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Port Klang is the main port in Malaysia. It was discovered by the British as Port Swettenham when they conquered Melaka. The port was later renamed as Port Klang in July 1972, it is the largest port in the country. The port is located in the District of Klang.

Since ancient times, humans have been living in the area of Port Klang. Archaeologists have discovered ancient fossils within Port Klang. With routes to Klang Valley where tin is available, the area is an important site to mine tin.

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In 1511, Melaka was conquered by the Portuguese, but Sultan Johor-Riau maintained control of Port Klang. In the 18th Century when the Selangor sultanate was born, he ceased to rule Port Klang and the surrounding territory.

During the 19th Century, Port Klang’s power was growing rapidly due to the demands for tin by Western societies. Knowing the rich resources in Klang Valley, Raja Mahdi is seeking to regain the position of territorial chief which led to the Selangor Civil War also known as the Klang War. The war between Raja Mahdi and Raja Abdullah lasted from 1867 until 1874. Raja Mahdi failed to regain the position instead their war caused the British to intervene and conquer Port Klang.

In 1874 after the British conquered Port Klang, Port Klang became their administrative center. In 1880, the British switched their focus to Kuala Lumpur mining. During that time Port Klang was still important to the British because Port Klang was the main export point for tin. In 1886, the British built the railroad which further strengthened Port Klang. In the 1890s, it became the main producer of coffee and rubber in Selangor.

During this time there was only one operating port which is Southpoint operated by the Malayan Railway Administration but the coastal area and deep-water harbor of the area showed that it was a good location for wharves and a port. In 1945, the modern Port Klang was built and it developed rapidly due to the railway from Kuala Lumpur. In 1963, The Port Klang Authority was created in order to administer three Port Klang areas which are Westport, Northport, and the earliest one Southpoint. Port Klang had been the capital of Selangor from 1974 to 1977.

In 1993, a government directive pursued hubbing strategies and centering the load in Port Klang, Since 1993, Port Klang had developed quickly with the support of the government directive, it became synonymous with world-class ports. Port Klang is being developed as the National Load Centre. Port Klang today has trade connections with over 120 countries and makes deals with over 500 ports around the world.

There are many historical sites, but I will only draw a few here to introduce. The first historic site that I want to introduce is Klang Railway Station, this is one of the first to be constructed in the country was the railway line from Kuala Lumpur to Klang, there has been a railway station at this site on Jalan Besar since 1890, but the current building is much newer but this station is a typical style. It might not be around for a long time. Discussions are ongoing to move the station to a new site on Jalan Raya Barat which is about 400 meters away, where the planned Light Rail Transit (LRT 3) route will halt. (MUTHIAH, 2020)The second historic site is Istana Alam Shah, here is Klang was Selangor’s former Royal Capital, and is home to Istana Alam Shah, one of the Selangor Sultan’s official palaces. It was built in 1960, replacing the previous Makhota Puri site that occupied the same spot. One of the Istana Alam Shah’s outbuildings bears the Royal Automobile Gallery sign and would be a fun place to visit if it ever were open to the public in the future. (Magazine, 2020)Last but not least is Sultan Sulaiman Mosque, this Royal Mosque was designed and completed in September 1932, by British architect Leofric Kesteven. It is thought that the style blends Islamic architecture with art-deco and western cathedral styles, and uses stained glass in the dome and some windows. Presently the mosque is closed for conservation work. (Traveller, 2020)

As an ancient city, Klang was a good place of gourmet paradise, and because there are a lot of historical sites that exist this has attracted countless tourists to come tourism here. The most familiar of the traditional cafe is ' Chong Kok Kopitiam'. In the 19th century, our ancestors came to Klang by boat from China and have lived here ever since. One of the first to be operated was the restaurant 'Chong Kok Kopitiam' in Klang. It was built in the 1940s, they constructed a cafe combination of restaurants and hotels. By the 1970s, the hotel and cafe had been closed and only the restaurant was in operation until now. The restaurant's main sales typical selection of local coffee, with toast, half-boiled eggs, pastries, or nasi lemak. They also have a few stalls selling a wide array of food such as nasi lemak, pastry or cheesecake, and so on. It attracts customers of all nationalities to spend money here. At this moment, I felt the spirit of Satu Malaysia. (Kamal, 2020) Most people in Klang are 'Hokkien'. Bah Kut Teh' is one of the local Malaysian herbal foods that originated from the town of Klang in Malaysia. (Wong, 2018)Kut Teh' means a meat bone tea dish broth dish with a strong herbal taste. In tradition, 'Bah Kut Teh' is a Chinese herbal soup that has been boiled with some pork and 16 different herbs and spices in clay pots. Nowadays, 'Bak Kut Teh' has been over more than four hundred stalls in Klang. “Bah Kut Teh' has become a local delicacy in Klang. (Yeoh's, 2013)Our childhood memories - 'Ice Ball'. When the weather is hot, ABC becomes a favorite dessert among local people, but ice balls will be no exception. “Ice ball' means it is to roll the shaved ice into a ball with all the red beans fixed inside before adding some colorful syrup and coconut sugar using a straw in plastic for customer use. (Ann, 2016)

In conclusion, Klang is full of stories city that record from prehistoric age people living here. In this royal town of Klang, we can see many centuries-old historical sites and some old shops that continue to exist. In addition, Port Klang is not only the largest port in the country that an important commercial port in Malaysia. For this assignment, our knowledge of the history of the royal city of Malaysia is further advanced.

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