Love, Faith, And Forgiveness

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'All you have to do is to believe in me' - a quote from Jesus from the movie, The Encounter we once watched. According to All About Religion, Faith is believing and accepting what you cannot see but can feel within and love with all your hearts. On the other hand, Love, based on the Urban Dictionary, is an emotion that goes beyond sensuality and can relate yourself in any way because you can understand what a person feels. Moreover, according to Cambridge Dictionary, Forgiveness is the act of not blaming other people for something they have done despite the damaged it caused you. The Encounter was a Christian movie showing how Jesus handled people and their immoral actions. The director of The Encounter was David A. R. White and was aired on 2011. A diner called Last Chance Diner, where Jesus worked was the place where the five strangers, namely Kayla, Catherine, Hank, Melissa, and Nick, were stranded. The Encounter's central act was revolving around love because you accept other people's ups and downs, forgive them no matter how good or bad they are and having faith in them despite their reasons and doubts.

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According to Merriam-Webster, Faith is a strong belief in someone or something or a belief in the existence of God. “Faith is about trusting, assuring and having confidence in God. Faith is shown by serving and being obedient to God. God will increase our faith if we passionately ask and be close to Him' (Haefelle,n.d.). Nick, a character in the movie, who doesn't believe in God, because of his pride and selfishness blocked him and, it was the reason that made him made a gap between him and Jesus instead of approaching him. Catherine, at first, did not believe in God and, she stated, “Well, you could be Jesus and I could be Britney Spears.” Claiming something without proof is hard to believe, and Catherine does not trust or believe easily on what Jesus stated. According to Trueblood (n.d.), faith is trusting in one’s word without skepticism and uncertainty and not believing without proof. In addition, as stated by Smith (n.d.), Faith is like sight and it is nothing except for God, you may close your eyes and look within yourself, and see whether or not you have trust within you to discover.

Jesus said, “I love you”, referring to everyone inside the diner. Showing his sincerity in every word that he said and those words kept the characters to believe in him and made them back into the right track. According to Anapol (2011), we cannot force to feel love because no matter how we try it, we cannot do it not like the sun or the weather to come because we feel it naturally and cannot demand it according to our desire. A couple in the movie who were Hank and Catherine were in the middle of separating from each other before they meet Jesus. Catherine wanted to be herself for a while, and so, she wanted herself out of the marriage. When they have met Jesus, Hank asked him if he could save their marriage because of his love for his wife. According to Capretto (2015), Love is when you sacrifice what you want. You will give your all in order to satisfy the needs and wants of the person you love. Hank loves Catherine in a point that he is willing to give what Catherine wants, but he believes in Jesus that he could still save their marriage.

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