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Essay on Public Policy: Detroit Literacy

Many people who live in Detroit are lacking even simple literacy skills. Children are not getting the education and assistance they need. Some people can’t fill out basic job applications or even read their prescription on their pill bottles. Detroit’s school system once served as a model for the nation during the 1920s and 1930s. As the years have gone on, this framework system has grown into something that holds some of the lowest literacy rates in the country. In...
4 Pages 1938 Words

Eyewitness Misidentification as the Most Common Element of Wrongful Convictions: Case Study

According to studies dating back to the 1930’s, eyewitness misidentification is the most common element in wrongful convictions. In this paper I will talk about a case where misidentification was truly show in honest spotlight. The defendant, Kirk Bloodsworth. a 59-year-old Caucasian man, born and raised in Rosedale, Maryland. An innocent man, only 24 years old at the time of conviction. On the early hours of August 9th, 1985, sound asleep at his cousin’s house in Cambridge, Maryland. Kirk Bloodsworth...
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Exploring My Personal Strengths and Weakness through My Study Plan

My study plan hopes to assist me to analyze my strength and weakness and show me how develop my skills and knowledge. During this program, I have experienced many things; sometimes everything went perfect but sometimes I came across with difficulties. All of the tasks I was given assisted me to analyze my strength and weaknesses. My weakness is that I procrastinate due to my self-esteem and tend to take things easy. I always believe I can do my work...
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Self-Concept of Teacher Identity in Northern Ireland

Over the course of the first ten weeks of my study of education, I have developed a wide knowledge of the key aspect of Teacher Identity. This simple aspect permeates the entire study of education and plays an important role in many other aspects of the study. Through my study of education, it has become apparent that Teacher Identity is based solely on the individual and their values as well as emotions. Professional identity is defined as “one’s professional self-concept...
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Review of the Cognitive Neuroscience of Literacy and Dyslexia

Introduction Developmental dyslexia is a common learning disability that influences the reading and writing proficiency of those affected. Despite nearly 10% of the population having a form of dyslexia there is no universally accepted neurological starting point. I will be reviewing materials on some of the leading theories of causes of dyslexia and how they attempt to explain the brain processes involved and if there are potential limitations. Personally, I work with dyslexic children and adults in a school setting...
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Research Paper on Basic Information about Dyslexia in Adults and Children

Dyslexia is a disability that affects a child reading, spelling and/ or speaking. The difficulty varies from person to person due to inherited differences in brain development, as well as the type of teaching the person receives. Because dyslexia is neurological it affect a person’s language skill. This language processing disorder can hinders reading, writing, and sometimes even speaking. This research provides Guyanese educators with basic information about dyslexia, dispel some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding it and serves...
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Research Ethics in Natural Science: Analytical Essay

Introduction Scientists and researchers generally work independently without being routinely supervised by others. Even if there is supervision, it is more in the form of supervision, evaluation, or monitoring of funders or mentors (if the students are researchers) to monitor the extent to which research progress has been achieved. The rest, researchers generally take full responsibility for results of the research done. Practices like this require researchers to have an honest and careful attitude, even though they are not routinely...
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Essay on Qualities of a Good Teacher

I have been a teacher for more than fifteen years, during which I’ve always tried to be a good teacher. But what makes a good teacher? What are the qualities of such a teacher? Are teaching methodology courses enough? These questions occupied a significant portion of my mind and time as they don’t have simple answers. Thus I started reading about the qualities a good teacher should have. Then I enrolled in a couple of courses that were really beneficial:...
3 Pages 1401 Words

New Paradigms in Study of Art: Analytical Essay

Street art is visual art created in public locations, usually unsanctioned artwork executed outside of the context of traditional art venues. Other terms for this type of art include ‘independent public art’, ‘post-graffiti’, and ‘neo-graffiti’, and is closely related with guerrilla art. Common forms and media include spray paint graffiti, stencil graffiti, wheatpasted poster art, sticker art, street installations, and sculpture. Video projection and yarn bombing have also gained some popularity near the turn of the 21st century. Background Street...
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My Decision to Pursue Studies in Art History: Opinion Essay

My decision to pursue graduate studies in art history originates from a strong desire to teach and do cutting-edge research within the discipline that I would define as my raison d’être. While attaining my undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Art History at the University of South Alabama, I became inspired to specialize in ancient Greek and Roman art. I am therefore applying to the University of Iowa’s graduate program in art history to further my knowledge of ancient Greek and...
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Impact of Dyslexia on Learning: Analytical Essay

Introduction According to the Learning Disabilities Association of America, (LDA) learning disabilities affect more than three million people a year. Thirty-five percent of those 3 million people receive services for their specific learning disabilities. Dyslexia is a specific learning disability (SLD). About 5-10 percent of Americans have some types of symptoms of dyslexia (LDA,2019). Dyslexia is often mistaken for just a reading problem. According to Hudson et al., dyslexia is actually more of an effect on a person’s spelling and...
4 Pages 1742 Words

Experimental Research Design: Analytical Essay

Experimental research design is the designing of entire research process based on two sets of variables- independent and dependent variables. In this design, independent variables are manipulated through several treatments and effects of those treatments are analysed. By this, effect of independent variable on dependent variable is obtained. The experimental research design enables gathering of relevant datas that helps us to make better decisions. An efficient experimental research facilitates smooth functioning of entire research process. That is, from writing the...
2 Pages 1059 Words

Essay on Role of Civil Engineers in Infrastructure Development

This report provides an outline of why railway infrastructure development is an important part of urban development and the multidisciplinary nature of its design and construction process (‘Engineering the Railway Industry,’). This report also includes an overview of a life cycle assessment of railway infrastructure, focusing specifically on the steel rail component of the track bed. The life cycle assessment does not provide numerical data showing the environmental impact the component has during its lifetime, but rather an assessment of...
4 Pages 1900 Words

Discursive Essay on Ethnography as a Research Methodology in Relation to Selection Research Participants

Introduction Research involves selecting one suitable method that could facilitate the researcher achieve his or her objectives. It is for this reason that in social science research new methods have been proposed effective when conduct a study which involves human and their culture. One of such methods is ethnography. In view of this, the paper discusses ethnography as a research methodology in relation to selection research participants. It begins by defining ethnography, stating the historical view of ethnography, situations on...
4 Pages 1972 Words

Critical Overview of Experimental Research Design

Experimental research design is the designing of entire research process based on two sets of variables- independent and dependent variables. In this design, independent variables are manipulated through several treatments and effects of those treatments are analysed. By this, effect of independent variable on dependent variable is obtained. The experimental research design enables gathering of relevant datas that helps us to make better decisions. An efficient experimental research facilitates smooth functioning of entire research process. That is, from writing the...
2 Pages 1054 Words

Critical Analysis of the New Urbanism Theory: Case Study

The centre site masterplan brings out special features of the terrains through the creation of the additional space to reinforce consumers’ experiences and impressions. This is the “Urban Core zone” of the Wimbledon where the centre court is located. The main majority of tennis fans dream to be in this specific position to get as close to the experience as possible. Therefore, the space and architectural structure must serve their expectation right. The site provides perfect circulation and hierarchy of...
3 Pages 1379 Words

Case Study Method Versus Ethnography Research Method: Comparative Analysis

Reflect upon other possible research methods (and their aligned data collection and analysis methods, but with focus on methodological aspects) that could have been used in the project As a replacement for the case study method, the ethnography research method, could have applied. According to Hammersley (2006), the ethnography research method resulted from first-hand experiences, such as what people experienced and acted in particular circumstances and conditions. Hammersley (2006) discussed that ethnographies draw attention to the cultures as well as...
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Approaches to Studying Art History: Analytical Essay

When observing the progression of humanity, the accomplishments achieved regarding art have proven not only everlasting but ever-impressive. From the first cave paintings to the most recent architectural marvel, art in any form can both reflect and impact society in significant and meaningful ways. With each work serving as a glimpse into humanity’s past, we hope to achieve a greater understanding of where we were and how we saw the world then. As such studying art history has been an...
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‘Auto-Ethnography’ as a Social Research Method: Analytical Overview

‘Auto-ethnography’ is a social research method, wherein the author plays the role of a researcher and a participant. As Burnard (2007) claims that in auto-ethnography the author becomes the ‘subject’ of the study. According to Smith (2005), “[b]y using auto-ethnography, researchers can use their experiences, together with those of other participants, to complement their research.” (p. 71). It permits the author to systematically describe and analyze her experience in order to understand cultural phenomenon. Accordingly, this autoethnography narrates my experiences...
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Youth Culture and Media: Case Study

Youth Culture is the way adolescents live and the norms, values and practices they share. In this case study, I will explain the growth of youth culture during the 1950s and 1960s. In this particular time a true awakening of youth culture was about to be taking place. A time of discovery between generations and the difference how the youth culture dramatically was changing. A decade marred by social unrest, civil rights injustice, the rise of the working class, rebellion...
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Why I Want to Become Kindergarten Teacher

Graduation is just around the corner and I need to figure out what I am going to do for the rest of life. In my senior year, I took the Ready, Set, Teach class. That class helps assist students and teachers and gives you a feel of what it is like in a classroom setting as a teacher. I got assigned to a kindergarten class. And I can say I love kinder. Those kids are always ready to learn and...
4 Pages 1924 Words

Walmart Inc. Case Study

Background and history of Walmart Inc. The American Multinational retail store Walmart was founded by Sam Walton who has prior Joined the military in 1942 at the age of 24. In the year of 1945 after their military service ended, he started operating his own variety store. Sam was inspired by the success of his dime store, he got the courage to keep satisfying his customer’s needs. (Walmart, n.d.) At the age of 44, Sam opened the first Walmart Discount...
6 Pages 2855 Words

Unethical Wal-Mart Business Practices: Case Study

Introduction Wal-Mart, a giant company that keeps many clients, is widely known both at home and abroad for its huge variety of low-price goods and services. It was created by a very creative and innovative businessman, Sam Walton. Wal-Mart has done very well for itself because, in terms of its discounting retailing, it has defeated many other organizations. It is thought to be the United States of America’s largest corporation. According to PBS, ‘Wal-Mart employs more people outside the federal...
6 Pages 2785 Words

Teaching to Promote Listening and Speaking English as First Additional Language

it is important for every child to acquire listening and speaking skills before starting to attend their primary school stated darwissyah irwan d nunun indrasari 2019 there are many strategies and techniques that promote and encourage listening and speaking skills in the foundation phase in this assignment i will critically analyse the types of listening and speaking skills activities to promote listening and speaking skills strategies to promote listening and speaking skills techniques to promote listening and speaking skills and...
1 Page 626 Words

Study on Response and Precautions Taken by People towards the Severity of Covid-19

The pandemic halted the entire world to a standstill where countries went into immediate lockdown due to the spread of the disease and people were forced to adapt and change accordingly. This change was fast, unexpected and mostly, quite difficult to adjust to. The lack of preparation, communication, awareness, and bare neglect of authorities as well as citizens not only worsened the situation but also elongated the duration of the lockdown. The preliminary response to the situation was judged on...
6 Pages 2805 Words

Study of Successful Malaria Eliminate Program at Teluk Bintuni District

Indonesia targets malaria elimination in 2030 and in the Ministry of Health’s Strategic Plan In 2015-2019 malaria elimination is one of the targeted diseases to reduce the illness rate from 2 per thousand population to 1 per 1,000 population. The target of malaria elimination in Indonesia in 2019 from the 2012 results of 212 increased to 300 Regencies / Cities (RI Ministry of Health, 2015). Malaria morbidity in an area is determined by Annual Parasite Incidence (API) per year. API...
5 Pages 2430 Words

Study of Gandhi Memorial Museum at Madurai

Introduction The term “Museum” originally derived from the Greek word meaning the “Sanctuary of the muses”. The Museum’s first duty is to survey, collect documents and preserve genuine objects and information, may it be any field of specialization. The other aspect is to utilize them for the research and education for the present and future generations, for which the museums as a custodian of information and artifacts have a chief responsibility1 While describing the museums of the first decade of...
6 Pages 2902 Words

Study of Financial Investment in Post Graduation Activity

Abstract: Saving and lifestyle of individuals play an important role in the economy. Indian society is sighting an incredible change in the standard of living of the common man and especially in cities like Mumbai. The saving habit of individuals helps them to grow individually and as a whole as a society through a cycle of savings, Investment, Returns, and Re-investment. Generally, people save and invest more than spend to enjoy life later and to overcome or face uncertain events...
8 Pages 3839 Words

Reflective Essay of Kindergarten Teacher

Eric can tell stories and jokes and describe incidents from his own experiences using a clear voice. He is able to retell stories, ordering events using story language. Eric has made excellent progress using his phonetic understanding to read and spell unknown or difficult words. He can write simple stories independently demonstrating good knowledge of blends and diagraphs. He has made excellent progress learning how to identify the main events and characters in stories and then use this information when...
10 Pages 4598 Words

Plan and Implementation of a Mentoring Program

A. Executive Summary This is the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Learning Strategy for 2019-2018. This is based on the skills assessment needs of Bake Sweets bakery to maintain the high-quality standards of the production of goods and enhancement the capabilities of the employees in the production line. The goal of the strategy is to uphold the competitiveness of the company through the appropriate knowledge and expertise of the team. Peer-to-peer learning is defined in the institution as the workforce educating each other...
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