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Commence of E-Learning’s Revolution

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When is the time we ever stop learning? We adapt to the digital era by learning, and it also adapts the way we learn. We used to rely on traditional learning because it was the most efficient way of learning. E-learning, a new form of learning we implement starting this digital era. E-learning manifest some new possibilities, it is more cost-friendly, it lessens limitation, better accessibility to learning materials.

The cost of learning varies dramatically, depending on the learning method. Cost of learning methods is affected by various factors. To reduce transportation fees, the student must rent a unit around the school, which is costly. “For many college students, living costs may exceed the cost of tuition and fees, as affordable housing options are becoming increasingly hard to find.” (Screenivasa, Wise, 2019). However, transportation fees and rental will not be a burden for e-learning student. In addition, usually, traditional learning could be more expensive compare to e-learning when it comes to the fees of learning materials and tuition fees. E-learning is more cost-friendly as there are fewer expenses.

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Both learning methods have their own limitations. According to Singh (2019), traditional learning process is carried out in a supervised environment. Li, Qi, Wang and Wang (2014) claimed that The learning behaviour in a supervised environment tends to be passive. It is confined to a fixed time period and a particular location for students to be present to attend lectures. Space and times do not limit e-learning, students can attend the lecture through the internet from anywhere, anytime they want, providing them more flexibilities. E-learning covers a broader range of practices (Bates, 2005, p.9). However, attending lectures through internets is one of the advantages of e-learning method and it is also a limitation. If some students have a limited amount of internet access, exercises and participation they received will be less compared to others (University of Illinois Springfield, n.d.). Although both learning methods have limitations, the limitation of e-learning is easier to overcome in today’s advanced world.

Learning materials play a significant role in learning, it helps people to have a better understanding. In the case of traditional learning method, it requires a textbook and it is costly. The textbook will eventually be outdated, damaged or lost. Eventually leading students to buy a new textbook. E-book usually cost less than the physical textbook, as there is no need for printing and delivery expenses. Also, it does not require maintenance, it will update to the latest version automatically, and students can review it whenever they want. The e-book has a greater value against the traditional textbook inefficiency.

Everything considered, although there are some advantages only traditional learning can provide, the fact of e-learning being much efficient is undeniable. We might not be able to completely adapt to e-learning now, but it is definitely the future way of learning. E-learning created many new paths for us to explore, it allows us to study ably.

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