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We, Hawaiians, Should Go Solar: Informative Essay

There has been a lot of pressure on us, Hawaiians, as well as the rest of the globe, to help stop climate change. Rising sea levels, rising temperatures, and greater greenhouse gas emissions are all contributing to humanity’s demise. The combustion of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas, which seep into the atmosphere and trap heat, is the primary cause of climate change. It may seem frightening to consider, and many people believe they are powerless to make...
2 Pages 1108 Words

Informative Essay about the Roots of Heavy Metal

Throughout the 1960’s and into the 1970’s, rock had been the number one money producer in the music industry. By the mid 1970’s, people wanted more out of traditional rock music. Artists started exploring different sounds and themes in their music which in turn caused new sub-genres of rock to develop. Some bands developed a more pop-like style which was called ‘new wave’. Although new wave bands were becoming popular on the radio; people still wanted something louder, stronger, and...
3 Pages 1273 Words

Informative Essay about Realism Art Movement

When you’re staring at a piece of artwork, do you ever ask yourself, what am I looking at? I do all the time. There are so many kinds of art and you never know what the artist is trying to portray and if it is real or imaginary. There was a time way back in the day when paintings were all from imagination and it only showed beautiful and heroic subjects. Until one day a poet and journalist named Charles...
2 Pages 853 Words

Life Story of Sinclair Lewis: Informative Essay

Sinclair Lewis lived a life pack filled with bizarre experiences from moving all around the country to winning the Nobel Prize in 1930. Sinclair in general had a difficult and unique childhood. Growing up Sinclair had a hard time fitting in and reaching the expectations of his older brothers. Lewis would turn all his time and energy into reading and writing. Although things didn’t always come easy to him, he took his talent and ran with it and just like...
3 Pages 1317 Words

Life Story of Mary Cassatt: Informative Essay

Mary Stevenson Cassatt was born on May 22nd, 1844, in Allegheny City, United States of America, which is now known as the North Shore, Pittsburgh. She passed away on June 14th, 1926, in Château de Beaufresne, France. Her father was a stockbroker who was very successful, and her mother was from a well-off banking family. Mary Cassatt grew up living as an upper-middle class and her bringing up reflected greatly on her family’s high social standing. The Cassatts moved to...
2 Pages 1069 Words

Life of Richard Williams: Informative Essay

Throughout the history of animation, there has been a lot of famous figures. Many of which can come people’s mind when talking about the entertainment medium such as Winsor McCay, Walt Disney, Chuck Jones, Max Flesicher, Ray Harryhausen, and Hayao Miyazaki. But there is one animator that is also well-known but has push the envelope with the techniques in traditional animation. His name is Richard Williams. Richard Williams is a Canadian born Animator, who worked on famous projects such as...
3 Pages 1550 Words

Life of Michael Faraday: Informative Essay

Electromagnetism is used in today’s world with MRI machines, speakers and many different electronics we love. Michael Faraday was an amazing British chemist and physicist, during his early life he was a delivery boy, later in life he founded electromagnetism, and in his older age he was offered a presidential job at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Michael Faraday was born on September 22, 1791, in South London, or what was a small village Newington Surrey. His father was...
1 Page 513 Words

Life and Work of Leonardo Da Vinci: Informative Essay

The Renaissance was a period that marked the separation of the modern world from the Middle Ages. It was a time of renewal in Western culture, specifically in the fields of art, science, and thinking. The pioneers during this period set the standards for early modern art and science. Among these leaders is the renown Leonardo da Vinci, an accomplished sculptor, engineer, mechanic, inventor and architect. Famous for his accomplishments in art, engineering, and science, Leonardo da Vinci has had...
2 Pages 1096 Words

Oprah Winfrey as a Great Leader: Informative Essay

Oprah is a great leader because she has been through so much and she never gave up. There are plenty of things I will mention that shows this, but one thing is what I believe made her strong from being a child is the fact she was sexually abused by her family when she was younger. Even though she went through this she didn’t let this make her she didn’t give up. Instead, she moved on and did amazing in...
2 Pages 716 Words

Informative Essay on Disc Jockeys and Copyright

The term ‘disc jockey’, now commonly abbreviated as DJ, was coined in 1935 by the American radio commentator Walter Winchell. They were originally the operators of machines that played phonograph or gramophone records (now known as vinyl records), but, with the technological advancement in the modern era, DJs have largely shifted from vinyl discs to compact discs and now to computer media files which are more portable and accessible. Copyright, itself is an already complex topic, but for DJs who...
5 Pages 2118 Words

Informative Essay about Procrastination

Defined as unnecessarily delaying tasks that need to be completed, procrastination has been seen as an impediment to academic performance as it decreases the quality of learning while aggravating levels of stress and negatively affecting the lives of students. The contemporary challenge of procrastination and the lack of motivation faced by university students are often understood as wicked problems adversely impacting study habits. According to Jafari, Aghaei, and Khatony (2019), study habits are the most valuable predictor of academic performance,...
2 Pages 808 Words

Legal and the NCO Leader: Informative Essay

This informative essay will introduce and break down the responsibilities of a Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) and their legal obligations toward a Soldier and the Army as a whole. An NCO is a leader, appointed above lower enlisted Soldiers to provide training and mentorship to prepare them to become future leaders of the Army. NCOs will sometimes branch off into different areas, whether it is an instructor or drill Sergeant who trained incoming and seasoned Soldiers directly. This, however, comes with...
2 Pages 1121 Words

Jobs Roles in Marketing Sector

This informative essay will outline five varied job roles in the marketing sector, covering a range of job roles with a focus on entry to mid-level positions. This essay will discuss each job role in detail and outline the description of the job, the average salary and finally an in-depth analysis of the skills and qualities needed to hold the position successfully. The prevalence of e-marketing has grown massively in recent years with more and more jobs in this sector...
6 Pages 2528 Words

Informative Essay on the Globalization of Starbucks in China

Introduction It is quite apparent that globalization is an aspect of modern-day capitalization. Economically, it connects parts of the world through capital investment and product movement. For example, this means that someone in Canada is able to purchase items from the United States and receive them in as early as one-two business days with the transportation technologies available for shipping goods today. Currently, in literature there are conflicting stances on globalization. There are three viewpoints expressed by William Norton and...
3 Pages 1396 Words

Disneyland Is the Most Magical Place on Earth

People from all parts of the world travel to Orlando, Florida to witness and experience the magical land of Walt Disney World; a place where dreams come true. Every child dreams of having a life full of adventures and making their imagination turn into reality, and the four Disney theme parks allow those kids to do so. At Disney, people can explore and be a part of exciting shows, parades, restaurants, and rides. You can hear the lions roar, rhinos...
2 Pages 1035 Words

Informative Essay about an Utopia

Introduction Raphael Hythloday’s description of Utopia depicts a society whose people’s behaviors and natures cannot be considered abnormal. Most, if not all the actions can be regarded as within the realms of physical possibility. Yet, the real world remains distinct from Utopia with the latter being regarded as a perfect form of the former. This, however, raises the question as to why such a disparity exists. Since Utopia is a fictional island and therefore affected by the imagination of human...
5 Pages 2136 Words
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