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Thank You Letter to My Grandmother

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This letter was about my appreciation and gratitude into what my grandma did for me now and when I was a child. I wanted to emphasis the fact that she didn’t have to look after me, but she chose to, and I was and still am grateful for that. I wanted to thank her also as she was there for me when my mum wasn’t and treated me like her son. I used an example of her caring for me, which was teaching me Kumon as an example when I was in primary school, because she would always take out a large amount of her time in her day just for me as I struggled with math. This helped me immensely with my math in school and I find it much easier now. I wanted her to know that she had made my life significantly easier and happier with what she did. I mentioned how she had to look after 5 children when she was a mum and that it was her time to relax as she is a grandmother now, but instead she basically took me and my sister in and treated us like her own children. She would cook for us, help us with homework and tuck us in to bed when we were kids and that I was still forever grateful at her kindness to me. I made sure to stress how much I love her and that I was forever in her debt.

My grandma was another mum to me. As I said before, she cooked for me, put a roof over my head, helped me with homework, showed me unconditional love and more. She treated me like a son, so I have treated her like my own mum. She was like an angel to me. She helped me when my mum was struggling looking after us. When we almost got kicked out of the unit we were living in, my grandma took my sister and I in and we lived in her house for 6 years while my mum tried to find a job and get a house. My grandma saved us from being homeless which is why I believe she was my 2nd mum and an angel.

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When revealing the letter to my grandma, she looked confused, but her expression instantly turned to a smile when she knew what the surprise was about. Her smile was constant throughout me reading my letter until halfway her expression changed. She rubbed her eyes and I started to notice her eyes watering. I was struggling to read the letter as I also started getting emotional, but I finished the letter. By the end, I realized that she was crying, and I made sure to comfort her by hugging her. We hugged for a minute and she was talking about how she appreciates me, and I give her strength as she is religious and I was happy that she knew I was grateful for her.

Making the letter made me feel how lucky I was to have someone like her, and I was just grateful that she was a part of my childhood and my life so far. When reading the letter, I felt emotional as she was started to cry, and I was feeling happy that she knew that I hadn’t taken her for granted. Overall, it made me happy that I got to thank my grandma for helping me during tough times and that she knew that she made my life much easier.

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