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Essay about My Grandma and Her Kimchi

Every Saturday morning, I’d awaken to the odor of beaten garlic and piquant pepper. I would stumble into the kitchen to discover my grandma squatting over a large silver bowl, mixing fat lips of clean cabbages with garlic, salt, and crimson pepper. That used to be how the delectable Korean dish, kimchi, was born every and every weekend at my home. My grandma’s uniqueness continuously dominated the dinner desk as kimchi stuffed every plate. And like my grandma who had...
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Personal Narrative: My Lovely Grandma

People can be compared to seasons, they are born, they bloom, then they ebb away. Like spring, summer, and autumn they cannot stay. My grandmother was due to a much greater life than the one that was given to her. She was a fighter, a survivor, and the most gorgeous person I knew. She emitted poise, sophistication, and grace. I consider her not only the most influential individual in my childhood, but of my entire life so far. My parents...
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Essay about My Grandmother: The Most Influential Person of My Entire Life

My grandma was owed a better life than the one that was handed to her. According to my mom, she was a survivor, a fighter, and the most beautiful women. She radiated class, elegance, and poise. She made my mom feel so loved and cared for. I feel that she is becoming a very, if not the most influential person of my childhood, but of my entire life so far. My mom and grandparents lived in a small one-bedroom apartment...
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My Grandmother and Her Influence on My Life

The Merriam Webster’s dictionary states that a life span is the average length of life of a kind of organism or of a material object, especially in a particular environment or under specified circumstances. It is basically the length of time in which a person or animal lives or a thing functions. The process of this paper is to write about the life of such a strong and independent woman who has had so much impact in my life. From...
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How My Grandmother Taught Me to Face Difficulties: Essay

An Erie of quiet welcomed my kin, and I went into my grandma’s home one night. As we wandered further into the tranquil house, hunting each room down my grandma our blameless interest was unexpectedly covered through a stunning screech from my grandma, as she tumbles to her knees heaving for air, ripping at her chest, war to live on a cruel heart assault. Despite the fact that that minute occurred more than seven years in the past regardless, it...
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When All Hope Is Lost

Have you ever questioned yourself about losing a loved one or even death itself? What if one day when you wake up, your loved ones are not by your side? How do you deal with that situation? Does death truly change you for the better or worse? “You cannot stop time but death can” (Natherma Nafees). The meaning of life and time could be interpreted in one word: unpredictable. We make plans for the day and do not think twice...
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Lesson I Learned from My Grandmother

My world shattered completely as I listened to my mom talking through the phone. My grandma, one of the people whom I cherished in this world, was diagnosed with heart disease. After school, I went to the hospital where my grandma is admitted. The smell of alcohol welcomed me as I ran towards my grandma’s room, which is on the third floor. I opened the door, and saw one of the most terrifying sights I have ever seen: my grandma...
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My Grandmother Is My Hero

The word ‘hero’ holds significant meaning to me. A hero can be both a role model or a person who takes a bold step that requires braveness. A hero in more classical terms can also be someone who voluntarily puts their life in danger in order to save the life of another. I believe, however, that everyone has their own definition of a ‘hero’. My definition of a hero is someone who is perceptive, big hearted, and is able to...
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Essay about My Grandma: The Person I Love the Most

The person I love the most is my grandma. One of the most important reasons that I love her the most is my belly. Each one when he wants to talk about his grandma, he first talks about her food. She cooks the best food; she can cook any dish but certainly not new dishes. She’s very good at cooking local dishes like mujadara, kosa, taboule. Whenever I go to her home, I found my favorite dishes. she always makes...
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Thank You Letter to My Grandmother

This letter was about my appreciation and gratitude into what my grandma did for me now and when I was a child. I wanted to emphasis the fact that she didn’t have to look after me, but she chose to, and I was and still am grateful for that. I wanted to thank her also as she was there for me when my mum wasn’t and treated me like her son. I used an example of her caring for me,...
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Story about My Grandmother

My grandma was brought into the world in a teepee tent in 1925. She had a twin sister that kicked the bucket in her youth because of entanglements upon entering the world. My grandma was the oldest of sixteen kids. Life was hard growing up. As the oldest kin it was her obligation to assist with dealing with her more youthful kin. She was brought into the world on the island of Old Post Rae, a northwestern region, where wild...
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Reflection on the Interview with My Grandmother

Elders are the sincerest form of wisdom. They have lived through hardships and good fortunes. They teach us to look at things in a deeper meaning rather than a superficial one. Interviewing my grandma, who is an immigrant from Vietnam, has changed my ways of how I view certain aspects of aging. Themes that emerged while interviewing my grandma were remaining true to yourself in hard situations, be an empathic person and learn when to sacrifice. She told me that...
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Essay about My Grandmother

My grandma was born in the year of 1937. When I went to research what generation that year belongs to, I found the term “The Silent Generation”. I have not heard of this before. “This relatively small generation found itself sandwiched between the war hero G.I.s and the large and influential Baby Boomer generation,..” (Sanburn, J, 2019). The Silent Generation belongs to individuals born between 1925 and 1942, “who were children during World War II but too young to fight.”...
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