Descriptive Essay on My Worst Nightmare

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Nightmare, Just A Nightmare

It was a dark and stormy night. The thunderstorm sounded like a loud branch being chopped off a tree. The whole town was hibernating, it was completely black-pitched. No light could push through the darkness. The howling wind swiftly drifted through the air. The stormy greyish clouds were looming large in the sky, opening up the portal on Earth and releasing heavy rainfall. The rain was ringing through my ears, It was crashing on the roof, desperately trying to find a passage and get into the house. Under the street lights, the rain drizzled and the pavements shined yellow. White-bearded old folk in a raincoat scurried to his cozy home where the family, dog, and flat-screen TV were waiting for him. I felt very shivery and it gave me goosebumps. When I breathe, the air evaporates into the air as if I am smoking. I went into the living room and lit up the dark charcoal wood in the fire pit. It was so satisfying to see the flame turn into a blaze. I sat on a comfy bean bag with my noodle arms swirling around the fire.

I decided to go out with my lantern in the rain and wore a raincoat with big gumboots to prevent the water from getting into my foot. I saw a haunted house. It was tall and thin built by large grey stones. The cement had been sandwiched together giving it a distinctive look. The front door looked as if it was sun-bleached. It was left ajar open probably by the strong winds. The curtains were flying from side to side like a swing. I ran through the rain and it was like a person standing above my head on a balcony and pouring a big bucket of water over my head.

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I opened the door and it made a creaky sound. The plank was shaking unevenly. Cobwebs had covered some sort of chests. The wind was blowing through the window and kept opening and shutting. There was a silence and throbbing in my ears. I could hear some horror sounds from upstairs. I gulped and climbed up the stairs. I found a bathroom. The tap had no running water, marble on the floor had cracks in it. I left it undisturbed. The bedrooms had cloth-covered antique clothings and they were once worn. There was a second set of stairs and was way darker. It seemed as if this was a children's playroom. The toy blocks were all over the place. A shattered mirror showed a ghost when I looked through it. The light bulbs were flickering. A giant rat scampered towards me. The big beady red eyes stared and jumped at me. I dropped my lantern and ran downstairs and the doors had closed on me. I tried to open the door but I could not.

I got trapped in the house, I tried to find objects that could assist me in escaping this place. I took one step and I fell into a trap door. My leg skin peeled off and started to bleed. A lot of insects were crawling under me. The sound of ghosts started to haunt me. I felt like I was stuck in a box. I could not move anywhere. I regretted checking out this place. There were lots of scratch marks on the wall, it was like someone had been locked up here before. Down here it stunk like blue cheese. I did not know what to do anymore so I sat against the wall with my head on my lap. It was so dark down here, it felt as if my eyes were closed. I looked up and the ghosts started to appear on the walls in white and black. It was teleporting closer and sometimes farther. I screamed at the top of my lungs and started to cry. My heart had leaped a beat.

As the hours went past, a ray of light had shined through. I looked up and it was a man holding a torch. He had a fedora hat, and a brown beard and was willing to help me. I wiped my tears away. The man brought a lasso. He told me to climb up the wall and hold on tight. He attached the lasso to a corner. I quickly jumped on and went up fast as a firefighter. I could not believe that I got out of the house. I thanked the man for rescuing me. I rushed home. I went upstairs and peeked through the window, staring at the house. I never wanted to go past that house ever again. It was a Nightmare and will remember it for a long time in my dreams. I was lucky that my parents had not come back from work yet.

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