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Thematic analysis is a type of qualitative data analysis method that takes large bodies of data and groups them according to their relative similarities, which can be termed as themes. Thematic analysis can be applied to various sorts of data set from secondary sources, like media to records of focus group meetings or interviews. Also, it tends to be used to analyze huge datasets, as well as little datasets. Rigorous thematic analysis can produce trustworthy and insightful discoveries (Braun and...
3 Pages 1149 Words
Nowadays, data analysis becomes more and more popular in the world. Due to the development of modern technology, data analysis can be basically a comprehensive analysis of the company’s data, and it could achieve with no deviation. The future of data analysis and the reasons why we should learn data analysis become the most interesting questions in the society. Zimmermann (2018) mentioned that there will be more automation and more collaboration, driving transformation for every industry in the areas of...
1 Page 580 Words
In today’s world, data is becoming the most valuable asset of businesses. Following the rapid upward movement in technology, most organizations are choosing to go digital, resulting in the generation of large data volumes. Unlike other organizational assets which can add immediate values, big data’s value comes from the insights that can be extracted from it. Equipped with the knowledge of how data functions, managers can leverage their data to derive value hidden in the data, in form of insights...
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The keyword in data analysis is analysis, not the data. The mere volume of data does not make it significant. But the value we can extract and the questions that we can answer from the data is what makes the data significant. Suppose we have 300 MB of data but the answer we require can be answered from just few KBs. The trending field of Big Data would have flamed out if data analysis was only about data and not...
7 Pages 3044 Words
2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day, and it’s only going to grow from there. By 2020, it’s estimated that 1.7MB of data will be created every second for every person on the Earth. The numbers are huge and such data cannot be examined without the analytical and visualization power. Why Data Analysis and Visualization Are Important Information examination and representation is exceptionally urgent as it permits numerous endeavors and people like you and me to conclude...
5 Pages 2235 Words
Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data — so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. Big data decodes previously untouched data to derive new insight that gets integrated into business operations. However, as the amounts of data increase exponential, the current techniques are becoming obsolete. Dealing with big data requires comprehensive coding skills, domain knowledge, and statistics. In the digital world, data are generated from...
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The insurance industry in general has been on an expansion mode with various players cropping up and transformations in regulatory framework and evolving technology pursuits. With the rise of big data and analytics, there has been immense cross-churning of information in both the life and non-life insurance sector. This has led to immense potential of positive opportunities in the insurance industry. However, like two sides to a coin, there are also possibilities of misuse of data and chances of fraudulent...
3 Pages 1489 Words
The movie ‘Moneyball’ discusses how Oakland manager Billy Beane A revolutionized the process by using computer-generated analyses for new players to find new baseball players on a budget to register new players and when best to put them on the list. It tells of the redevelopment driven by the data of Oakland A, founded by Billy Beane and Peter Brand, the general manager who used computer analysis to describe undervalued players. Billy decided to reform the player purchase process in...
1 Page 549 Words
Nowadays, in every movement, data is increasing in a high manner. The data is exponentially growing in the market. The data is not only growing but it has been generated, stored, analyzed and acquired also. The reason behind huge data is the use of the Internet. The Internet is not only used on the web, but it is exponentially growing in the web, IoT, and many more electronic devices. It is also used in medical and other industries as well....
6 Pages 2845 Words
Data is a material gathering and storage agent, to evaluate the activities of the present and the future of an event or situation. Data is used by organizations or individuals, to comprehend and observe the activities of consumers. It is about gathering facts according to certain needs or characteristics by the individual or organization carrying out the information gathering. Data is also used for business information collection to evaluate the employee growth in the organization and the perception of the...
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