Steps Taken to Fulfill My Dream of Becoming a Pharmacist

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Adversity, determination, ambition, and drive, just a few words that describe me. Though I may not excel in many things, these are words that I’m proud to be described as. Throughout my life failure has been a common theme, however, with failure comes learning and with learning comes growth. At a young age a love for pharmacy was instilled into me. The past few years have been challenging, but also exciting as I’ve continued to learn and grow, always coming a little bit closer to achieving my goal that I’ve dreamed of for so long. I am very excited to outline the steps I have taken towards fulfilling my dream of one day becoming a pharmacist.

The fall of 2016 was the first step I took towards fulfilling my dream. Ready to start gaining knowledge, I signed up for numerous events at local hospitals regarding different diseases along with participants and their stories. These events were designed to show a patient’s perspective as well as a professional perspective along with the next steps in each situation. During these events I was able to meet numerous professionals in many different fields of pharmacy. After attending multiple of these events, it was clear that I was very interested in the field of pharmacy. While I felt satisfied with learning so much from both patients and professionals, I was also unsatisfied, I wanted to learn more.

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My craving for knowledge in the field of pharmacy led me to my current job as a certified pharmacy technician. After attending several events at local hospitals, I knew it was time to dive head first into the world of pharmacy. This led me to Walgreens pharmacy in which I have worked thousands of hours as a certified pharmacy technician under a pharmacist’s supervision. I have successfully balanced and have continued to balance working a consistent 15 to 20 hours a week while also focusing on my college courses and extracurricular activities. It has been challenging, but I feel a great sense of dignity and tenacity. As months passed on, I continued this trend of working 15 to 20 hours a week while also balancing 16 - 20 college credit hours. Working in the pharmacy was a true test to see if the field was meant for me. While working with Walgreens I’ve learned a great deal about adequate healthcare and the importance of patient care from multiple pharmacists and pharmacy students alike. There comes a great sense of pride with the ability to help patients day in and day out while also being able to witness firsthand the respect the patients have for the pharmacist and the joy they bring. Working for the Walgreens pharmacy has been a privilege as I’ve continued to learn something new every single day.

Failure has been something that has been imminent in my life. Rather than letting it deter me from my goals, I have used it as a learning tool. Failure after all is the biggest learning opportunity that one can take. Rather than pushing it away I have always embraced it. Whether it be a bad test or a huge curveball thrown by life, I’ve always managed to overcome it through adversity and determination. I set extremely difficult goals, and though it may be more difficult for me to achieve these goals, I know that eventually I will.

Overcoming whatever life throws at me is what I do best in life. I have and always will have a passion for pharmacy. I have aspired to achieve my dream of becoming a pharmacist for years. Though it hasn't been an easy journey, I am certain it is the right journey for me. As a senior in high school, I knew pharmacy was something I was passionate about. As I have summarized, my journey hasn't been easy, but it has been worth it. I am very eager and excited to continue my journey in achieving my dream of one day becoming a pharmacist.

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