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My Grandmother Is My Hero

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The word ‘hero’ holds significant meaning to me. A hero can be both a role model or a person who takes a bold step that requires braveness. A hero in more classical terms can also be someone who voluntarily puts their life in danger in order to save the life of another. I believe, however, that everyone has their own definition of a ‘hero’. My definition of a hero is someone who is perceptive, big hearted, and is able to teach others how to be strong. The person who I most resonate with and who is effortlessly all of these traits, would be my grandmother. She is my hero and also the one who has changed my life for the better, saving me mentally and allowing me to be the best version of myself.

When people ask me about my family, the first person that comes to mind and the one I never fail to mention, is my grandma. Family is one of the most important things to me and is one of the few places that allow me to truly be myself. They know how I feel and, to my surprise, they sometimes even understand me better than I do. My grandma epitomized these aspects of family and taught me more about myself than I knew before. Even outside of our household, she was a very intelligent woman. She was both a school principal and math teacher when she was younger. In classes, she was a strict teacher that held well-organized lessons while at the same time motivating her students to keep doing better. I still remember when I was in kindergarten, students would constantly be visiting my grandparent’s house in order to receive her guidance on the subject of math. My grandma even taught outside of her own classes, helping me to understand lessons and homework as well. She taught me mathematics and even made flash cards for me to memorize my Chinese vocabulary homework. She was a woman wise beyond her years, yet at the same time she was humble and a very patient teacher that had respect, enthusiasm and a love for teaching.

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My grandma was kind to everyone she came in contact with. She could make anyone smile and radiated joy no matter where she went. Most of her former students still remember her and are constantly coming back to visit her. One of the most generous memories I can recall of my grandmother is when she let one of her students borrow 50,000 yuan to start a business, eventually resulting in the student becoming a millionaire. This student appreciated my grandma’s help so much that now she repeatedly takes my grandparents to dinner and even travels with them. While the outcome was good, I do believe my grandma is a very big-hearted person and enjoys helping others without expecting anything in return. She taught me that all people are equal and that money should not be placed as a priority. I also learned from her to never have regrets, live my life to the fullest, and enjoy the small things in life.

My grandma was not only my hero, but to me she was like a second mother. My parents had a lot of problems ever since I was little, thus she was the one who raised me. While my parents were on the verge of separating and had little time for me, she was the one I could rely on. She took time out of her days to make sure I was on track, taking me to school, spending her nights with me, and making sure I understood my homework. She would even wake up early every morning to make breakfast, organize my backpack, and get my uniform ready for me. My grandma always put me before herself, no matter the consequences she might have faced, and I cannot thank her enough for it. Due to the situation at home between my mother and father, I would get jealous of other student’s parents, occasionally being depressed that my own parents did not have time to spend with me. Yet every time I cried, my grandma would put down everything for me, teaching me how to stand on my own feet and showing me that I could do anything and handle everything that came my way. She never treated me with anger and raised me with patience, reminding me how much I was loved each step of the way. With her by my side, I was able to learn from my struggles and truly appreciate what I had, building on both the good and bad aspects of my life in order to make myself a better person.

The term ‘hero’ may be described as many different things according to different perspectives. They can be those who come from comic books, such as Superman, Iron Man, and Batman. To some, they can even be the villains rather than the good guys. To me, a hero is someone who is intelligent, big-hearted, capable of teaching others to be the best they can be, and able to face any difficulty. My grandma exemplifies my definition of a hero and I will always appreciate her for her hard work and giving me the bravery to become a better person.

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