My Ever-Growing Dream

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Way back in 2012, when I started my senior secondary education, I chose biology as a major subject and slowly it became subject of core interest. By the time I completed my two years with I got fully mesmerized with biotechnology. It was no wonder for me that I scored highest in the subject.

Pursuing biotechnology as a core subject of graduation was already seeded so getting one was like first dream come true. I enrolled myself in Banasthali University in BSc (Biotechnology). During three years of my graduation, I learnt about all branches of biology and how biotechnology interlinks each other. Our curriculum was designed in such a way that I could relate my practical with theory matter effortlessly.

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During the final year of graduation, I chose to use my summer vacation as an opportunity period to learn hands-on training on some of the skills. I cherry-picked the techniques which are used in industrial microbiology, cell and molecular biology, plant biotechnology and bioinformatics. During my trainee days, I learnt the art to read research articles and confine the project report. During those two months, I was also brushed upon the usage of chemicals and reagents in the ecological conservative manner and importance of proper disposal methods.

By 2018, post-graduation became key enabler in line to pursue my dream further, dreams which I had been living for past 5 years and they enabled me to see future further. These dreams were further shaped by some of the great professors and scientists whom I listened to during guest lectures. Listening to them and their innovative works in field of biotechnology convinced my mind and my loved subject and chosen career path even more.

Recently, during making of assignment on apoptosis and its role in cancer removal I came across some bacterial proteins which have anti-cancer properties. For instance, Azurin protein from Pseudomonas aeruginosa induces cancer cell apoptosis by forming complexes with tumor protein p53. This peptide is said to have a strong cytotoxic effect on breast cancer cell lines. Similarly, parasporin-the cytocidal protein of Bacillus thuringiensis when over expressed shows cytotoxic activity against different cancer cell lines such as HeLa and HepG2. These proteins produce detectable changes in the cancer cells which range from change in cell morphology, shrinkage of cells and bleb formation eventually leading the cancer cell towards apoptosis. Multiple of such bacterial proteins can lead them towards their therapeutic usage to remove cancerous cell from the body. It was astonishing to read how these bacterial peptides either directly or indirectly triggered programmed cell death in cancer cell lines. I believe overexpression of such proteins by using certain recombinant techniques can lead these peptides into market as anti-cancer drugs.

More importantly the growing resistance capability of cancerous cells and other side effects of chemotherapy demands for the new paradigm for cancer treatment. This can be achieved by cloning bacteria which can express anti-cancer proteins in high amounts. Despite of having huge diversity of bacteria and other microbes, the number of bacterial proteins and the other biological active compounds known with anti-cancer activities are few. The need is to discover, isolate, study and clone such bacterial strains to produce such anti-cancer peptides.

This has led me to know that your institute can give me hands-on training on ongoing research in this area. Your institute can be a refining platform for me where I can joyfully engage myself in research and development as key stage towards fulfilling my ever-growing dream.

I will be very obliged if I get a chance to shape my dream further by working with some of the great scientists, state-of-the-art laboratories and renowned institute.

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