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What Is Big Data: Concrete Examples of Everyday Life

The term ‘big data’ is often used without knowing its true meaning. We hear more and more often about big data, but even more often we realize that those who use this expression do not really know its meaning very well. For this reason, it is legitimate to ask ourselves what big data is, why they are so recurrent in online and offline printing, especially those of a marketing and IT nature, and what it means that big data represents...
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The Pros and Cons of Big Data

The pros and cons are meaning to the advantages and disadvantages of something that which someone such like a manager consider when making a decision about it. Nowadays, data explosion and companies are gathering with storing records at ever-increasing rates. the actual accumulation of this data has no commercial value for your employer. It has its pros and cons. Advantages of Big Data The predominant gain of big data facilities on the want to analyze and systematically extract precious information...
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Big Data and Its Impact on International Trade

The main aim of the essay is to explain what big data highlighting the key opportunities and challenges for associated with using this system, as well as how it affects international trade. International business is the exchange of goods and services among individuals and businesses in multiples countries, such as when multinational companies or international business engage in businesses with different countries. Globalization as allowed business to trade international markets which as very positive to as they increased their target...
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Analysis of Walmart Activity Using Big Data

Introduction: Selling goods or services to customers through several channels and to earn a profit is a complex concept of knowledge and skills. Walmart stands first in the world as a retailer serving more than 324 million customers with 20,000 stores in 28 countries. Whether it is in-store purchases or social mentions or any other online activity, Walmart has always been one of the best retailers in the world. Walmart ensures its best service to the customers by keeping customer...
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Impact of Big Data on Freedom and Privacy

With the rise of the technological revolution in social world and benefits it creates, comes also concerns and issues about the range of use of those technologies. The use of big data is just a small, but nevertheless, important issue in the common world and raises many questions such as the process of data collection, how much information is gathered about a person and how that information is being used, whether there is a balance between benefits and costs and...
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Analysis of Big Data and Its Challenges

The concept of big data itself is relatively new, the origins of large data sets go back to the 1960s and ’70s when the world of data was just getting started with the first data centers and the development of the relational database. In the year 2005, people began to realize the data which are generated through Facebook, YouTube, and other online services. Hadoop (an open-source framework created specifically to store and analyze big data sets) was developed that same...
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Positives and Negatives of Big Data

Big data impacts are day life without many even noticing, but what is big. There are many different definitions of big data. Big data holds large amounts of data from different locations, data types and sources. Due to it having a significant amount of date, there is still high velocity. Producing high speed of data, what is all this is being analyzed and soured by great processer and algorithms. Making it excellent for many large corporations to use for marketing,...
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Big Data as the Future of Technology

Big data is the large volumes of data that is used by various companies for their everyday activities and they are predominantly dependent on it for performing their operations smoothly. It would be very difficult for the companies, otherwise impossible, to process any of the functional activities through traditional methods. The term is considered as an art of accessing as well as storing large amount of data that can be helpful in the future for analysis, study, research, decision making...
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