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Fire Safety Engineering Problems: Case Studies

The fire safety engineering has been finding increased use in the recent time as with the rapid globalization and interconnectivity. FDIs have been flowing into the infra market and which has put the focus on how to improve the fire safety particularly in engineering applications. This review basically focusses on innovative solutions to fire safety problem in those cases where prescriptive building regulations are costly and there are some restrictions in building design. It basically presents case studies where the...
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Developing Solutions to Sustainability Changes and Business Today: Case Study of Coal Mining

System thinking stands as a really important structure where we can analyse the problem and know the problem from its roots, then we can find that where can we make changes to resolve the problem. Coal mining is a really profitable industry as coal is being used in a lot of high profitable industries. For example, it is used in electricity generation, which is used by everyone and everywhere, steel production- again a very commonly used thing, cement manufacturing, etc....
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Case Study of Mental Retardation in Patients

Case No 5: Name: F. R Father’s name: M. R Age: 19 Gender: Female Religion: Islam Address: Faisalabad Birth order: 1st Siblings: 4(2 brothers, 1 sister) Marital Status: Unmarried Education: 2nd Year Father Alive/Dead: Alive Mother Alive/Dead: Alive History: The client’s name is F.R. she is of 19 years and lives in Faisalabad and has studied till 2nd year. Her mother and father both are alive. She has 2 brothers and 1 sister and her birth order is 1stamong his...
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Hong Kong Disneyland Case Study Analysis

The case of serving shark fin soup at Hong Kong Disneyland was chosen as a case study to summarize the arguments for and against. In fact, there are numerous arguments for and against serving shark fin soup at Hong Kong Disneyland. Firstly, there is a political side of view. If we summarize Tommy Cheung (legislator for Hong Kong’s catering industry) words, Disney would directly insult the Great Chinese culture and traditions. It is also known that the shark fin soup...
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The Hayes Wheelwright Four Stage Model: Case Study of Red Bull

Since then Red Bull has continued to grow and now holds the largest market share of any energy drink selling 6.970 billion cans in 2018 and over 75 billion since the product launched in 1987. Dietrich Mateschitz was inspired by a functional drink called ‘Krating Daeng’ first sold In Thailand by Chaleo Yoovidhya in the early 1980s. Mateschitz partnered with Chaleo Yoovidhya in the late 1980s to create a new business venture by creating a similar product to ‘Krating Daeng’...
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Analytical Essay on Family Therapy: Case Study of the Solitano Family

Introduction Research has shown that family plays a vital role in a person’s spiritual, emotional, and physical development. However, no family is perfect, and some families will encounter struggles, trauma, and disagreements. The key to having a strong family system is being able to acknowledge the needs of each family member. Family therapy can help families identify needs, changes, and behavior patterns in the family structure. Family therapy is a form of treatment that seeks to reduce discomfort and conflict...
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Imperial Hotel Case Study

Hospitality is a business activity which provides various services to guests in hotels, bars, restaurants as a source of recreation purpose and meeting each and every needs and demands whenever asked (, 2019). Hospitality industry basically puts emphasis on the satisfaction of the customers and providing the best experiences available. This industry is unique in its nature and provides facilities for its customers arriving for vacation or occasional purposes. The different areas of hospitality industry include different levels of accommodation...
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American Airlines: Case Study

This report was commissioned to identify and explain the services offered by one of the largest global airlines based on revenue, destinations and fleet size, American Airlines (Bhasin, H., 2016). Based on the segmentation principles, information about the company’s target markets will be discussed, as well as how the external factors might affect it. The report draws attention to the fact that American Airlines uses a mix of segmentation principles in order to meet their market targets requirements. Moreover, taking...
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Critical Analysis of the New Urbanism Theory: Case Study

The centre site masterplan brings out special features of the terrains through the creation of the additional space to reinforce consumers’ experiences and impressions. This is the “Urban Core zone” of the Wimbledon where the centre court is located. The main majority of tennis fans dream to be in this specific position to get as close to the experience as possible. Therefore, the space and architectural structure must serve their expectation right. The site provides perfect circulation and hierarchy of...
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Linda Hutton: Career Case Study

Mrs. Linda Hutton is a South-African visual artist and qualified educator, having developed a successful career in the education industry. Hutton is the current Head of Faculty for the visual and dramatic arts department, teaching visual arts and mixed artistic media. Her qualifications as an educator are notable, fulfilling roles as the Head of Art at the Roedean School, Johannesburg in South Africa, and Head of Faculty at St Ursula’s College, Toowoomba. Hutton described the rewards of her educational profession...
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FIU Pedestrian Bridge Collapse as Engineering Disaster: Case Study

The report is on a pedestrian bridge at Florida International University, Uni Park, Florida, US. This bridge is a 174-foot-long bridge connecting university and student accommodation which is crossing Tamiami trail (US Route 41) with an estimated cost of 14.2 million USD. On 15th March 2018, this bridge collapsed causing 6 deaths, 8 injuries and crushed 8 vehicles. Case Study and Research Background FIU footbridge was being constructed on a main road line which makes people easy to cross the...
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Case Study Method Versus Ethnography Research Method: Comparative Analysis

Reflect upon other possible research methods (and their aligned data collection and analysis methods, but with focus on methodological aspects) that could have been used in the project As a replacement for the case study method, the ethnography research method, could have applied. According to Hammersley (2006), the ethnography research method resulted from first-hand experiences, such as what people experienced and acted in particular circumstances and conditions. Hammersley (2006) discussed that ethnographies draw attention to the cultures as well as...
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Eyewitness Misidentification as the Most Common Element of Wrongful Convictions: Case Study

According to studies dating back to the 1930’s, eyewitness misidentification is the most common element in wrongful convictions. In this paper I will talk about a case where misidentification was truly show in honest spotlight. The defendant, Kirk Bloodsworth. a 59-year-old Caucasian man, born and raised in Rosedale, Maryland. An innocent man, only 24 years old at the time of conviction. On the early hours of August 9th, 1985, sound asleep at his cousin’s house in Cambridge, Maryland. Kirk Bloodsworth...
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Internal Heat Loads in the Lunares, an Analog Space Base: Case Study

This case study work focuses on recognising and quantifying internal heat sources in the first European analog space base: the recently constructed Ppolish LUNARES habitat. The paper explains the necessity of conducting analog space missions prior to an actual manned exploration of the Moon and Mars. Notions of internal heat loads and gains have been elaborated along with their significance for developing space building physics. This paper presents the results of thorough inspection of all internal heat sources, conducted by...
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Case Study: Women Empowerment Takes Wings in UAE Aviation

The aviation industry is among the fastest-growing economic sectors in the United Arab Emirates. As a result, the aviation industry provides the Emirates with vast job opportunities for socio-economic development, and women should strive to take advantage to achieve personal and career development goals. Fortunately, as shown in the case study, Emirati women have benefited greatly from the vast opportunities in the growing aviation industry. The UAE government has taken an active role in empowering women to take up opportunities...
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Alcohol and Aviation: Case Study

Hundreds of decisions and actions are to be taken during flight operations of an aircraft, ranging from pre-flight processes like weather interpretation, fueling, route selection and checklists, to flight operations such as taxing, take-off, cruise and landing. Proper procedures must be correctly executed to ensure safe completion of flight operations and that no risks are taken or hazards are created that may affect the aircraft, aircrew, passengers, cargo and other airplanes. A pilot’s ability to make decision, and or execute...
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Case Study: MSN Messenger Discontinuation

MSN Messenger used to be the most used Instant Messaging (IM) service that only lasted for fifteen years. This case report shows the MSN brief history from its birth and boom, and further explanation regarding the discontinuation of MSN Messenger. Also, this case report aims to show the analysis of the retirement of MSN Messenger. The analysis was conducted by the push-pull-mooring (PPM) framework regarding the human migration decision. The objective of this case report is to show reasons of...
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Analysis of Advancement in Computer Processor: Case Study of Intel

Q. Advancement in computer processors. A central processing unit (CPU), likewise called a central processor or main processor, is the electronic hardware inside a PC that does the instructions of a PC program by doing the fundamental arithmetic, logic, controlling, and input/output (I/O) tasks indicated by the instructions. So the advancement of CPU is very essential for better performance with great power efficiency. So let’s begin from the first to latest processor’s evolution in terms of core, clock speed, cache,...
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Competition of Emerging Technologies: Case Study of Sony

Abstract Historically Sony has been a trailblazer when it comes to technological innovation. From their humble beginnings to the giant they are now, this growth has been the direct result of their willingness to embrace the opinions and feedback of their customers. This willingness to listen has led Sony to be able to innovate and stay ahead of the fierce competition they face from multiple competitors in the film, music, and gaming industries just to name a few. Introduction Technology...
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Intellectual Property Rights Violation in the UAE and Laws to Protect Against It

Intellectual Property violation is an out breaking criminal offense in the UAE. Many traders sold unlocked set-top-boxes which given access to several free exclusive channels. The circumstances fall under the Federal Copyright Law No. 7 and Federal Trademark Law No. 37 of protection laws of IP which considered acting against the trades for such criminal activities. Formal charges under Federal Law No. 3 of 2003 must be made if any guilty is found and caught stated by Harfan and Doudar...
3 Pages 1177 Words

Essay on Company’s Corporate Culture: Case Study of Apple

· We live in a world where technology, especially information and communication technology plays huge role in today’s daily and practical life, it includes all digital technology that assists individuals, businesses and organizations in using information. It covers all electronic products that deal with information in a digital form. Advances in the development of information and communication technologies is transforming business practices and creating opportunities for new types of entrepreneurial activities. · Technology is an application of knowledge to the...
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Personnel Law and Ethics: Case Study of Polygraph

Case Assignment Case Study #3: Elvis Stewart Issue: The dispute spotlights whether an employer’s established practice of employees’ searches is motivated by racial discrimination. Rule: According to the rule of law on ethics based on what is right and what is wrong, an employer should not make any decision on employees based on race, religion or color. Title VII prohibits an employer against discriminating of employees whether it’s during hiring, promotion, assignments or giving benefits. Analysis: there was an earlier...
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Ways to Improve Customer Experience Quality and Business Performance: Case Study by Mystery Shopper Practices

1. Paper Title: How Improving Customer Experience Quality and Business Performance? A Case Study by Mystery Shopper Practices Authors: Yung-Lung Lai & Shih-Chieh Chang. International Journal of Marketing Studies; Vol. 5, No. 6; 2013 1.1 General description of the research method: Case Study Case study method was first defined by Benbasat et al. (1987, p. 370) as “examining a phenomenon in its natural setting, employing multiple methods of data collection to gather information from one or few entities (people, groups...
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Effectiveness of Morrison’s Use of ‘Own Brands’: Case Study of Mystery Shopper

In this assignment, I am going to investigate the effectiveness of Morrison’s use of ‘own brands’. Background information Morrison’s is a public limited company (PLC) which was founded in 1899, 120 years ago, by a man named William Morrison. Mr Morrison started selling eggs, butter along with other dairy products at a small, local market until eventually, 53 years later; William’s son took over and opened their first store. Morrison’s are continually growing and are currently the fourth largest British...
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An Analysis of Service Quality Provision Using Method of Mystery Shopper: A Case Study of Shampan 3, The Spinning Wheel

Background and Context- Shampan is a small UK group of Contemporary Indian restaurants serving traditional curries and specials with a modern edge. Whilst all three of their (London and surrounding areas) branches offer high quality and authentic Indian cuisine, the most recent business venture for them, Shampan 3 is said to be ‘redefining Indian Cuisine’(Shampan, 2020) at their Westerham based branch called ‘The Spinning Wheel’ which offers it’s customers a timeless, high quality fine dining experience. This report will analyse...
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Case Study of Ryanair: Analysis of Macro Environment and Internal Organizational Environment

Ryanair, the Irish budget airline was established by the Ryan family with a small staff of twenty-five. After facing tremendous losses, the Ryan family invested 20 million pounds to relaunch Ryanair as a low fare airline on Southwest airlines low-cost business model (Ryanair DAC 2019). The deregulations in the air transport sector in the year 1990 played a vital role in allowing greater freedom of air traffic rights (Diaconu 2012). In the year 1992, Ryanair was the first airline to...
7 Pages 2959 Words

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Market Segmentation and Positioning with the Case Study of Ryanair

Introduction According to Wirtz and Lovelock (2018), the right market segmentation, targeting and positioning make organisation identify which segment of the market is competing which can allow them to develop the right product for target customer in the particular market and position the company to develop the suitable strategies in order to gain competitive advantages. Thus, the benefits of the right market segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) can bring variety of advantages to the organisation. However, there are some disadvantages...
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Education as a Transformative Process

The study demonstrated how discourse-analytic approaches reveal the significance‘ of verbal and non-verbal data in research, In using a qualitative research approach the researchers were able to place themselves within a critical stance of the data using a micro-analytical approach, This allowed the researchers to consider how broader social processes work through language. The study explored ‘Education as a Transformative Process’. The study aligns itself with previous studies and supports the works of Jack Mezirow (1978), ‘Transformative Learning Theory’, and...
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What Is Nursing: Case Study of Myocardial Infarction

What is nursing Myocardial Infarction (MI) is a medical condition also referred to as a heart attack that occurs when the blood flow stops or decreases to a part of the heart resulting in damage to the heart muscle. As a nursing practitioner, it is important to be alert to some of the symptoms and conditions that are likely to lead to MI as they are easily misinterpreted causing patients not to seek the appropriate care when they should. Treatment...
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Analytical Essay on Cost Accounting System: Case Study of NestlĂŠ Lanka Limited

Executive Summary The managers and directors of an organization use various types of techniques to ensure the wellbeing of their organization. Management accounting is one of those techniques used. Various types of management accounting reports and systems are prepared by management accountants to provide information to the top-level managers in order to aid them in their decision-making process. The focus of this report is to identify the costs and benefits of introducing a new product called NescafĂŠ Rapido, a ready-to-drink...
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