Lesson I Learned from My Grandmother

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My world shattered completely as I listened to my mom talking through the phone. My grandma, one of the people whom I cherished in this world, was diagnosed with heart disease. After school, I went to the hospital where my grandma is admitted. The smell of alcohol welcomed me as I ran towards my grandma’s room, which is on the third floor. I opened the door, and saw one of the most terrifying sights I have ever seen: my grandma lying on the bed unconscious and have a lot of different medical equipment attached to her body. I went straight to her bed and held her cold hands as I prayed to God to wake me up from this horrible nightmare. As I was praying, flashbacks of my healthy and happy grandma teaching me how to cook and constantly reminded me to always value each and every blessing that came to my life. My trembling hands covered my face as tears ran down. I went back to her room and bid my goodbyes.

The next day, I was reluctant to attend school. Classes became very difficult for me emotionally and mentally. I felt like I lost my inspiration to work hard and do well. This is because my grandma was one of the people who would encourage and motivated me to always do my best. I started drifting away from my friend and wanted some time alone. They became suspicious and tried to confront me; however, I ignored them. The reason of this is I didn’t want to be pitied by others because I didn’t want to be perceived as weak and vulnerable. Few days later, I got a call from my dad telling me my grandma is awake. The world suddenly became bright as heavy rocks lifted away from my shoulders. My dad picked me up from school; we decided to buy fruits and flowers for my grandma. A few minutes later, we arrived at the hospital. I saw my weak grandma sitting on her bed. Her eyes seemed to be tired, however, she managed to give me a smile. I tried to hold my tears back because I didn’t want her to be worried. I visited my grandma every day and witnessed how she slowly lose weight and her dark circles became more visible. But I saw determination in her eyes that she’ll get rid of this sickness. My grandma experienced a lot in the hospital and yet kept her hope. After all her treatments, my grandma slowly gained her strength.

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The hope and determination I saw in my grandma’s eyes has inspired me to become the best person I can, to not only strive for my goals but to accomplish them. I realized no matter how much she struggled on her sickness, she managed to stand on her own two feet again. I applied this to my academic performance since I noticed that my grades are dropping to Bs and to Cs. It was a struggle for me to catch up on my APs because I was behind on all the readings. I changed my habits and became more attentive in lessons. Furthermore, I would go to study groups or visit my teachers during office hours to ask questions on topics I don’t understand. I began seeing As and Bs on my report card, which made me satisfied. By now, I have made a promise to myself, and my family to work to the best of my ability. My greatest nightmare became one of my greatest motivation.

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