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Future of E-learning in Higher Education

Digital education plays a major role in the process of learning and teaching students around the world. Electronic education is an important part of our lives because of its popularity, companies and organizations have become using digital education because of the importance and efficiency in facilitating the online process via the Internet. The advantages of digital education effectively affect the continuity of the digital education process, and there are also some disadvantages that may face any service provided on the...
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The Undergraduate Students’ Perception toward The Implementation of Gamification in E-Learning

Abstract This research was conducted to examine the undergraduate students’ perception of the implementation of gamification in E-Learning. The subject of this research are 36 students of Fifth semester in English Language Education, Ganesha University of Education. The questionnaire is the instrument of this research. The researcher analyzed 36 filled questionnaires, which had been shared via Google Forms link, by 5th semester of undergraduate students in English Language Education, Ganesha University of Education, concerning the implementation of gamification in E-...
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Constructing Knowledge Taxonomy from E-learning Portal for Higher Learning Institution

Electronic Educational Technology additionally called E-Learning entrance are being utilized more by school, universities, colleges and even individual teacher so as to manufacture a learning environment through Knowledge Sharing. Learning organizations gather enormous measure of data which ought to smother information the executives and information duplication adequately. For this reason, information engineering should offer a methodical technique to reuse and share the current information. This paper consequently builds Taxonomy from a lot of catchphrases for information sharing, reuse and information...
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E-Learning is the Future of Education in India

Shattering the geographical boundaries and freely diffusing the essence of knowledge, wisdom and practical indulgence across the globe, the bird of e-learning has thoroughly prepared and set a lot of fledglings free to discover the real competition. Those who have tasted the lemon of the traditional Indian education system, even for a few years, probably know how tough it is to get through the ashes of cut-throat employment scenarios today. Probably, all we required is not blaming, but a full-fledged...
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The Adoption of E-Learning in South African High Schools

E-Learning is learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom (, 2019). South Africa’s public education system is going through massive transformation, moving away from limited educational opportunities based on race and poverty levels to social and educational inclusiveness. Most of e-learning systems are oriented to support higher academic levels of education. However, soon after the universities, many high schools also have implemented e-learning systems as an additional option to the traditional educational process(Nikolova et...
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Commence of E-Learning’s Revolution

When is the time we ever stop learning? We adapt to the digital era by learning, and it also adapts the way we learn. We used to rely on traditional learning because it was the most efficient way of learning. E-learning, a new form of learning we implement starting this digital era. E-learning manifest some new possibilities, it is more cost-friendly, it lessens limitation, better accessibility to learning materials. The cost of learning varies dramatically, depending on the learning method....
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Mobile Application Platform Support System for E-learning

Compact application joining into e-learning structures to help report and evaluation over various stages for giving reactions is of earnest essentialness in the informational division. Various establishments delay in creating reports for their understudies and this influence show speedy decision is made similarly as assessing their execution both by the association and their people. Access to flexible mechanized contraptions with arranging supports for e-learning are compelled to develop high information move limit media correspondences establishments leaving the remaining isolates and...
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Comparative Study of Graduate Students' Views on Virtual and Real Learning

Learning is obligatory up to a convinced age. Learning is an extensive intermediate of obtaining necessary knowledge and skills. Learning is inherently split into two types i.e., distance education (virtual learning) and mainstream education (real learning). Has we know learning online is an immense concept. The term online learning, virtual learning, e-learning, distance learning is identical. Each one of them refers to act of applying technology and software in learning. Virtual learning indicates that it is an arrangement that furnish...
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VLE and University Students’ Learning Experience

The growing adoption of modern information and communications technologies (ICT) in the dissemination of pertinent information through the Internet tools has occasioned significant improvements in both teaching and learning experiences among lecturers and students. Sneha & Nagaraja (2013) submitted that, one notable online platform for achieving enhanced quality educational outcomes are virtual learning environments (VLEs). Wikipedia (2020) defines a virtual learning environment (VLE) as “a web-based platform for the digital aspects of courses of study, usually within educational institutions”. The...
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Essay on Online Education

Advantages of online education There are several advantages of getting online education for the students of the modern era. These days, students are choosing to receive their formal education through online medium and taking into consideration more regularly. Above all, online education presents a variety of benefits to students who have inadequate funds to pursue their education. The affordable costs, the flexibility of time, and easy access to educational resources make online education the most attractive medium for students. Online...
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Impact of Covid-19 on India's Education System

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted significantly in human life. The purpose of study is to investigate the impact of coronavirus on Indian education system. As coronavirus spread across the whole world, due to this pandemic situation and lockdown, has forced education sector to close temporarily. The education system in India has shut down, due to spreading of coronavirus among students and restricting moment of students and social distancing. All over the world, in many countries closing of school, colleges, universities and...
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Education And Teaching Learning Process Of Language

Abstract We are living in a world which has come closer with the use of information and technology. Twenty first century is an age of information and communication technology. Today’s world is a world of knowledge and invention. The growth of technology has touched almost everything in the world and changed the course of our life. Life has become much easy and comfortable with the addition of information and technology to our lives. Information and communication technology has also influenced...
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Essay on Virtual Learning

Education is extremely important in the life of people. Whether it’s online or in a school or college. Nowadays online learning turns out to be more and more practiced around the world due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic. Online Learning represents an easy and comfortable method to achieve knowledge from the comfort of your home. I agree that virtual learning is the better way of learning these days especially due to Covid-19 spreading all across the world. Online Learning proves...
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E-Learners’ Perception about YouTube as a Media in Learning

ABSTRACT This study investigated how E-Learners perception about YouTube as a media in learning. YouTube has become a closest internet website for learners in this century. This study also combined several research perception to be an evidence that YouTube can integrated with learning process. Learners’ perception be a main consideration in this study. This research obtain the data by a questionnaire which contains 4 questions about E-Leaning and YouTube. Their answers will analysed by using Google form. After all, this...
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Effectiveness Of Virtual Learning In Higher Education

ABSTRACT Personal computers and the Internet have revolutionized entire world. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype and other online communications media have allowed billions of people around the world to share ideas in a matter of seconds, mostly at a very low cost. These advances in computer technology are as remarkable as they are familiar. But most people are not aware of how computers and Internet technology are transforming the way students learn. This emerging education paradigm is often called “virtual learning,...
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The Relationship of Parental Involvement to Student’s Behavior in Online Learning

Parental engagement refers to communication, volunteering, particularly at the school where one’s children attend, promoting home learning, encouragement, decision-making, and community cooperation. It is the practices of support done by the parents, caregivers, and guardian to their children’s learning. The involvements of the parents can produce benefits to the learning performance of the students’ cognitive, social and emotional development, better parent-child relationship and increase community connection. The parents referred are the parents, caregivers, guardian who have children who belong to...
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Argumentative Essay About Education

Introduction to Digital Education and the Pandemic’s Impact Will the world be the same after the coronavirus pandemic? Most people would probably answer: “No”; especially parents who have been wondering how to keep their kids engaged during the lockdown, teachers who have been struggling to adapt to online teaching, and government officials who have been trying to come up with adequate solutions. The pandemic has revealed the inconsistency of the current educational practices and shed light on the need for...
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Digital Learning In Higher Education

ABSTRACT The technological revolution holds great promise for education. Technology in communication, image and data processing in evolving at lightning speed, while also becoming cheaper and more reliable. The consequences for education are enormous. Technology has gone from being a set of solution in search of a problem to increasingly offering precise and well-defined potential for education. A technological revolution in education is becoming possible, even though it has not yet happened. Technology based education must help to build higher...
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How To Accelerate Data Science Career Through Online Learning?

Are you working as a data scientist and need to boost up you career? You’re on the right platform! Do not worry for the startup and wipe out all the fears of being failed on your way. Fear has no ends and there isn’t any space for the fears to come along your educational journey. Demystify your curious minds and stand out for your learning journey. Lack of training and skills is not a big deal, this is the chance...
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