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Synthesis essays require the writer to combine multiple sources, viewpoints, and ideas to form a cohesive argument. By synthesizing information from various credible sources, these essays allow for the exploration of complex issues and the development of well-rounded perspectives. In this collection of synthesis essay examples, we will delve into...

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Social Issues

Genetically Modified Food: Synthesis Essay

3 Pages 1442 Words
Genetically modified (often referred to as GM) food is usually grown for human or animal consumption and is altered by genetic engineering. The crop or plant is inserted with a gene from a different organism or species of plant with the purpose of giving the plant a desirable characteristic or trait. Desirable traits for crops include improved pest or herbicide...

Synthesis Essay on Body Image

4 Pages 1956 Words
Body image consciousness is proven to be an important element in every individual’s perception of himself or herself. With this, body image is said to affect every aspect of an individual’s life such as their mental health, physical health, interaction with other people, and the care the individual has towards himself or herself. With this, the researcher aimed to determine...

Honour Code Synthesis Essay

1 Page 778 Words
Personal Honor Code Choosing three rules for my behavior is quite hard to decide on, being that there is a lot I live by. Although after plenty of contemplating, the main three rules I follow are not to stress over situations that are out of your hands, try to always stay positive and see the good in everything/everyone, and always...

Fake News Synthesis Essay

3 Pages 1555 Words
What is fake news? There is so much news flying around on TV, Radio, Social Media, etc. and everyone wants us to believe that their news is real news and not fake. So, how do we decide which news is fake and which is not? Katy Steinmetz in her article, “How Your Brain Tricks You into Believing Fake News' argues...

Refugee in the United States Synthesis Essay

4 Pages 2026 Words
America has always been the target of many immigrants from the past and until now. It is considered to be the 'land of milk and honey' and 'land of great opportunities'. The national anthem of the country still rings the phrase 'the land of the free' which in reality attracts refugees and people who want to be liberated from the...

Synthesis Essay on Volunteering

5 Pages 2218 Words
Volunteering refers to a wide range of activities, such as traditional assistance, the delivery of social services, and different ways of civic participation. Volunteering is an activity that is carried out with free will for the benefit of the general society and in which material interest is not the main mobilizing factor. Most importantly, being the expression of a volunteer...

Synthesis on GMO Role Essay

4 Pages 1649 Words
The role of Biotechnology in Agriculture is defined as any technique that uses live organisms viz. bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, animal cells, plant cells, etc. to make or modify a product, to improve plants or animals, or to engineer micro-organisms for specific uses. Agricultural biotechnology is a collection of scientific techniques used to improve plants, animals, and microorganisms. Before Agricultural...

Space Exploration Synthesis Essay

3 Pages 1254 Words
Have you ever felt that winter has become longer and summer has become hotter? If so, you are experiencing global warming firsthand. As the threat from global warming continues to increase, mankind is desperate to find other inhabitable planets. We must also not forget about the scarce resources in our overpopulated earth. To many people, the only foreseeable solution we...

Privatizing Space Exploration: Synthesis Essay

4 Pages 1702 Words
Reviewed double_ok
NASA ended its space shuttle project in 2011. This decision stimulated the development of the commercial space exploration industry. The current commercial space exploration market is vast, but at the same time, the commercial space exploration industry faces many problems, such as the lack of sufficient customers. Due to the high cost of research and development, the number of companies...

Synthesis Essay on the Book 'The Alchemist'

2 Pages 1075 Words
Symbolism- Can you spot any of these common symbols in your novel? What might they symbolize? In The Alchemist, sheep are one of the main symbols throughout the book. Santiago’s sheep symbolize the characters in the novel who are blind to their legends. Santiago loves and cares for his sheep, but sometimes he gets frustrated because of their basic desire...

Synthesis Essay 'Into the Wild'

3 Pages 1329 Words
‘Into the Wild’ is a non-fiction book written by Jon Krakauer. In the novel, the protagonist Christopher McCandless, is a graduate who decides to renounce all his belongings and goes on a hitchhike mission across America. Throughout his journey, Christopher comes across many circumstances that transform his personality. There are two interconnected plots involved in the story; one includes the...

Night' by Elie Wiesel: Synthesis Essay

2 Pages 987 Words
For many centuries, individuality has been asserted as a misconception, through its political and social philosophy. People disregard individuality, as it is the quality or character of a person that distinguishes themselves from others of the same species, especially when they are dynamically notorious. When you live a life full of dreams, those aspirations give you the motivation to do...

Pressure on Teens to Attend College: Synthesis Essay

2 Pages 1114 Words
Twelve percent of high school graduates never attend or even enroll in a college or university. That is not a very monumental percentage, but it is the result of too much pressure placed on high school students' shoulders to go to college. Some students, when they graduate from high school, decide not to attend college because they have found a...

Synthesis Essay on Civic Duty

2 Pages 724 Words
A student's perceptions of civic involvement from both a charity or social justice perspective, have a relationship amongst six dimensions of civic involvement Knowledge, Skill, Efficacy, Value, Responsibility, and Commitment for growing a charity or social justice perspective. Pre- and post-course analysis confirmed that the charitable view of civic involvement was once dominant and the six dimensions had been awesome...

Synthesis Essay on the Dumbest Generations

1 Page 653 Words
The dumbest generation? In 1991, the theory of generations by two American scientists. According to this theory, every 20-25 years appears new society with its own habits, beliefs, and behavior. This might be the reason, why the question of fathers and children is actual for decades. Our parents will never understand us while we will never understand our children. But...

Synthesis Essay on Social Networking

6 Pages 2640 Words
My cousin and I are best friends because of Social Networking Sites (SNS). I know that she has a favorite hat. Because of social networking sites, she knows how much I love it! I also know that my younger cousin turned 10 recently! These are all things that I would not know if Social Networking Sites did not exist! Some...

Synthesis Essay on School Reform

4 Pages 1907 Words
High schools are the building blocks for our careers. This is the time in our lives when we discover our key interest in who we want to become and what we want to do for the rest of our lives. However, this is not always the case. There is a major crisis in high school education that is affecting student...

Synthesis Essay on Gender and Poverty

2 Pages 976 Words
Introduction The government has been committed to solving the problem of social poverty for many years. New Labour also issued new policies on child poverty and pensions and promised to solve these problems (Bradshaw, J., 2003, P5). Labour's measures deal mainly with child poverty and retirement security for the elderly and poor communities. Although the measures are not aimed at...

Synthesis Essay about the Internet

5 Pages 2084 Words
The use of the internet has become a normal day-to-day activity in the world. So much information is derived from the internet since it seems to have almost all the news and information. This has made internet innovation a very important and recognized procedure globally since it has provided the world with so much information and entertainment thus making it...

Synthesis Essay on Eminent Domain Cornell

4 Pages 1945 Words
Land acquisition has been a contentious issue in India with recurring reports of agitations or incidences of violence over land acquisition. All major development projects, whether it is the mining industry, dams, nuclear power plants, steel and iron refineries, etc. are being held up by one or another problem related to land acquisition. Land acquisition is a process by which...

Synthesis Essay on Monuments

6 Pages 3009 Words
Not long ago, a fire broke out at the well-known, visited, and praised Notre Dame Cathedral in France. Thousands of individuals were devastated at the news and thousands of others, including the very wealthy, quickly came to the rescue by giving over one billion dollars in donations to rebuild and repair the attraction. This was found odd, however, as it...

Art Synthesis Essay on 'Art on My Mind'

3 Pages 1201 Words
In Bell Hooks’ essay “In Our Glory: Photography and Black Life” from Art On My Mind: Visual Politics, Hooks breaks down the importance of photography within black life and why this activity should be continued to preserve black culture. Hook’s main argument throughout her writing is that photography is powerful in creating meaning because cameras allow black people to effectively...

Synthesis Essay on Women's Discrimination in Sports

5 Pages 2184 Words
Introduction Discrimination in sports is not only limited to racial discrimination, but also gender and sexual-orientated discrimination. Discrimination in sports based on gender has been a debatable issue in most of countries. For quite a while ladies have been relied upon to satisfy conventional gender roles that are held by the two people in standard society. These gender roles frequently...

Synthesis Essay on Daylight Savings Time

4 Pages 1631 Words
What if you are traveling overnight by train during the time we are switching our clocks back an hour? You will probably be stuck in a train station an hour longer than you expected. Amtrak trains have a scheduled time to run by, so in October when we change the clocks back by one hour, all trains stop at 2:00...

Synthesis Essay about Space

4 Pages 2166 Words
One of the many questions you might ask yourself is their life out into space. Well, how would we know if we cannot get there in the first place? Space travel has become a worldwide phenomenon that piques the interest of what lies beyond our galaxy. We shall be discussing whether space travel is possible beyond our current limit which...

Synthesis Essay about Zombie Apocalypse

2 Pages 776 Words
The dead have risen, and they have a voracious desire for human flesh. The world is crumbling and falling straight to hell. Your friends and family have joined the undead, and they’re coming right at you. Zombies have been around for centuries. The word originated from Haiti, in which a human corpse is brought back to life by the use...

6 Steps to Success: Synthesis Essay

3 Pages 1198 Words
Drop Shipping is an amazingly prevalent plan of action for new business people, because of web showcasing abilities far exceeding money-related limits. Since you don't have to stock or deal with the things you are pitching, it's conceivable to begin an outsourcing business with constrained assets. An internet business site that works an outsourcing model buys the things it moves...

Synthesis Essay on Parental Supervision and Learning

5 Pages 2325 Words
The Internet and video games are a huge knowledge, fun, and risky database. Parents are having trouble shielding their children from the hazards they face on the internet and video games (such as cyberbullying muscle spasms, date rape, addiction, excessive pornography, and obesity). In modern-day research, parenting techniques for social media and video games are well-defined and operationalized to find...

Analysis and Synthesis Essay on Gay Marriage

3 Pages 1361 Words
We all associate marriages with ceremonies, dressing up, good food, and rituals, but what is the actual meaning of a marriage? Everyone has a different definition of this word. Since I grew up in India, marriage is just not the union of two people, instead, it is a union of two families. It is a lifelong commitment. Even today it...

Synthesis Essay about Plastic and Its Harmful Effects

6 Pages 2867 Words
Executive Summary This report was commissioned to examine and evaluate a pressing issue known as Plastic Product pollution. This has been administered and accepted by the government of Canada, Organizations such as Walmart, and Markets which are the customers and suppliers. Plastic product pollution is killing the planet and us, slowly but steadily and we are causing our own peril...
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