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Is It Better to Dream Big or Be Realistic: Essay

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As kids, everyone dreams of the unthinkable; we dream that we will be the next big thing in Hollywood making something big out of ourselves. I have yet to meet one person who does not wish that their dreams will come true. As we all start to grow up our dreams start to become smaller, and smaller until they are in the back of our minds most probably forgotten because we began to tell ourselves that they are just dreams we most likely never be able to achieve in our lifetime. In my opinion, it is always good to dream big, but it is preferable to dream realistically only because I believe that people who set reasonable goals are more capable of accomplishing their goals.

Setting realistic goals for yourself can help you advance in life because there is a better chance of you succeeding in whatever you put your mind to. Being more practical and realistic is a great thing when it comes to overcoming very large obstacles. For example, Hurricane Katrina completely destroyed New Orleans leaving the public loss of words. Instead of people waiting around for some big grand plan to save the people in New Orleans, people from all over decided to go out and help them. People set realistic goals to help the people in New Orleans, as well as help, rebuild the home for those poor people who lost everything.

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Setting a realistic goal provides everyone with an accurate point of view on how life is. When you first accomplish a goal you set out to achieve then you want to take it a step further by setting another small realistic goal and begin to do all that you can to reach that goal. This is a great way to make sure you are doing all you can to achieve your goals the right way, and to make sure you are not overworking yourself or your body. Being realistic, setting your smaller goals, and achieving them is always a guarantee to help you reach your bigger goal slowly and successfully.

To conclude my essay I would just like to say that this is why I strongly believe that being realistic with your dreams and goals is better. I feel that you will most likely achieve a lot more in life than you might have imagined you could even. With that being said I do believe that there is no shame in dreaming realistically or dreaming big you do what is best for you, but let me ask you this is dreaming why are you so eager to set a goal bigger than you can handle? In my eyes that is setting you up for failure each time. Start with a realistic goal, and work your way up to become successful.

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