Synthesis Essay on the Dumbest Generations

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The dumbest generation?

In 1991, the theory of generations by two American scientists. According to this theory, every 20-25 years appears new society with its own habits, beliefs, and behavior. This might be the reason, why the question of fathers and children is actual for decades. Our parents will never understand us while we will never understand our children. But why do older generations always accuse younger ones of stupidity or degradation? This is the eternal circulation. But if our educational system should be strengthened compared to the previous years, why are we still known as „The dumbest generation world ever have seen“?

Brainy is the new sexy

Modern young people increasingly go to the library and not only then, to write a quick course. The desire to become smarter, and more self-confident pursues almost every person. It is not strange anymore when someone in the subway is traveling with a book, and not an entertainment one, but aimed at a certain field of activity. Grandmothers stopped complaining so often about illiterate young people, now you hear from them: “Oh, everyone has become too smart”. And it seems to be sarcasm on their part, but you understand that there is a grain of truth in it. Becoming smart is probably the most stylish way ever before. After all, this opens up many roads and opportunities.

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Why did it happen?

Perhaps it is a new reality. Every day we are forced to filter a huge amount of information, and build dams, so as not to drown in the information flow. We read, switch from one window to another, comment, and perceive multitasking as a new norm. Intellect is more likely not a fashion, but a regularity, something like a natural selection: the cleverest survives. Our society as a whole has become smarter, there are more people with high IQs.

Sapiosexuals: intellectually in love

Frankly, it is much easier to turn to the heroes, whose image has already become canonical for sapiosexuals, as we will find in them many unattractive features. Dr. House, Sherlock Holmes, theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper from „The Big Bang Theory“ - all these heroes can not boast of impressive physical data, charming manners, or noble character. On the contrary, they often do not take care of themselves, treat others, and generally allow themselves too much. But this is their charm. Moreover, without eccentric behavior, they would look less impressive.

Universal Criteria

Today, forums, chat rooms, and social networks have become the usual medium of communication among young people. Electronic communication, and instant messaging - all limits the tools of seduction, such as body language, intonation, and glance. At the same time, the role of the text increases. How well you can express your thoughts, how witty and accurate your remarks are, your success depends on these factors.

It turns out that in a world where information becomes the main value, parameters such as gender, age, personal status, and even physical build are less important. At birth, each of us receives a body and can improve it, but even here there are limits. And you can develop intelligence in a much larger range.

People, who play games

Endorphins stand out as the solution to any problems in the blood, and winning the quest is no exception. Solving the problem, we have fun. Quest is a great opportunity to get to know yourself and the people around you. In conditions of limited time, you can get to know about personal qualities, that were hidden from you.

The desire for reward in general often spoils the pleasure of the process. You can see how much school is changing us. Preschoolers are very curious, they are happy to explore the world around them and ask a lot of questions. But the grading system changes everything: children focus on grades and lose their love of knowledge. And it is very insulting. Quest - an opportunity to reawaken this love in yourself.

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