things you can do while you are away. Many will help you earn money to fund your travels while others will be just for fun! Are you...
3 Pages 1259 Words

Traditions of Chinese New Year in Indonesia: Descriptive Essay

Maybe you often hear about Chinese New Year or Tahun Baru imlek, the Chinese community in Indonesia always celebrates Imlek every year. By the way, do you know that there is one show which is always enlivening the Chinese New Year in Indonesia? Yup! The answer is Barongsai. The cheap entertainment that emerged and became one of the traditional Chinese arts is indeed enough to attract people’s attention in every street in Indonesia during when Chinese New Year Celebration. I...
3 Pages 1454 Words

The Bald Eagle: Descriptive Essay

Nesting and Habitat The Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) is the only Eagle that is confined to North America, and it builds one of the largest nests out of all birds on the continent. They fill out their nests with branches and sticks and line them with grasses, mosses, and other softer materials, which help them last for years (Guinn et al. 2004). These nests are called eyries and can be found near large bodies of water with an abundance of...
3 Pages 1332 Words

Sydney New Year’s Eve: Descriptive Essay

Organizational Method: Chronological Order Topic: Sydney New Year’s Eve General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the evolution of the Sydney New Year’s Eve from 2015 to 2018. Central Ideas: Sydney New Year’s Eve is an annual multitier event that is held every year in Sydney, Australia and it gets a lot of attention from all around the world. Introduction Why the Sydney New Year’s Eve is so popular? It’s because it is one of the...
3 Pages 1397 Words

Stonehenge as a Sacred Place: Descriptive Essay

What is Sacred? Ancient Egypt art and architecture detail the belief systems and socioeconomic structures of ancient Egypt. Some of the diverse architectural structures remain as primary focus points for tourists. The arts are at times compared with evaluations of their various similarities. However, there is still a diversified symbolism in most of them in their anonymity and association with religious beliefs. Art from ancient Egypt received focus and attention from diverse people based on its differences from our modern...
2 Pages 891 Words

Sexual Education and Planned Parenthood: Descriptive Essay

Margaret Sanger’s first clinic handed out cervical caps. During World War I, many servicemen were diagnosed with venereal diseases. Due to this, the government responded by placing out an anti-venereal disease campaign. This changed contraception from a moral issue and began making it public health issue and research began. In Europe, soldiers began to use condoms, for which they brought back to the US and readily supported their use. In 1938, the judge lifted the federal ban on birth control,...
4 Pages 1837 Words

Serial Killers in the USA: Descriptive Essay

A serial killer is typically somebody who kills multiple people in separate events. They are usually gaps in between the first set of killing and the next set of killings which can range from a couple of days to a couple of months or even a couple of years. Different agencies have different criteria on defining a serial killer. While most agencies believe a serial killer becomes a serial killer once he commits his second straight, murder agencies such as...
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Renaissance Humanism: Descriptive Essay

Renaissance Humanism In the history of the world, many remarkable events have taken place that has led to a turnaround in the thoughts and general lives of the people. One of such period is renaissance humanism. Renaissance Humanism is the study of ancient Greek and Roman texts with the goal of promoting new norms and values in society. (Writers, 2019) Humanism was an optimistic philosophy that saw man as a rational and sentient being, which has the ability to think...
2 Pages 1115 Words

Philippine Traditions of New Year: Descriptive Essay

How is the Philippines different from the rest of the world? Well, for one, this is completely related to their culture. The Philippines can be a bit of a mystery – the rich mix of influence and culture is often difficult for tourists to understand. Like any other culture, the Philippines prides itself on its customs and traditions which can be classified as the authentic Philippines. The following are some of the major traditions that only Filipinos can fully understand....
4 Pages 1752 Words

Major Types of Hospitals: Descriptive Essay

Hospitals A recent definition of the hospital is an “institution where sick or injured are given medical or surgical care” (Niles, 2018). Hospitals are categorized in many ways. A public hospital is owned by the government, community hospitals are privately owned and are not for profit, a propriety hospital is also privately owned but are called a for-profit business (Niles, 2018). Public Hospital Public hospitals are the oldest type of hospital. They are owned by the federal, state, or local...
2 Pages 1087 Words

Life of Chaucer and the Idea of The Canterbury Tales: Descriptive Essay

Chaucer under French, Italian, and English influence: The life of Chaucer is divided into three periods. The first, of thirty years, includes his youth and early manhood, in which time he was influenced almost exclusively by French literary models. The second period, of fifteen years, covers Chaucer’s active life as a diplomat and man of affairs; and in this, the Italian influence seems stronger than the French. The third, of fifteen years, generally known as the English period, is the...
2 Pages 1036 Words

Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus: Descriptive Essay

Catch wind of this- Venus has it all when it comes to extreme weather conditions, and high temperatures, the atmosphere is literally crushing insane lightning storms and on top of all of that super powerful winds, space probes have been sent to Venus successfully since the 60s but due to the extreme weather can only gather data for a few minutes before having to leave the winds flow 50 times faster than the Earth rotates and it’s been found that...
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Henry Ford and Invention of T-Engine: Descriptive Essay

History context – Henry Ford was born on July 30th, 1863 Wayne county, He was the firstborn of six children. William and Mary were his parents and they named him after his uncle. Henry grew up on a family farm in Dearborn, Michigan. Henry spent most of his days in a one-room school and doing farm chores. At the age of 16, Henry left home to go to Detroit for his first job. Henry’s first job was working as a...
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Figure of Zeus on the Vase “Ganymede with Cock and Hoop”: Descriptive Essay

The vase, “Ganymede with Cock and Hoop”, is a red-figure bell krater that was made in 525-475 BC by Berlin Painter, located in Musee du Louvre, Paris. The Athenian vase is in large size and has a large opening and a big belly. The frame that showed on the vase was the Greek myth about the young man, Ganymede, is playing the loop with one hand and has a cock on the other hand. The other side of the vase...
4 Pages 2016 Words

Essence of Thanksgiving Day: Descriptive Essay

Thanksgiving is one of the most anticipated and celebrated holidays in the United States. It is a time when family and friends come together as one and give thanks. However, Thanksgiving can be a complex occasion due to the planning, preparing, and cooking of the holiday dinner. Despite these challenges, everyone can work together to make the dinner go smoothly. Also, if done right, these components call help to create an exciting and successful Thanksgiving dinner. When planning a Thanksgiving...
1 Page 478 Words

Emergence of the New Infectious Diseases: Descriptive Essay

New Diseases Introduction A disease is a certain condition that affects an organism by weakening the body’s general functions and psyche; it is also affiliated with particular symptoms and signs. The factors that contribute to an organism having a disease may be intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic factors originate within a host and could be caused by a disorder from that host, which compromises the processes of body organs or genetic features of the host. Extrinsic factors are when a host...
4 Pages 2040 Words

Development of Vision in an Infants Eye in the First 12 Months: Descriptive Essay

Vision is the faculty of being able to see. The human eye allows us to have a sense of sight, enabling us to learn more about the world than we do with any other senses, hence why it is so crucial to maintain our vision by getting routine checkups. I will discuss many properties of vision development including Visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, the retina, color vision and depth perception. An infant’s vision changes drastically in the first year of their...
4 Pages 1927 Words

Dubai as a Tourist Destination: Descriptive Essay

The Middle East being one of the leading booming tourism and hospitality destinations. Dubai is the destination developing at a high rate. Over the past half century, the city has well established and developed at a fast rate for the tourism and hospitality industry to go up and increase the economy and reputation of the destination all over the world. The growth of hotels and tourist destinations have been the major factors for the unique selling points (USP) to rise...
4 Pages 1649 Words

Disneyland's Overrated Magic: A Descriptive Essay

“There’s nothing more magical than this” (Disneyland). This is one of the slogans Disneyland uses as to be known as the most magical place on earth. From children to adults, almost everyone is obsessed with Disneyland. Disneyland is something everyone imagines to go to after watching movies and thinking it is magical. Disneyland is also known as the happiest place on earth, but is it really? Disneyland is the most overrated theme park. Disneyland is depicted as this magical place,...
2 Pages 1096 Words

My Favorite Place: Descriptive Essay

There are numerous lovely places on earth. They are scattered over the nation. Each site has its claim particular features. A few places have beautiful magnificence in wealth, while many are famous for their architectural wonders. Also, each individual has diverse tastes, choices, and likings. A few individuals appreciate the sight of beautiful magnificence; a few are pulled in towards places of the authentic and archeological interface. Some may be interested in going to places of religious importance. I have...
1 Page 429 Words

Descriptive Essay on the Definition of Separation of Powers

Traditionally, the definition of separation of powers is when there is a division of governmental bodies there is a separation of three different powers that can be executed. These powers are legislature, executive and judiciary. These powers in force independent powers and areas of responsibility for government officials. The legislative power is for those who are in authority under the constitution, such as to make new laws with the ability to alter or appeal them. This comes into account within...
1 Page 663 Words

War against Drugs Launched by President Nixon: Descriptive Essay

The United States of America makes roughly 5 percent of the world population, yet funny enough it houses more than 25 percent of all people incarcerated throughout the world (Coates). The hardest hit communities are by far those of color in urban areas. This paper will focus on how America used the War on Drugs to wage war against its own citizens, those of color anyway. It will look at policies set forth by the war and how it systematically...
3 Pages 1160 Words

One Great Man of America: Descriptive Essay on Ronald Reagan's Life

There are many great men in history such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, etcetera, but what makes them “great”? Could it be the grit to move forward, the ability of perseverance that keeps them going? Maybe, integrity of spirit and mind that defines themselves as a special person? Is passion the drive that continues to give man the will of action to make small things grand. All these qualities and more are involved in the construction of such men. One...
4 Pages 2027 Words

Essence and Objectives of Social Media Analysis: Descriptive Essay

Abstract A social media network is defined as a social structure of individual or multiple people, who are related to each other directly or indirectly based on a common relation of interest like friendship, trust, etc. Social media analysis is the study of social networks to understand user’s behavior. In recent time social media analysis is popular term due to its use in different applications from product marketing like viral marketing to search engines and organizational management. Recently there has...
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