Virtual Reality Vs Reality: Compare and Contrast Essay

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Virtual reality, also known as augmented reality, is viewed as a way to escape reality and see the world through a different lens, both physically and metaphorically. The growing industry has the potential to alter how we learn about and experience work in our environment. Oculus Rift, which is owned and run by Google and allows a different sort of interaction with both known and unfamiliar places and people, is an example of a virtual reality gadget. This product's development is progressing to the point where it will be able to offer a full world in a single area, both formal and casual.

Misconceptions about the technology's purpose were among my assumptions regarding augmented virtual reality. Because of the expensive cost of virtual reality, I assumed that its feasibility and applicability in the classroom would be limited. I initially imagined that if virtual reality was used in the classroom, it would be simple, but after two sessions in VR Lab, I quickly realized that controlling a large group of pupils wearing headsets would be tough in and of itself. My assumptions were based on my lack of knowledge of the technology, particularly the merits and cons of promoting the use of augmented reality in education.

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I learned about virtual reality and the benefits of using it in education while also learning about the potential negatives of using it in the classroom. Virtual reality has the potential to bridge the gap between different learning styles. Additionally, by customizing to each user's learning style, there is the potential to alleviate test-taking anxiety. Students today are at a disadvantage in the classroom because they learn in diverse methods that are not directly related to their IQ. Those who learn outside of the regular classroom environment grow frustrated and lost as they fall further behind their peers and are labeled as low performers. Because kids may learn through interactions and applications rather than just reading from a book, incorporating virtual reality into the classroom could be a game changer.

Furthermore, as additional instances of how virtual reality may change teaching in both diversity and inclusion emerge, the new technology is increasingly likely to be implemented in schools, allowing more kids to see the world in ways they might not otherwise be able to.

I see using virtual reality as a tool for creativity, allowing students to design their virtual reality tour of a location they want to visit. I believe that using contemporary technology will benefit myself and my students in effectively training them to be good digital citizens, in addition to providing them with access to a new resource. Virtual reality provides much more than just enjoyment and engagement for students since it is connected with the newest technical developments and fosters creativity and curiosity. It also provides a unique perspective that connects how academic subject pertains to the actual world.

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