What Can One Generation Learn From Another About Their Faith?

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We also use it as a strength. Faith is an important factor of our life. Faith helps me believe in my religion. When I have faith I start to form tradition. I start doing traditions to honor my faith. All of these traditions have been carried out by our ancestors. We use tradition in our everyday life.

One tradition I celebrate with my family each year is Christmas. The reason why Christmas is important to Catholics is because we have faith in our religion. Faith is when you have trust in something or someone, which for me is God. During Christmas I celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the Son of God. My faith helps me believe in Jesus and have hope that Jesus will resurrect again to save us from sin. It is tradition to celebrate Christmas. During Christmas I spend time with my family. We also go to church one this day. While I am in church I would like to thank God and Jesus for what I have. Then we go back home and open presents. Christmas is a fun time to spend time with my family and praise the Lord.

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Easter is also another tradition my family and I celebrate. During Easter us, Catholics, have faith that Jesus will come again and save us from sin. The Easter season helps me repent and turn back to God. During Easter, my family and I also go to church. During Easter, I spend time with my family, we would first say our prayers,then we would have a big feast. Easter is a fun time to spend with your family that’s why we would make it a tradition to do it every year.

Another tradition is to go to mass on first Fridays. Since I go to a Catholic school it's a tradition for me to go with my school. While we are there we learn about our God and Jesus. We go to church on first Friday because Jesus died on a Friday and rose again on a Sunday, that is also why we go to church on Sunday. During the Friday, we pray to God and Jesus. This a good time to fully connect with God. By doing this it shows that we have faith in our God.

We can learn many things from one generation to another. We can learn things from our teachers, parents, elders, etc… While we grow we learn from stories. Back then they would tell stories using word of mouth. Now our parents and older relatives tell us stories about their faith. My parents would tell me stories about what they learned about God and their faith. My conclusion is that I can learn many things about one another’s faith. I still have so much to learn from one generation to another.

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