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Social Issues

Leadership Development: Definition and Literature Review

Introduction The Learning and Development (L&D) umbrella has many areas that it covers from stress, employee engagement, and talent management to change management. However, this review will focus on the development of leaders through L&D practices and how these can be beneficial for Human Resources (HR) and an organization. Leadership development is extremely important for any organization wishing to achieve long-term success. With this being said, nearly three-quarters of companies in England reported a deficit of leadership skills in 2012...
2 Pages 1024 Words

Outcome of Malnutrition in Adult Patients: Literature Review

Literature review Only a few studies have been carried out to determine the associated factors with the outcome of malnutrition and recovery time in adult HIV patients. As the researcher searched, there is no published literature on the time to nutritional recovery from malnutrition in adult HIV patients in Ethiopia. 2.1.1 Median recovery time Few researchers struggled to determine the median time recovery from malnutrition in HIV patients in their recent study. A study on Descriptive characteristics and health outcomes...
4 Pages 1924 Words

Literature Review on Dental Care

The health, well-being and quality of life of human beings depend on good oral health throughout a lifetime, from infancy to adulthood. According to the World Health Organization (2018), oral health diseases such as dental caries (cavities) and periodontal disease, affect many people around the world and they are, for the most part, entirely preventable. Populations most vulnerable to these preventable diseases are youth, older adults, racial and ethnic minorities, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) and pregnant women,...
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Exploratory Research Paper on Obesity: Literature Review

The word Obesity in a dictionary is defined as having excess body fat. Obesity many times is overlooked or joked about due to people not researching how obesity is a very important health issue that is only increasing. Obesity to me is more than a word. During High School and Middle School, everybody always joked about obesity and other health issues. But one day I and my friends saw a kid get bullied because of his weight, and nobody except...
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Essay on War on Drugs: Literature Review

Kennedy (2011) concluded the War on Drugs had blackened prison populations for a number of years. Diiulio (1995) based on the above evidence, was right to state that government policies can destroy families but it cannot create one. Alexander (2010) accused the War on Drugs for its inequality focus but also blamed the indifference of the White community for this expansion of penal imprisonment. Bobo et al. (2006) wrote that it is difficult for low-skilled young black guys to find...
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Essay on Need of Sex Education: Literature Review

Literature Review In our society nowadays, where teen pregnancies and sexual empowerment exist, there is a need for sex education to be brought about. There are too many people that would benefit greatly from those lessons and that would teach a nice and healthy lifestyle. But then the battle of what topics should be taught comes about if it is even being taught at all. The following review of the literature shows evidence on whether sex education is even being...
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Essay on Health Promotion Strategy: Literature Review

Introduction Health Promotion is a rapidly growing field that has a wide variety of definitions. Above all these definitions, I like the one by (Kumar and Pretha., 2012) which adduces to the fact that health and well-being are determined by many factories outside the health system. They went further to list the following as factors that determine health, socioeconomic conditions, patterns of consumption associated with food and communication, demographic patterns, learning environments, family patterns, the cultural and social fabric of...
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Exploring Personal Identity in Henry Lawson's Short Stories ‘Our Pipes’ and ‘The Drover’s Wife’

The environment of an individual’s identity shapes the community’s identity due to isolation. When coming together everyone has so much to express and share as everyone has missed out on so much due to being Australian bush men or women. ‘Our Pipes’ and ‘The Drover’s Wife’ explore the culture, identity, and language on both an individual and community aspect. The individual identity explored by Lawson through both texts is the characters and in which they affirm, ignore, challenge, reveal or...
2 Pages 904 Words

Brief Review of John Mearsheimer's Works

The main arguments of John Mearsheimer relied on the development, nature and fate of liberal hegemonic order. He is a well-known ‘offensive realist’ and his central argument relied mainly on the long-standing intention of creating the world in the American image through liberal thoughts and institutional arrangements. The concept of liberal democracy started with two fundamental assumptions about human nature, care about the social nature of individuality. It stands with the solution of individual rights, norms of tolerance and having...
2 Pages 917 Words

Organizational Culture in Social Care Organizations: Literature Review

In recent years, the influence that organizational culture has on shaping performance in social care practice is of growing concern (Commission for Social Care Inspection, 2008). It has seen lots of discussion in the media with international scandals dominating headlines such as the Orchid View case and Winterbourne View tragedy (West Sussex Adults Safeguarding Board, 2014; Department of Health, 2012). Often, the failings of the system to prioritize the needs of the most vulnerable citizens have been blamed on organizational...
5 Pages 2209 Words

Synthesis Essay on Dubliners: Analysis of Araby

“Araby”, a short story apart of Joyce’s, Dubliners, is rich with culture and symbolism, dripped in a veiled jab at the drab culture of Ireland. The interaction of light and dark are mostly addressed in Araby to support the setting and narrator alike, helping to set the tone and give a realistic aspect to the story. The use of imagery is vital to the plot and growth of Araby, particularly so for the narrator because the play between light and...
4 Pages 1784 Words

Literature Review on Maritime Piracy in Somali

The keywords, however, run the risk of disguising political interests and underlying ideologies and undoubtedly leave much of what is really going on in their name (Cornwall 2007: 472). Basic modern international political terms, such as peace building or human security (Barnett et al., 2007, Graspers 2005), have such properties. Exploiting the safety of navigation as a bulldog allows us to understand the semantics as well as the disagreements about the concept. Keywords, as the literature shows, allow for international...
7 Pages 2959 Words

Case Study of Guantanamo Bay: Literature Review

There is an abundance of contrasting views that debate whether psychologists provide a useful service by assisting interrogations. Firstly, before discussing the role that psychologists play in the interrogation and torture process; Both of these aspects need to be defined. Torture is summarised as “intentionally inflicting severe pain or suffering on another” while conducting their official duties but there needs to be proof that he had authority and justification do to so, furthermore it is irrelevant whether the suffering is...
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Attitude of Higher Education Faculty towards Teaching via Distance Education: Literature Review

Literature review The pervasive technology and significant social and economic development have forever changed our society. Economic development brings the different way to do anything in life to make easier and give different options to do because economic development means development of technologies. Distance education is the emergence of a new way of doing education that responded to the industrial age in society. Technology in the industrial era enabled new ways of designing education and teaching and learning reconceptualized in...
3 Pages 1441 Words

Role of Venture Capital in Stimulating the Growth of Innovative Small- and Medium Enterprises: Literature Review

Introduction In 2009, after tumultuous times, economic activities increased once again and small and medium enterprises (SME’s) claimed their place as the backbone of the economy (European Commission, 2018). In order to understand how SME’s enabled the economy to climb we must first define SME’s. A SME employs less than 250 persons and have an annual turn no larger than €50 million and/or a balance sheet not exceeding €43 million (European Commission, 2003). Within the term SME fall the micro,...
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Gamification in the High School Mathematics Classroom: A Literature Review

Abstract The resolution of this proposed research is to increase understanding on how gamification from Pearson System of Courses in a high school mathematics classroom affects the classroom setting The research aims to get a closer look at how student motivation, engagement, and higher order thinking skills are affected by the use of gamification in the classroom. The research also aims to find if there are any barriers of using gamification in the high school classroom. A brief definition of...
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Product Placement in Movie's Influence on Young Adults in the US: Literature Review

Theory in Review The purpose of this literature review is to research how product placement can affect the consumer habits of young adults. The inductive research process will help identify if young adults are more inclined to change their purchasing habits due to product placements that they see in movies. This literature review will be organized with 9 articles, opening with the background of product placement, following up with influences from celebrities, and concluding with the culture of today’s young...
3 Pages 1587 Words

Total Quality Management: Review of Related Literature

According to British Standard BS 7850, TQM is defined as, “Management philosophy and company practices that aim to harness the human and material resources of an organization in the most effective way to achieve the objectives of the organization.” Capezio & Morehouse (1993) defines TQM as follows: “TQM refers to a management process and set of disciplines that are coordinated to ensure that the organization consistently meets and exceeds customer requirements. TQM engages all divisions, departments and levels of the...
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Corporate Culture, Internal Controls, and Fraud: Literature Review

Accounting scandals and cases of fraud are becoming perpetual in nature and currently one of the greatest challenges in the modern business world. Fraud in the corporate realm may be characterized as the “intentional misstatements including omissions of amount or disclosures in financial statements, to deceive financial statement users” (Gullkvist and Jokipii, 2013, pg. 45) Despite intense efforts over the last few decades, to eradicate the misappropriation of assets, and fraudulent financial reporting, it appears that fraud in its various...
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Essay on Tumblr and Twitter: Literature Review

This section explains the criteria used for creating the corpus and selecting secondary literature, as well as the methodology employed to analyze both. To assemble the corpus, the first step was collecting as many samples as possible using trending hashtags such as #antivaxx, #vaccineswork, #measles and further similar ones; which resulted in over 200 samples total. Then this selection was filtered again based on the hypotheses (excluding H5), which led to the final corpus, which became the base for the...
2 Pages 1049 Words

Forecasting in Supply Chain and Demand Management: Review of Literature

Review of Literature This section explores selected journal articles in relation to the research objectives outlined in the introductory part of the research paper. The articles are critically reviewed to determine the key components and factors in forecasting, the forecasting techniques and models discussed, proposed and applied and the challenges of implementation in warehousing forecasting demand management. Furthermore, the research approach and methodology used by the studies will be evaluated to assess the assimilation of information and knowledge development. Forecasting...
5 Pages 2436 Words

Mutual Fund Flow-performance Relationship, Managerial Structure and Manager Turnover: Literature Review

1. Mutual fund flow-performance relationship There has been extensive analysis regarding the flow-performance relationships across a broad range of funds since the 1990s. Ipolito (1992) examine the relationship between investor fund allocation decisions and past performance of mutual funds. Using a large span of data from 1965 to 1984, the author discovers that investors react to new information regarding product quality (prior performance) and respond accordingly. Rational investors exploit this information by allocating investable monies away from lowest ranked funds...
8 Pages 3629 Words

Literature Review: Independent Variables Free Cash Flow and Profitability Current Ratio

According to the study by (Parsian, H & Amir, K, 2013) searched on effect of different factors on dividend payout ratio of Tehran stock exchange (TSE) registered companies. Various companies has been selected for research. They used regression panel for testing the hypothesis of f the study. This study provides us evidence and 102 companies has been selected over the time between 2005-2010. This study shows that independent variables free cash flow and profitability current ratio have negative relation with...
3 Pages 1186 Words

Literature Review on Internal Controls and Revenue Collection

Introduction In this chapter literature review on internal controls and revenue collection is discussed. The theoretical framework is presented first, followed by empirical literature on studies involving internal control and revenue collection. The conceptual framework is discussed last and then the chapter summary concludes the chapter. Theoretical Review The main theories that premise the relationship between internal controls and revenue collection are the Agency theory. Attribution theory, and Reliability theory. Agency Theory Jensen & Meckling (1976) postulate that a firm...
4 Pages 1620 Words

Concept of Mass Communication: Literature Review

Allor (1988) in his ‘Relocating the Site of the Audience’ a Critical Study in Mass Communication argues that “The concept of audience is more importantly the underpinning prop for the analysis of the social impact of mass communication in general’. Within the last few decades, the extent at which the audience participates with new media has shifted dramatically, this shift is directly correlated with the recent influx of new technology and social media networking sites. “The audience that once blindly...
3 Pages 1562 Words

A Literature Review on the Limitations of Standardized Testing in the Indian Educational System

One of the most mind-boggling questions facing every education policy maker is, how can we structure our education system in a way that makes it inclusive of the unique abilities of every student? As much as that question sounds ideal, it comes with its fair share of complexities where educators will have to weigh out the pros and cons of inclusivity before fully endorsing it. This research question aims at exploring to what extent do standardized tests help in identifying...
5 Pages 2393 Words

Chivalry As a System of Moral and Social Virtues: Review of Literature

Chivalry as a system of moral and social virtues has developed during the medieval period and has been popularized in its literature. It serves to establish a notion of knighthood, but also nobility and honour. Chivalry is one of the most explored themes of the medieval literature and the fact that there are many points of views on it, makes this concept attractive as a subject of research. The Knight’s Tale and Lanval are about chivalry and are quite similar...
5 Pages 2355 Words

Review of Related Literature and Studies on Drunk Driving

Review of Related Literature and Studies The literature and studies cited in this chapter tackle the different concept, understanding, and ideas, generalizations or conclusions and different development related to proposed system entitled SafeDrive: An Android Application for Alcohol Sensing Alert System and Automatic Engine Disabling for Merchandisers Riders Club Philippines. Technical Background It gives details the hardware and software requirements specification including information technology innovation that has been used in the integration of the proposed system Hardware Requirements Hardware is...
10 Pages 4479 Words

Cognitive Development and Moral Reasoning: Literature Review

There are many reasons why a student can demonstrate their understanding to core related content. External factors in a child life, such as reading or exposure to technology can expand the student’s prior knowledge to assist them in learning core-related material. As well as internal factors, such as the student’s mental capability of understanding content. These are a few explanations to support the theory of a student’s ability to grasp materials in a classroom. However, students can also show their...
5 Pages 2451 Words

Literature Review: Consideration of Local Ownership

Defining Local Ownership Several authors have attempted to define local ownership, but there is still no accepted definition. The UN itself emphasizes on the significance of the principle but does not offer a coherent definition. Chesterman describes ownership as “how the population comes to regard certain policies as their own” . Other scholars describe ownership as a tool to increase effectiveness and legitimacy in peacebuilding. Moreover, the term is used to address representational issues at the national and local levels....
3 Pages 1483 Words
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