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Descriptive essays serve as vivid windows into the writer’s world, using detailed observations, sensory imagery, and expressive language. These essays paint a picture for readers, allowing them to experience the subject through the writer’s perspective. Whether describing a serene natural landscape, a bustling city street, or a cherished childhood memory,...

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Social Issues

Descriptive Essay on Harry Potter

When we think of heroes, we tend to associate them with a cape or a mask. This statement has not remained true in both early and modern times throughout history. Odysseus who was King of Ithaca and a hero in Homer’s poem “The Odyssey” was a prime example of an individual with nobility and strength. Now Gilgamesh did not quite show nobility in the beginning, but eventually showed true heroism and strength following his transition into a better King. An...
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Your Favorite Sport: Descriptive Essay

Basketball is more than just a game to me; it's a passion that ignites my soul and fills me with a sense of exhilaration. The sound of the ball bouncing on the hardwood floor, the swish of the net as the ball glides through, the cheers and chants of the crowd—it all creates an atmosphere that is electric and captivating. For me, basketball is not just a sport; it's a way of life. As I step onto the court, a...
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Winter Season Descriptive Essay

Winter is a season of wonder and enchantment, transforming the world into a pristine and ethereal landscape. As the air turns crisp and the days grow shorter, nature undergoes a stunning metamorphosis, painting a picturesque scene of snowy hills, glistening icicles, and frost-kissed trees. In this descriptive essay, we embark on a sensory journey through the winter season, exploring its unique sights, sounds, and sensations that make it a truly magical time of year. As I step outside on a...
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Descriptive Statistics Essay

Statistics is a subfield of both science and mathematics as it uses the rules from these two fields. It works with the calculations and quantifications of data, scrutinizing it, elucidating, and dispensing it in the best form. The students of this subject collect the data by doing various experiments and then survey all those samples. They do so to get the maximum corrected results regarding that experiment. In this subject, you can find out the results by taking all the...
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Descriptive Essay on 'Titanic'

The Unsinkable Ship, The Ship of Dreams, otherwise known as the R.M.S. Titanic was an unforgettable and tragic disaster that changed the lives of many people. Some things could not have been predicted; however, they could have been more prepared. If certain precautions had been taken, the destiny of the R.M.S. Titanic would have been altered and saved many lives. On April 10, 1912, the Titanic set sail on its maiden voyage. The ship left Southampton, England, heading for New...
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Descriptive Essay about Loneliness

Have you or a loved one ever felt all alone in the world? In truth, we all do sometimes, and it isn't always easy to overcome those feelings. When you're going through difficult times and feel there's no one to turn to for support, it's hard to know what to do or where to go. Humans are considered social creatures by nature. People long for connection with others and want to be loved or accepted. It's ok to have these...
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Graduation Ceremony Descriptive Essay

Introduction This time, I want to explain about group and team communication. When you work in the hospitality industry, you work with a variety of people and work around teamwork. We prepared a canape with our classmates at the graduation ceremony on the third week of September and worked with second-grade students. Also, I know better that team communication is important because I am personally working in the hotel kitchen. Most hospitality industries work in their sections, and they come...
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Descriptive Essay on Wedding Ceremony

I was fortunate enough to attend the Indian wedding ceremony of my cousins, additionally recognized as 'Vivah', a kind of wedding known for the grandeur, traditions, grace, hues, and almost carnival-type celebration related to this sacred event. She goes. I would like to tackle the means and essence behind these charming rituals and the cultural value of centuries-old traditions for the duration of a marriage. While there are many subcultures in India, this is the simple version of 'authentic Indian...
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Descriptive Essay on the Sunset

Sunset is not a word it is an emotion. During the sunset or sunrise, the sky takes on shades of orange . According to Ram Charon- this orange color gives us hope that the sun will set to rise again. Just like many people have ups & downs in their life. Some people give up. But some people still have to hope to rise & shine again. So don't lose hope. Every problem has its solution the only thing use...
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Descriptive Essay on Santa Claus

A man became a legend centuries ago and now in the 21st century he is still a legend but the story of how or who made him has gone from a real Saint to an animated whimsical figure. He has been loved through the years for his acts of kindness and ability to lift people's spirits. He was a Christian Bishop who would leave simple gifts for families on doorsteps in secret. This is where the Santa Claus legend came...
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Descriptive Essay on Railway Station

Port Klang is the main port in Malaysia. It was discovered by the British as Port Swettenham when they conquered Melaka. The port was later renamed as Port Klang in July 1972, it is the largest port in the country. The port is located in the District of Klang. Since ancient times, humans have been living in the area of Port Klang. Archaeologists have discovered ancient fossils within Port Klang. With routes to Klang Valley where tin is available, the...
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Descriptive Essay on My Worst Nightmare

Nightmare, Just A Nightmare It was a dark and stormy night. The thunderstorm sounded like a loud branch being chopped off a tree. The whole town was hibernating, it was completely black-pitched. No light could push through the darkness. The howling wind swiftly drifted through the air. The stormy greyish clouds were looming large in the sky, opening up the portal on Earth and releasing heavy rainfall. The rain was ringing through my ears, It was crashing on the roof,...
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Descriptive Essay on My Pet Dog

To be able to change the behavior of anyone or anything would be such an amazing experience and would personally benefit me greatly. I would use operant conditioning to change my pet dog’s behavior. He insists on using the bathroom inside after being walked for a long time, he also chews anything he can get his mouth on and he bites at people’s ankles like he’s still a puppy. This behavior is quite annoying and if I could change it...
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Descriptive Essay on Graduating High School

Albert Einstein once said, “What is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right.” These days, a popular idea appears to be that four-year colleges and universities are the only option for high school graduates to find a meaningful career. Some school counselors, teachers, and other educators pressure their students to attend four-year colleges or universities. They seem to be remiss in acknowledging a crucial concept: attending four-year colleges may not be for everyone. Some...
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Descriptive Essay on Garden

The garden is an attempt to create an earthy paradise, a slice of the beauty that will be presented to those of who follow the doctrines and principles laid out by the Prophet Muhammad. The marriage of the Islamic Garden and architecture is through its earthly relationship to symbolize the divine: Islam is a monotheistic religion that operates on units and equilibriums, mathematical ratios that represent the unity and the oneness of God. In this essay, I want to explore...
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Descriptive Essay on Fire Accident

The Grenfell fire tower began in June 2017 and soon became one of the UK's worst modern disasters (BBC News, 2019). The Tower stood as part of the Lancaster West Estate in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, one of the wealthiest local authorities in the country, yet has become amongst London's most unequal, with Grenfell Tower sitting in extreme poverty, side by side with excessive wealth (Barr, 2017). The social housing tower homed individuals from a multitude of socio-economic...
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Descriptive Essay on Cricket Match

How Long Does A Cricket Match Last? I’ve tried to introduce a lot of my friends to cricket over the years, and one of the common responses I’ve gotten when I’ve suggested that they start watching it is that they don’t want to because the matches last too long! I have to admit, it’s true that cricket matches last a lot longer than other sports like football, but there’s a lot of variation! Unlike football, cricket has many different game...
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Descriptive Essay on a Sunset Scene

I took this picture because this was one of the most amazing sunsets I've ever been able to witness. Have you ever noticed that you have that one thing that makes you feel warm inside and for that moment, life is good? For me, that thing is the sunset. The sunset has always been there no matter what, it is my peace and comfort. We all appreciate different things in life, but the sunset makes you value the little things...
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Descriptive Essay on a Memorable Journey

Saigon was in ruins. My mother, father, and brother had gathered what little we had managed to salvage of our belongings in some old felt bags and pillowcases. My parents had managed to sell some of my grandmother’s jewelry in exchange for funding our journey. First to Thailand, then a boat to Australia. The journey officially began with the first step of leaving my once beloved home. As we run, my head turns from side to side, glimpsing my surroundings....
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Descriptive Essay about Yourself

The self - in all honesty, a very difficult one to describe, to talk about. It is really a quite long journey to understand the self, the real self - the open side, the inner self, the blind one, etc. Exactly, who am I? This is, perhaps, the question that is most common to be asked and the most difficult to answer, especially for those people who really struggle to describe and find the self, and, also for those who...
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Descriptive Essay about Spring Season

Hello Spring, is that really you? Every morning I greet the most awaited season of renewal, rebirth, and regrowth of nature. The older I grow the more I love spring and spring flowers. What could be sweeter than homemade gingerbread or coconut cake with sweet tea, nasturtiums and peonies from my own garden, and a heartfelt verse? My beloved blooms, these “beautiful children of spring”, inspire me with metaphors! Today I went out again into the field near my house....
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Descriptive Essay about School Life

It was just the beginning of my secondary school life. I was just a snotty-nosed primary six student, stepping into a whole new daunting world. The first thing that struck me was how much bigger my new secondary school was. Standing in front of the massive, imposing founder’s statue at the entrance, I didn’t know where to go. And then there was a scary sea of humans all gathered in the canteen willy-nilly which further led to my confusion. At...
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Descriptive Essay about New Years Eve

Introduction 'The Little Match Girl' is Hans Christian Andersen's novel. The tale is not only popular because of its poignant tragedy but because of its elegance as well. Our imagination (and literature) may give us warmth, and relief from so much of the struggles of life. Yet it is also possible for literature to serve as a reminder of personal responsibility. Importance and how connected to the real world Hans Christian Andersen's novel “The Little Match Girl” is a fictional...
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Descriptive Essay about Nature

Nature can be seen emerging in architecture right from the beginning in ancient Egypt. Natural elements inspired forms, seen in tombs carved into mountains, and use of local materials; mud brick made of the clay from the river Nile. These are examples of the ancient concept of vernacular architecture. Ancient Egyptian and Greek civilizations developed their thoughts on natural forms and human bodies and interpreted them into geometry. They proportioned their structures, such as temples and shrines, using basic shapes....
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Descriptive Essay about My School

Most countries are changing the tasks, structures of schools, and the education system as a whole. These changes are strongly influencing the role of leadership within the schools and thus it becomes essential to select and develop appropriate candidates for these positions. As Guarino (2006) states an effective recruitment program depends on the following: Developing an attractive benefits package Rapid responses to workers' need Providing accurate information and knowledge to applicants Auditing recruitment process Providing an effective training Although these...
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Descriptive Essay about My Neighbourhood

Viewing the four recordings on the heaviness of the country truly opened my eyes and caused me to understand that heftiness is a difficult issue in our present reality. In spite of the fact that this issue appears to be greater than us, there are things we can do to help bring down the pace of corpulence. Information about well-being and sustenance is a key factor that should be accentuated so as to support the reason. When individuals recognize what...
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Descriptive Essay about My Grandfather

How a Relationship Can Influence Your Future “No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away,” wrote fantasy author Terry Pratchett. The impact and influence that family members leave with you while alive and also after they have died can change and develop your life to great degrees. My grandfather has been one of the people in my life who has shaped me into the person I am today and who continues to influence...
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Descriptive Essay about Mother

If I have the power to turn back time the one thing that I would like to change was to stop my mother from giving birth to me. I know that giving birth to me was the start of her misfortune in life and because of me my siblings also had to come to this world to bear the same thing. My grandmother used to say that my mother was a smart lady. She even went to an international school....
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Descriptive Essay about Love

Love is the only language that everybody understands irrespective of your tribe, race, color, religion, and personality. Love is a feeling that must be felt, and love is not silent for it requires action. When we show love to others it means we have love inside of us to give because as the popular saying goes you can only give what you have. You must love yourself to be able to love another. Love is one of the major ingredients...
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Descriptive Essay about Home

Introduction Energy-efficient homes reduce unnecessary energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and demands for non-renewable resources. They simultaneously provide healthier living conditions and offer homeowners significant money savings over conventional homes. Many factors can comprise residential energy efficiency, and both new and existing homes can be improved with energy-efficient strategies and products. Energy Efficient Home Features: Orientation The main orientation of my house will be northern facing as will my windows; to allow for solar heat to reach the inside of...
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